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Male 51 Dairy milkerl ooking for dairy work across Britain, very flexible open to work any day. Start - 01/10/2020 Ref No:31031 Retrieve CV View
Male 23 Semi experienced farm worker. I'm a passionate young worker with a determination to gain new skills and knowledge within this industry of work. Im enthusiastic to learn and undertake... Start - 24/09/2020 Ref No:77458 Retrieve CV View
Male 25 Agriculture worker with 9 years experience looking to work on an arable unit Start - 06/10/2020 Ref No:85021 Retrieve CV View
Male 18 I'm a hard working individual who is flexible with time and can work on my own Start - 28/09/2020 Ref No:79921 Retrieve CV View
Male 29 Farmers son looking to widen my experience in the agricultural world. Work in Gloucestershire. Happy to locate for the right job. Start - 14/10/2020 Ref No:52790 Retrieve CV View
Male 25 Hard working and enthusiastic,looking for farm work Start - 14/10/2020 Ref No:80677 Retrieve CV View
Male 44 Currently industrial engineer, looking to get back into farming. Experience on big machines and workshop experienced. CV is 12 months out of date, unable to amend from home. Have run... Start - 12/10/2020 Ref No:82907 Retrieve CV View
Male 30 Experienced tractor driver. Consider anywhere to work. Start - 01/10/2020 Ref No:80078 Retrieve CV View
Male 34 Skilled farm worker who has been absent from agriculture until this year for 6 years but making a return to the industry I love. Have extensive large arable experience and started my... Start - 28/09/2020 Ref No:75325 Retrieve CV View
Male 54 Experienced farm worker looking for work in the wiltshire area Start - 28/09/2020 Ref No:82956 Retrieve CV View
Male 25 Harvester - from Leicestershire, hard working, used to big and medium paddocks, looking to build on 4 years grain, rape and wheat in Australia and tree harvesting in Scotland - anywhere... Start - 30/10/2020 Ref No:50716 Retrieve CV View
Male 34 English farmer looking for work in the Arable, Beef sectors anywhere. Good with cattle, sheep, horses, arable and dairy. Start - 01/10/2020 Ref No:47122 Retrieve CV View
Male 43 Farmer & Grounds Maintenance, Wiltshire with PA1 & PA2, mixed farming, spraying, irrigation. looking to get back into farming after few years out doing other things livestock worker and... Start - 28/09/2020 Ref No:42172 Retrieve CV View
Male 27 Experienced young stockman/operator looking for work anywhere in the UK and Scotland. Stock/Arable experienced arable operator/ tractor driver capable of handling heavy machinery *... Start - 29/09/2020 Ref No:38040 Retrieve CV View
Male 20 Alex - enthusiastic farmer looking for the perfect life long job Start - 30/09/2020 Ref No:65529 Retrieve CV View
Male 35 Experienced farm worker on mixed farms in UK, NZ, Oz, France and Jersey. Start - 01/10/2020 Ref No:53287 Retrieve CV View
Male 38 Arable operator. Looking for work in Kent Start - 08/10/2020 Ref No:44436 Retrieve CV View
Female 22 Current Harper Adams student looking for a beef/sheep/arable placement year in order to gain more experience in the industry. I am a very highly motivated individual with excellent... Start - 05/10/2020 Ref No:58972 Retrieve CV View
Male 20 Lad looking for general farm work, willing to move to somewhere with accommodation, have experience with cattle, sheep and a little bit with pigs, very competent tractor operator. Habe... Start - 27/09/2020 Ref No:61181 Retrieve CV View
Male 25 I have been working on farm all my life. But I always think there is more to learn. I work well in a team and by myself. I am a hard worker and will do all that is asked of me to the... Start - 25/10/2020 Ref No:84549 Retrieve CV View

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