CV Ref No. CV Reference No. - 52326

I am positive and kind person. I am a highly qualified and experienced dairy herdsman who is capable of taking care of vast numbers of cattle and cow. I am seeking employment to further develop my skills and be able to help my employer in further development of his farm/ company.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

Not listed

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Arable, Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming, Other

Other qualifications

DRIVER LICENSE uptu 3.500tons+Tractor machinery

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence, Tractor Licence, International

Equipment experience

Tractor, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Calving

Other equipment experience

Fully trained in all aspects of milking, animal care, and milking machinery operation.Tractor driving with trailer. Tractor work.Clean the yard with a tractor,in this class involves the milking, cleaning, feeding, and caring for dairy cattle. From childhood, I worked in the Fermas countryside.

I studied 1994 Agricultural School

Other livestock experience

Fully competent on the day to day operation of mixed dairy and arable farming. Capable of working unsupervised on tasks specified by the farm owner or manager.

Personal information


Other Information

I am ready to work. Only if you need an interview, you can skype me. My references on my CV know me as Ray. But my feedback is unfortunately old. Before milking your cow, observe the udder and teats for any signs of mastitis, such as swollenness or fever. Mastitis is a disease in dairy cows that can be caused by a number of different pathogens and that can affect the production and quality of milk. Often mastitis symptoms aren't readily apparent through visual or tactile observation, but it's best practice to know what looks normal for your cow and what could be symptoms of disease.



Marital status

I have a relationship.



Where are you currently living?

Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire

First language

Latvian and English.

Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



Like playing basketball and going to the gym.I like to walk in the free nature park and run out to breathe fresh air.

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

183 Height 85 weight

Relevant health problems

Health is now well established and full of work energy.

Farming background

From childhood, I worked in the Fermas countryside.

I studied 1994 Agricultural School.

Responsible for day to day farming operations with a team of three Responsible for milking and maintaining a 400 head dairy herd.After 12 months of work I went to Buckinghamshire, herd of 400 Holstein cows are housed in free stalls with sawdust on mattresses. The cows are milked in a 34:34 herringbone parlour with an automatic backing gate. Calving takes place mainly during the summer and autumn. The cows are fed on a diet of grass silage, maize silage, citrus peel and concentrates including soya hulls, rapeseed (canola) meal, wheat feed, wheat distillers, molasses and minerals. Working as part of a three man team as required.Carrying out various daily farming tasks.Helping with harvesting. In a traditional milking parlour, cows are milked at least twice a day, usually 12 hours apart. Close to the usual milking time, the cows line up to enter the milk parlour. First the inspects each cow, then he cleans the four teats on the udder before attaching the milking machine cluster. This helps to ensure no foreign material gets into the milk, and it stays high quality. The milking process starts and the milk is piped directly from the cow to the bulk tank where it is quickly chilled.


Start: 04/07/2022 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region

South West

Type of job


Where would you like to work?

UK ,England,Ireland

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