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Male 38 Looking for a herdsmen job within the dairy cow sector. Ive lots of milking experience and what I lack in experience like some I truly have a passion for cattle that I believe goes far... Start - 29/10/2021 Ref No:34130 Retrieve CV View
Male 41 I have experience in milking & sheep work, and sucker cows also tractor work Currently working on estate as stockman/gfw experience with lambing, calving cows and general... Start - 29/12/2021 Ref No:7958 Retrieve CV View
Male 44 Multi skilled rural worker Start - 29/10/2021 Ref No:33806 Retrieve CV View
Male 23 Scottish general farm worked looking for work around the borders/north of england! Carry out duties from generally animal husbandry, fencing, preparing stock for show and sale, and have... Start - 18/11/2021 Ref No:88808 Retrieve CV View
Male 45 I am looking for tractor driving and milking or any other general farm work, I am experienced in milking and working a lot of modern machinery. I am based in stranraer Scotland but would... Start - 26/10/2021 Ref No:90283 Retrieve CV View
Male 42 14 years I milking cows.Ai service.and footrimming all gfw.calving,medical record,etc. Start - 30/11/2021 Ref No:54106 Retrieve CV View
Male 22 Experience in all forms of agricultural work and studying conservation ecology with majors in soil science and GIT. Proficient with multiple computer cartography programs such as... Start - 01/01/2022 Ref No:90407 Retrieve CV View
Male 24 My name is James and Im from Bath, Somerset. I am applying for this job role because I am planning on moving down to Southampton. Currently I am a general farm worker on an arable farm... Start - 30/11/2021 Ref No:92588 Retrieve CV View
Male 33 Seeking fulltime employment, experienced, educated, UK/Australia Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:69349 Retrieve CV View
Female 21 Experienced Calf rearer in mid Somerset. Currently rearing on a 1200 animal unit. Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:86972 Retrieve CV View
Male 24 I have worked on a few farms, I have recently just finished a job which involved working with tractors which unfortunately was seasonal i am very open and willing to learn any aspects of... Start - 25/10/2021 Ref No:47073 Retrieve CV View
Male 44 I've got experience in all aspects of farming from being a tractor man stock man and a shepherd. Consider work anywhere. Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:74684 Retrieve CV View
Female 20 Shepherd/ Seasonal lamber Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:85432 Retrieve CV View
Male 21 Northern Ireland, keen worker good team player enjoys a challenge looking for harvest work or tractor driving all aspects of farming Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:91615 Retrieve CV View
Male 41 My name is Artur. In the UK, I worked on a dairy farm of 350 dairy cows and assisted at a dairy on the farm. The experience I gained was milking cows, preparing food for animals... Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:90390 Retrieve CV View
Female 28 Part time morning milker looking to do afternoon milking's or relief milking on another farm. Start - 28/10/2021 Ref No:38161 Retrieve CV View
Male 28 Experienced dairy farmer, also experienced in lambing, they last year working for a contractor. Please call for more information Start - 08/11/2021 Ref No:92209 Retrieve CV View
Male 29 Stockman/machinery operator/estate operator Start - 01/11/2021 Ref No:23931 Retrieve CV View
Male 24 Extremely hardworking,reliable and trustworthy individual looking for work. I work extremely well both on my own initiative and as part of a team. I am extremely well motivated and I am... Start - 01/07/2022 Ref No:72958 Retrieve CV View
Male 47 Herd manager/ Herdsperson and tractor driver. A highly motivated and enthusiastic indivdual who has hands on experience in the farming industry. Can demonstrate all aspects of animal... Start - 15/11/2021 Ref No:39823 Retrieve CV View

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