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I am hardworking, punctual and patient with excellent teamwork skills. I am well motivated and enthusiastic, liking to get things done properly and to a good standard. I am comfortable with animals of all sizes, always eager to learn and willing to get stuck in and support others.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications


Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock

Other qualifications

-I am a qualified First aider with a St Johns Ambulance Certificate.
-I also have a certificate in dog and cat first aid, allowing me to recognise and provide basic initial care for issues such as burns, sprains and RTAs.
-I obtained my B+E trailer licence in October 2019 and have since regularly used a 12ft livestock trailer.
-I have a Lantra Welfare of Animals During Transport license; obtained October 2018, allowing me to transport a variety of livestock for up to 8hrs.
-I have a full and up to date DBS check certificate.

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience


Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Lambing, Calving, Poultry

Other equipment experience

Experience driving a variety of tractors, and basic loader/telehandler experience

Other livestock experience

I have 6 years experience on a mixed animal farm, handling, feeding and medicating all animals, as well as checking off-site fields and moving animals. I have assisted in calving, lambing and kidding, dealing with difficult births.

I also have experience working on a dairy farm, milking am and pm, milking both cattle and goats

I also have 1 year working on a Dairy Goat farm, Milking 70 goats and 4 cattle and leading kidding and the lambing of 100 ewes

Personal information


Other Information

For jobs further afield I would ideally be looking for somewhere with space for my 4 sheep and 2 goats, I appreciate rental fees would apply.



Marital status




Where are you currently living?


First language


Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



I enjoy being outside and horse ride weekly. Alongside this, I have a passion for sheep and am always looking for talks and courses to attend, to insure I can provide the highest quality care to my current flock. And learning new skills such as sheep shearing. I am also looking at scanning courses

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

I am 5'6 and weigh 80kg , I have relatively good upper body strength and stamina.

Relevant health problems


Farming background

- 2016 to 2017 (Local stables)

During my work experience here I spent Mondays helping turn horses out, administer medication, tacking up for livery owners and mucking out. I also assisted in making up feeds. This gave me the skills able to cope and react quickly if an incident occurred with large animals, particularly horses, to ensure the safety of animals and people.

- 2017 (Vets)

I completed one week of work experience in this small animal veterinary clinic where I carried out a variety of tasks including handling inpatients, scrubbing surfaces, using the autoclave and helping obtain urine and blood samples. I also got to sit in on some surgeries.

-2017 to 2018 (Dog Rescue)

I volunteeredon Monday afternoons and Tuesday all day. I achieved a position as a member of senior staff who heads up a team of up to 10 volunteers at one time. I gained this position within 5 months of volunteering due to my dedication and care of the dogs. My duties included admin such as behaviour assessments for the new dogs, and running theFacebook page. I also helped organise the daily feeding and exercising routine for all the dogs, as well as playing a big part in training some of the long-stay residents.

- 2018 (local dairy farm)

During the summer I worked ona local dairy farm, learning how to milk, bolus and calve. At times I did these duties with a child in-tow! I had to learn fast and on-the-go, working from 5am to 11pm some nights. This shows I can cope well with long days, and work hard.

-2019 (Pet Sitting)

-Alongside my daily job, I also carry out live-in pet sitting. The animals I look after are usually cats and dogs, and I pet sit for various lengths of time from 1 night, to 3 weeks. During the time I am pet sitting, I live in the owners house. This requires me to be reliable and trustworthy.


from 2015 to 2019 I worked full-time at a traditional working farm. I started here in 2015 volunteering on Sundays, doing simple tasks like cleaning out and assisting on bookings to schools and hospices. When I started college in 2016, I began working as a part-time staff member. This meant I was partially responsible for ensuring the animals went out everyday and were happy and fed. I also began to do bookings to residential homes and nurseries by myself. For this, I needed good organisational skills and time management, along with the ability to communicate and deal with different people requiring different needs.

Once I left college in 2018, I started to work full time, taking on the role of shepherd. As well as the day to day farm responsibilities such as feeding, cleaning out and checking fields, I was also responsible for keeping the sheep healthy and recording the medicines and maintenance; such as foot trimming. Alongside this, I trained new team members in animal handling and care. I also still do the occasional mobile booking when required.

-In 2020 I joined I private estate, where I looked after sheep, cattle, poultry, pigs and 70 milking goats. I milked am and pm and led kidding and weaning of around 150 kids. I was also responsible for the general maintainence and welfare of the other animals , including 4 milking cattle, 4 beef calves, around 100 sheep, with lambing duties, plus chickens, quail, pigs and alpacas. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily duties and continued to work there until I was made redundant in 2022.


Start: 17/07/2022 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

Ideally somewhere within a reasonable distance of Basingstoke, however I would consider further a field of accommodation was available and I would be able to rent a small field for my own 4 sheep and 2 goats I would like to work with a small team, where sheep, goats or cattle is the main focus.

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