How much does it cost to use 4XtraHands when looking for work?

Nothing, it is free!

How do I apply for work?

Go to http://www.4xtrahands.com/hand_registration.php to register (if you have not already done so). Then fill in your details making sure you complete all of the boxes marked in red. Please include all international codes if not UK phone numbers

What information should go in my CV headline?

The type of job you are looking for and in what area if appropriate. E.g.' Experienced tractor driver aged 25, able to plough and drill, looking for work in South West'

What needs to go in my 'On line CV'?

Put as much detail as possible about your experience and skills. Include your qualifications e.g. PA1 and PA2, driving licence details and any other certificates you hold. Include the county you are currently living in if you are in the UK in the 'Where are you living now?' box – if you are abroad put the country.

Do I need to fill in all of the boxes?

The more information you can give the better. Empty boxes could indicate you have something to hide!

Do I need to include what work I have done before?

Yes, but not in detail.

I have a CV in a Word document, can I use that?

Your Word CV can be attached, but all of the online boxes should be filled. – Farmers sometimes have trouble down loading Word CVs.

What cannot be put in the on line boxes?

Any contact details – email, phone numbers etc.

Do I need to provide a phone number for someone to give me a reference?

Yes you do, please check that the referee is happy to be phoned.

How long does my CV stay on line?

It is automatically removed 7 days after your start date. You can refresh your CV as many times as you like by going into your account and changing the start date.

How do I apply for jobs?

After you have completed your CV you will be asked if you want to apply for jobs.
Browse the job list, open up any jobs that appeal to you.
Carefully check that your CV matches the job.
Click" Apply now" on any suitable ones
Add a covering note then press apply.

Can I add a photo?

Yes, but it is better if it is a photo of your face rather than a tractor!

What happens to my application?

Your CV will be sent directly to the employer – 4XtraHands has no influence over selection of applicants for interview by employers.

How many applications does each job receive?

It depends on the job, but rarely less than 20.

Does 4XtraHands have to put my Cv online?


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