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I'm Spanish, I live in falkirk, I have experience with tractors, Forklift ,  many experience with Dairy milk farms, Pigs and a little bit of sheep, My English is medium . Thank you

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsMSc
Other qualifications

i did my university in São Paulo of Business management and logistics .

Equipment experienceTractor, Baler, Telehandler/fork lift, Other harvesters, Fencing, Drilling
Other equipment experience

i worked with tractors for many years at my country , i have lots of experience with it .

Livestock experienceDairy, Beef, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Lambing, Poultry
Other livestock experience

My dad had many animals and i have experience with it , because i helped him he had pigs, cattles and a a bit of sheep, chicken and dairy cows , i have a little experience with goat , and i know only a little bit about calving . Any new skills i would like to learn.

Type of farming wantedMainly Arable
Driving Licenseinternational
Personal information
First languagePortuguese
Other languagesSpanish
Pen picture

1,90m , 95kg

Relevant health problems

No .

Other Information

i have many experience with dairy milk farm , but i just don't administer vaccines at cows as i never had to do it . but i work with calves , cows , bollocks and i want a permanent job that if is possible have many hours .

Marital status

I have One wife and 4 sons (2 twins of 3 months) 1 son of 11 years (he's at P7 primary school) and a son of 16 years (he's at secondary school 5th year)

Where are you currently living?Falkirk
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

I have a lot of experience at my country I helped my dad with lots of animals at the farm , ( 250 pigs , 200 cows (milk by hands) , chickens to get the eggs ,for meat , and sell ) and ground cleaning , food for animals and some helps at farm like sheep ) when i left home i worked in 2002-2004 - with tractors , forklift at a farm for stocks from the lorries to the warehouse.. 2008-2011 - at a factory of furnitures (I worked with forklifts) 2013-2014- I worked with tractor tricycle and conventional four-wheel tractor. and my last experience at farm or machines was in Uk 2017-2018 - Forklift (macrae Livingston) - stafforce, my first job at farm was at jonh robb & sons as a dairy milker (6 months) i used to live in glenrothes the farm had 450 cows and Lesmahagow (dairy milk , 2 months) the farm had 500-550 cows i've left because it was too far away for me , and it didnt have accomodation ) i worked at Blyth bridge as dairy milker it had 700 cows (between 3-4 months) but it was too far away and it has a caravan on it but as i have family , it didnt work good for me , the farm was trying to find a house and he would pay the rent but we didnt find as be a hard location (we could find houses like 20 miles away from the farm ), then My currently job is at MILK2GO (Falkirk) it has between 450-500 cows i work as dairy milker aswell but it's too far from where i live and i have to work from 3am to 7pm and i have a lunch time then i have to go home for 2 hours then back to work but it's killing me as my house be so far from the work .. i've been working there for 8 months and i'm gonna give one month off notice as soon as find a job . i want a job that i don't need to travel 20 miles - (40 miles everyday) i don't have a problem with the time but it is too bad to work so far away as you have traffic , you have petrol to put on like if the car broke or the tire get flat and i'm responsible , i don't like to leave the people or just don't go for the work .


I enjoy my family, I love to go to church as i'm christian , i don't drink , i Don't smoke and that's my principle , enjoy my family and enjoy Scotland as i love this country , sometimes the weather is not that good but we still love it :) Cold weather is not a problem as i used to work in a farm up to mountains (450 metres above sea leavel) and it was -10 degrees a normal temperature there everyday at winter but a good jacket was enough there , i had a 4x4 car so i don't have problem with location or snow etc...

AvailabilityStart: 25/11/2018, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionScotland
Where would you like to work?Farm
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