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Young Farmer looking for beef or dairy work in East Anglia (Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk)

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsCity and Guilds
Other qualifications

Completed various online courses with University of Western Australia (Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050; Agriculture, Economics and Nature), Pennsylvania State University (Dairy Production and Management), and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Sustainable Food Production through Livestock Health Management). Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Animal Management: MMP 8 GCSEs (including English Language and Maths) at grade A-C

Equipment experienceTractor, Fencing
Other equipment experience

Tractor experience: I have some experience driving John Deere tractors, with my duties mainly involving dragging airstrips to ensure they are flat and level enough for planes to land and moving large quantities of feed from one place to another. Buggy driving: I used a buggy whilst on the cattle station for a variety of jobs, from taking feed to animals, to going off-road and into paddocks to look for rogue bulls. 4WD: I have experience with 4-wheel driving in utes, having used it for driving up mountainsides with little traction, and driving through gorges filled with water with slippery banks. Fencing and using chainsaws: I have learnt how to erect a barbed wire fence, as well as how to strain and fix them when needed. I also have limited experience in using chainsaws, having used them only a couple of times.

Livestock experienceBeef, Sheep, Lambing
Other livestock experience

Most of my stock experience has come from working as a ringer on a 15000 head, 300000-acre beef cattle station in Queensland, Australia. My duties included walking weaners out (on horseback) of the homestead yard into the nearest paddock for grazing and watering, mustering in large paddocks both on horseback and on motorcycles, and transporting weaners to yards in order to dip them and carry out other tasks. These tasks included branding, de-horning, castrating and vaccinating. I was able to aid with the vaccinating and try my hand at branding, but due to the complexity, I was not able to de-horn or castrate. I also took part in Otley College’s lambing season in both 2018 and 2019. Whilst I was only there for a couple of days each year, I was able to get stuck in with a variety of different tasks, such as feeding orphaned lambs, ensuring the ewes had correct nutrition, castrating and helping out with difficult births. Whilst I was a student at Otley College, I completed my Health and Husbandry module assignment on a sheep, where I had to tip a ewe, complete a thorough health check, create a suitable feeding plan (including additional supplements for pregnant ewes), and drench the ewe, although we were just using water to prevent the potential wastage of wormers.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
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First languageEnglish
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160cm, 65kg

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Where are you currently living?Suffolk
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

I completed 150 hours of work experience on a small farm in Suffolk, where I aided the head stock-man in many duties including feeding, health-checking and vaccinating. I also helped out with my college's lambing season in both 2018 and 2019. Most recently, I spent 1 month (approximately 250 hours) working on a beef cattle station in Australia, where I took part in mustering on horseback and on motorcycles; branding, de-horning, vaccinating and castrating weaners; and caring for poddy calves. I also have experience in tractor driving and 4WD off-roading, and very basic experience with chainsaws.


I spend most of my spare time either in the gym, or at rugby training. I also have a dog that I take beating during the season

AvailabilityStart: 01/01/2020, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionAnywhere
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