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English farmhand/stockman,from Suffolk. Work in Kent.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

City and Guilds

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications

City and Guilds diploma in animal management

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Beef, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Lambing, Calving, Poultry

Other equipment experience

I'm now a proficient tractor driver with trailer experience on the road and also using multiple attachments; Harrow, Silage rake, Seeder, Topper and muck trailer. I also had the opportunity to gain my telehandler ticket, which has really helped with mucking out and doing local deliveries of resources. Along with yard work.

Other livestock experience

Australian experience: Lamb marking, stock movements/ rotation, loading, drenching, vaccination, cattle work (weaning, vaccinating, calving).

English experience: Pig finishing- farrowing, stock movements, licencing, vaccinations, slap marking, bolt gun trained, vetmed training with farm vet, automated feed system (Veda).

Calf rearing- Tb testing, mucking out, stock movements (tractor), loading for sale, feeding, strawing up, identifying and medicating sick animals, silage deliveries.

My current employment is at a farm park in Suffolk. This has given me the amazing opportunity to work with a wide range of animals, as well as the public. Ive participated in seasonal events during Halloween and Christmas, these events were a strong point of mine.

Ive also had the opportunity to take the responsibility of work experience students as well as overseeing birthday parties and school visits.

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Socialise with friends and family, horse ride, create things around the home and in the garden and walk my dog

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6 foot, 65kg

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Farming background

Deckhand, Full Time. 20/6/2017 18/07/2017

Location: Smokey Bay, South Australia

We began our regional workin Smokey Bay, SA on an oyster farm. We were told of the job by a local hostel owner in Port Lincoln, not knowing anything about what we were heading to, we spent $200 on a 14 hour bus and started the adventure. Our duties here included:

•Grading Oysters, average 50,000 per grade.

•Working out at sea, collecting full oyster baskets/replacing them with new ones

•Fixing and cleaning baskets

•Loading and unloading the boat

•Boat/Yard maintenance

•Fulfilling customer orders

Smokey Bay is a small township in SA, with very few locals, we spent our time living and working from a boat shed. The experience was a shock to the system, but the scenery was spectacular. We would work 10 hours a day, sometimes on the weekend depending on customer orders for the week. We enjoyed the work out on the boat, seeing dolphins & seals almost daily, however, we struggled with the lack of social contact with the outside world. Being so far away from home, living in a town with a population of less than 250 people we decided that we would look for work elsewhere so posted an ad on Gumtree. This worked in our favour as once wed accepted a new job, the owner the company decided that he didnt have enough work for us and the other backpacker and said wed have to leave at the end of the week.

Farmhand, 4 week Contract. 25/07/2017 18/08/2017

Location: Naracoorte, South Australia

The owner of herefound us via Gumtree. He was impressed by our enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in. Dave offered us a 4 week contract on his property to help him and his farm manager complete lamb marking of their 13,000 animals. We loved Naracoorte, especially coming from the small town of Smokey Bay. Dave and his family were very welcoming, patient and would enjoy conversing with us during the long, cold days stood out in the field. Our duties at Daves included:

•Marking lambs to meet legal requirements

•Setting up equipment

•Mustering using quad bikes and dogs

•Health checking stock

•Learning new techniques and listening to instructions

•Ensuring the safety of ourselves and others whilst working with stock.

During our time at the the farm we were given our own 2 bedroom house and full use of one of his vehicles. We found daves trust in us endearing, this pushed us to work hard for him as we really didnt want to disappoint him. Our short experience at this property inspired and motivated us to find another position similar but for a longer period of time. We learned a lot here and gained valuable knowledge that will stick with us for as long as we continue to work in this field. Our days were long and sometimes very difficult but the satisfaction outweighed this, seeing how much wed achieved during the day.

Stationhand, Full Time. 25/08/2017 6/10/2017

Location: Woomera, South Australia

When our time had finishedwe moved on to Mt Vivian Station. The couple found us via our Gumtree ad. Once theyd explained the job and how wed be living we were once again making a long journey into the unknown and preparing to start our new job. Mt Vivian is roughly 1 million acres of land, with around 50,000 sheep. They were a small family unit living completely off grid, 4 hours from the local town of Port Lincoln. Our main duties at this property were as follows:

•Crutching sheep

•Mustering cattle using drones, motorcycles, utes and dogs

•General station duties (maintenance, housekeeping, livestock work)


•Animal care (hand rearing abandoned lambs and cattle)

•Setting up and moving mobile crutching unit

•Checking the vast amount of water troughs around the property

Mt Vivian was a shock to the system, our house was situated in the middle of their land, with nothing but dust, salt bush and kangaroos for miles. Our days were always filled with tasks , being such a big property something always needed to be done. Wed spend days fixing fences, searching for mobs of sheep and cattle, land maintenance, laying water pipes and general station duties. Our time at the station seemed to go quickly and once crutching was completed our help at the station was no longer needed. We weretaught us a lot about off grid living, how to use initiative to fix a problem and always explained how/why we were going to undertake a task. This was an experience we will never forget.

