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Milker,calf rearer and general farm worker looking for work on a farm again.willing to relocate.

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Relevant qualifications

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Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications

Animal management- merit
Animal science- merit

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience


Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Pig, Lambing, Calving, Poultry

Other equipment experience

Willing to learn new things in regards to tractor driving/ machinery work.

Other livestock experience

At my previous jobs on dairy farms I would help to calve the cows and heifers and then be responsible for the calves until they are weaned. I also worked on a rotary milking parlour.

I did a weeks worth of work experience on a pig farm and helped with the AI and in the farrowing houses. Currently working a broiler breeding farm rearing the chicks before the females go to the laying farm and the males go to the breeding farms. Sadly this farm is shutting own and has been sold so this is the last flock coming through.

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United Kingdom

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I spend my time walking my dog mainly which I enjoy a lot.

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Farming background

2019 February - 2019 November, I worked on big dairy unit in yate and was responsible for feeding the calves twice daily and monitoring their health,I also helped to move cattle when needed.

2019 November - March 2020 I was mainly the calf rearer. The calves were on automatic milk feeders and I was responsible for vaccinations and keeping their records up to date as well as helping to develop horn them and castrate when needed. At this farm I also did the morning milking's on a rotatory parlour.

*sadly had to leave due to the corona virus and worked in subway for a while when everything re opened*

October- present: A general farm worker on a chicken farm where i would raise the chickens until they left to go and lay the eggs (the females) and the males would go to breed. I am trained in the culling of chickens, vaccinating (including blood testing) and how to look after them to a high standard.


Start: 01/02/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

I am happy to relocate.

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