£150+VAT for four weeks.

By debit or credit card.

No you pay a one off fee of £150+VAT. A repeat of the same advertisement is £100+VAT when reposted within one week.

Fill in the group and your account number on the registration page we will invoice the group.

Applicants CVs, with their contact details will arrive in your email in-box.

Once your job is live, look at the CV list http://www.4xtrahands.com/list_cvs.php - using the ‘Contact’ button, send us the reference numbers of any you are interested in. You will be sent the full CV, referees and contact details.

No they will only see your job number and area. All your contact details are hidden.

Using the information put on their CV, we check they are eligible to work in the UK. We also demand referees names with telephone numbers. It is up to the employer to do other checks.

No, employers are responsible for paying and sorting out employment details.

No but we do not knowingly advertise jobs below the minimum wage.

YES – YES - YES. Always phone the referees.

For harvest and short term work - you will get more applicants if you do. For a permanent position it helps or you need to advise them of availability in the area.

Since Brexit European workers will need a visa to stay and work in the UK. Irish citizens are still permitted.


Point out the advantages: The suitability of your area, the accommodation, accessibility and local facilities.

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