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Stockman with over 10 years experience of working on farms, Looking for a new challenge.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

MSc, NVQ Level 1,2,3

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock

Other qualifications


Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Pig, Goat, Poultry

Other equipment experience

In my second job when working with the pigs one of my duties were to use a New Holland skidsteer I would muck out and bed the growers and sows twice a week. A clean environment was very important so they did not develop surplus disease.

I would use a Claas Scorpion Telehandler weekly for moving bales, pallets of minerals and filling up the barley and wheat grain bin.

I do not have much tractor experience, but I am always ready for a new challenge. I picked up on how to use the telehandler and skidsteer very quickly and don't see this being different when I gain further experience with tractors.

Other livestock experience

At my first job I was the main caretaker of 12,000 free range ISA brown chickens. We had 3 sheds all running on a big dutchmen set up. Daily tasks were checking and monitoring the computer for any irregularities. Water consumption and temperature control were very important. Over the 3 sheds I would collect between 9 and 10 thousand eggs daily off the big dutchsmen system.

After 3 years I was looking for a bigger challenge and more responsibility, so I took up a new role at a 500 sow indoor pig unit just outside of Brechin. The hampshire computer system was more complex to learn than the big dutchsmen, as soon I started in the morning I would check the computer for any faults. The main faults would be broken feed pipes, broken air lines and burst diaphragms.

On several occasions the wet feed mixing tank would block the system, it was always important to take swift action to fix these problems so all the pigs never had to go without food or water. Using the computer systems I would alter food consumption to sows if needed and would move then pens after weening. We would ween 200 large white piglets a week and look after them on the unit for 5 to 6 months, until they were ready to go to slaughter.

Just over half the stock were on slats, I would wash and disinfect the rooms as soon as they were empty, cleanliness was very important to me.

I would check all of the stock daily, checking there was feed in all pens, with all the water nipples working.

I would work rotational weekends, when I was working I would do AI. We would do around 16 sows and 2 guilts weekly getting 2 services each. It was important to log and date these correctly for future stock cards in the farm rooms.

Following on from this, my role based in Yorkshire had further duties as I would handle the booking of weekly bacon loads and had the sole responsibility of ordering and maintaining all of the feed. I currently work on another farm based in Scotland, whilst working with pigs again in this job it's slightly different as I also work on our mill alongside the responsibilities of pig work.

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United Kingdom

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Dumfries and Galloway

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Outside of work, I am a devoted father to my new born son, I enjoy taking my dog out on long walks and being surrounded by my family. I enjoy outdoor activities and being out in nature.

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Farming background

I am a dedicated worker in the area of farming, outside work, and hard labour. I am fully capable of working overtime if and when required. I feel as though I am confident, reliable, and a trustworthy person to work with. Most of my work has been involved in farming and I have excellent knowledge of this way of work. I am focused, a fast learner and I pride myself in the work that I do. I grew up on a cattle farm as my father has worked in farming all his life, due to this I have always been around the environment of animals and the farming industry. I have a full UK driving license.


In this role, I would erect and sheet the polytunnels with my team. This included a lot of various hours including early starts and late finishes when required. I would rouge seed potatoes for other farms to buy, this would include checking for diseased plants, you had to be meticulous as these products would be inspected and if they were not passed then this meant the farmer would be at a loss. I would be required to fix broken potato boxes, which was quite a regular occurrence along with grading potatoes too. This would entail pulling any rotten products off the productions line. You had to be vigilant and on alert to make sure these were not missed.

CHICKEN STOCKMAN / November 2016 September 2019

In this role, I was mainly the only worker at this farm, and I was the dedicated stockman for taking care of 12,000 chickens. When I would work here, I would keep a record and log of feed and water consumption. I would need to be vigilant with these numbers and correct anything that was not right. I would collect the eggs, package them on pallets and sort the delivery for these products. There was a lot of manual labour involved in this role, such as setting up electric fences, cleaning, mucking out and keeping on top of the sheds. Included in this we would be required to weigh the birds and maintain them to the correct weight for Welfare Standards.

PIG STOCKMAN / September 2019 November 2021

When working in this role, my main duties were to teeth and tail the newborn piglets, pressure washing, mucking out courts with the skid steer. I would weigh and prepare the pigs for slaughter as well as maintain a high level of cleanliness for Welfare Standards. This included vaccinations and preparing medicine for them too. Regular maintenance of the farm would need kept up to date, this entailed fixing broken pipes when needed, maintaining feed lines, air lines and fixing broken gates and other areas of the surrounding farm. I would have to know how to handle these situations at a fast pace, as I would mostly be working on my own and have to use my own initiative. There was a lot of pressure within this role for timings, making sure everything was to the right standards and managing to priorities my workload accordingly from day to day.

PIG STOCKMAN / November 2021 October 2023

In this role, I was the sole caretaker of 6000 finishing pigs, after 5 months of working for a Farm in Yorkshire my responsibilities were the day-to-day welfare of the animals. This would include ordering all of the required feed every week, as well as booking loads for baking which was scheduled on a weekly basis. On this unit, I used the Roxell dry feed system. As I was the sole caretaker I would take a lot of pride in the upkeep of the premises and animals. I would resolve any issues by working overtime and making sure everything was finished accordingly at the end of the day. I would be present for all of the vet appointments scheduled and walk around the farm ensuring everything was reviewed/handled accordingly. If there were any major issues, I would report these to Whiterose Farms. I thoroughly enjoyed my duties and role whilst working here. My partner fell pregnant with our first child, and the reason I left was due to my partner needing to be closer to family.

PIG STOCKMAN / October 2023 Currently Employed

Currently, I work on a 500-sow unit. My role is to take care of the grower and finisher pigs, I also run and look after the farm mill daily, which I enjoy doing as I am the only worker on the unit who takes care of the mill and I enjoy being given the responsibility to do this.

Since moving back to Scotland I have been extremely keen to get into the cattle/sheep side of farming. As I previously mentioned I grew up on a cattle farm so I am no stranger to being around them. I believe my fantastic work ethic and eagerness to always learn and develop my skills would make me an ideal candidate for your farm.


Start: 28/06/2024 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

I would be happy to locate most places within the UK, however I would not go as far south as London. Ideally, I would require accommodation with the new role.

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