Farm Hand, Full Time. 12/11/2017 24/04/2018

Location: Victoria, Australia

Whilst in Australia I worked on many different farms and gained many skills in farming; fencing, mustering, stock work/rotation and many other tasks associated with farm life. I was with Minto for the longest time (a little over 6 months) and it was here that I gained most of my knowledge and skills.

I was regularly given tasks to complete on my own, and I was also given the opportunity to work with the whole team, mainly cattle, which played out well because a lot of the time, we were separated and given different tasks for the day.

Our farm was a provider of lamb to the national supermarket chain, so our work had to be of national standard and animal husbandry was of up most importance. We regularly had to worm the lambs and move them into suitable pastures for optimal growth and results.

Here is a list of the main duties and tasks I completed during my stay in Australia:

•Stock rotation

•Lamb marking

•Drenching & Vaccinating


•Animal first aid

•Tractor work (seeding, moving silage)


•Weeding (use of spray rig)

•Attending call outs of escaped animals

I have grown very fond of working outdoors with animals as well as people. So to carry on working in the farming and animal care industry will suit me perfectly.

Stockman, Full Time. 28/06/2018 10/03/2019

Location: Bedford, UK

After a year in Australia it was time to come back home to the UK. This was when job hunting began and I decided to give pig work a try. This is a large scale arable and pig farm, supplying large supermarkets here in the UK, they are also Red Tractor assured. With this assurance comes a large amount of protocols and procedures that have to be met and followed to ensure animal welfare is always at the forefront of our agenda.

The piggery that I work on is the finishing unit. This means I am second in charge for the rearing of pigs from 30 kilograms to 110 kilograms. The pigs are fed on an automatic feeding system, to which I have the responsibility of ensuring it is running smoothly. Another task that is very important is checking all of our 5000 pigs daily; administering and medicating sick animals and then moving them to our hospital wing. If a pig doesnt respond to treatment then our only option is to humanely euthanize them as they are no longer a viable selling animal. The entire farm consists of three main units; two breeding units and one finishing unit. We breed our own replacements and internally move stock for rearing and selling.

Here is a list of the main duties and tasks I undertake at Bedfordia:

•Stock rotation

•Slapping (farm tattoo for abbatoir)

•Medicating and diagnosing sick animals

•Dealing with feed deliveries (calculating dry matter)

•Animal first aid

•Jet washing pig pens

•Pumping slurry to local biogas plant

•Humanely euthanize sick pigs (certified)

•Loading and unloading stock on a weekly basis

•Record keeping. (Drugs used/Pigs in-out of unit/stocktake & animal deaths)

Working with animals is what I have always wanted to do, and to work with many different species; for me, is what it is all about. This pig unit has given me many skills I can adapt and use in many other roles within the farming industry, and I believe that I am ready for new and exciting challenges.

Stockman, Full Time. 24/03/2019 16/08/2019.

Company: Organic farm start-up

Location: St Privat des Pres (France)

In March, following onI began working in the south of France. The position was a perfect fit for what I was looking for as it involved a lot of outdoor work, as well as learning many new techniques. The position was a woofing situation; however I received a small wage for my work too. My duty was to build the infrastructure which would enable us to grow organic certified fruit and vegetables as well as raise organic certified meat animals ( Pigs, Chickens, Ducks). My main goal from this position was experience, coming from a stable job and good wage in Bedford, it was certainly a risk, however I believe it has paid off. I Strongly believe that since working here my vision of the way animals are raised and how crops are grown has drastically changed and I will continue to push organic products for myself, my partner and my family. During my time in France I have learned the following:

•Organic practices and the process involved

•The use of natural materials in building

•Irrigation, plumbing/fitting drip tapes

•Following up on animal rotation

•Working independently with minimal direction

•Effectively taught staff at farm how to raise animals

•Local legislation for keeping and dispatching animals for slaughter

During my time in France I have become very accustomed to an organic lifestyle and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices that are made to create such a lifestyle and or business. I believe I can bring a positive, can do mind-set that will be beneficial and helpful to all. I predict the opportunities and experiences I will be taught within your business will help me expand my way of thinking and allow me to progress further within this industry. I hope that with your ethos and my open-minded attitude, an effective relationship can be built.

Stockman, Full Time. 9/09/2019 Current.

Location: Suffolk, UK

In September 2019 I was selected for an interview at he Farm. It is a Veal farm that produces quality rose veal for an upmarket supermarket chain. Having always wanted to work with cows and my brief encounter with doing so in Australia, I jumped at the opportunity. I came into this position at the deep end, heavy machinery is used daily and Id had very little experience using it. The owner and the manager have been a valuable part to my progression and have taught me efficiently and allowed me to excel over a reasonably short period of time. My duties at this farm include but arent limited to:

•Stock Checking


•Mucking out

•Drug administering

•Record Keeping

•The use of heavy machinery (Tractors, Telehandlers, Spreaders)

•Loading/Unloading stock

•Loading/unloading deliveries

•Communication with other our other growers

•TB Testing

•Race/Pen building



Start: 31/01/2022 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region

South & South East

Type of job


Where would you like to work?


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