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Currently Gamekeeping aged 26, experienced in agriculture. Wanting new challenge and change in career. Previous experience in agricultural work mainly sheep, beef and machinery operations. worked with 800 mule breeding ewes small sucker herd and fattening unit worked with agricultural contractors excavator experience fencing, land management, tractor and general farm duties experience.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsNVQ Level 1,2, Btec, City and Guilds
Other qualifications

University of Cumbria (Newton Rigg) Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Upland/Grouse) NVQ Level 2 Apprentice (Bolton Abbey Estate) Certificates gained in; Mole/Rabbit Control (Talunex, Phostoxin) Emergency First Aid Course Fox Snaring Loaders course Craven College Countryside Management BTEC National Diploma Level 3 Triple Grade – Merit Merit Merit Certificates of competence gained in: Chainsaw & Related Operations Safe Use of Pesticides Brushcutting Operations All Terrain Vehicle Handling Transport of Animals by Road Dry Stone Walling Introduction to Hedge Laying Emergency First Aid at work Sit-in Atv Handling (Utv) Fox Snaring

Equipment experienceTractor, PA1, Tracked machine, Telehandler/fork lift, Other harvesters, Fencing
Other equipment experience

Tractors up to 200hp with various attachments- muckspreaders, slurry tankers, mounted mowers, grass rake, bale wrappers, feed mixer, toppers, straw trailers, silage trailers, grass harrows. quad bike and utv experience. tracked machine ( 3 - 9 tonne 360 excavator) loadall for general farm use.

Livestock experienceBeef, Sheep, Lambing, Calving
Other livestock experience

Brought up around suckler cows and swaledale ewes. stockman 4 year- 800 mule breeding ewes and small suckler herd. help out my girlfriend with diary herd when possibly. feeding calves, feeding milk cows and general jobs.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
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First languageEnglish
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im 26 years old. 5ft 8 inches average weight fairly fit none smoker

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my dads side of the family runs a haulage contracting business, coal merchants and animal feed merchants in Gargrave near Skipton. when I was self employed I worked for them delivering coal and feed to local farms and homes.

Marital status

I am currently involved in a relationship. weve been together for 5 years nearly. I live with her on the her family farm

Where are you currently living?Harrogate/North Yorkshire
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

Employment History January 2016 – present In the autumn of 2015 I heard that Pockstones moor had been put up for sale and by winter it had been sold with in turn the new owners created a new job full time gamekeeping to work under the existing head keeper. I enquired about the job and when for a interview and was offered the job. I took the full time job which meant leaving Arncliffe and Brown bank farms. My job role was to looking after my own pheasant drives and around 1200 pheasants still be over seen by the heed keeper. I also have my own traps and snares to keep upto and maintain. We’ve put in 5 new pheasant pen. They’ve all been made by hand with post and wire netting. Ive helped to lay and plumb in the water system to them and connect drinkers up. I have to feed and look after the well-being to the pheasants and make shore they are in the right drives on a shoot day. Alongside the pheasants I all work on the grouse moor. On the moor I help heather burning, heather cutting with tractor and cutter, putting out medicated grit, vermin control (trapping, snaring and crow control), running a shoot day, butt building, walling, fencing, road mending with tractor and trailer and 360 digger. In the time I’ve been at Pockstones I’ve helped up 3 new lines of wooden semi-sunk grouse butts. Some of the work involved was digger the hole for the butts with a digger. Using joinery skills to build and erect the wooden butt inside the holes, then back fill and mound soil bag round. Then drains are dug out of the butts to allow water to drain out. We’ve recovered nearly all the moorland tracks with stone and created some more car parks to accommodate the guns on shoot days. In the shooting season if the new owners where invited to shoot on other shooting estates sometimes I was asked to go loading with one of them. The Estate has broken the moor shooting record the grouse season with the most grouse shot over a shooting season. April 2013 – April 2016 As the weather warmed up the coal trade dropped so wanted more work. In April I a job came up on at beef and sheep farm (Brown Bank Farmers) at Norwood on the edge of Otley and Harrogate. The job was 2 – 3 days a week then through lambing and busy times it could rise upto 3-4 a week. To fill in my week still worked at home when I wasn’t need on the farm. On the farm I my job was to help out the day to day feeding up of the cattle and sheep. Some of the cattle where on straw housing to they needed bedding up to keep them clean and in good condition. The rest were kept on slats. The cattle were fed on silage through winter months or if they were in the finishing pens ready for market. This was from the farms silage clap that harvested in July buy a local contractor. We used a jcb loadall to feed to silage to the cattle. It was also used for beeding up and mucking and cleaning out the cow sheds in the summer after the cattle were turn out to grass. I any of the storage slurry tanks under the cattle slats became full we use a tractor and slurry tanker to empty the tanks. The slurry was spread onto the land. I was involved in all different kind of work with the cattle from TB testing, calving, de-horning, routine inspections and auction days. The farm lambed around 850 mule sheep. It was the busiest time of the year. I was involved with the sheep aswell the cattle. Lambing, feeding on atvs, clipping in the summer, lamb management for meat, routine inspections. I did quite abit of the grassland management and boundary management. The grassland management included spreading slurry and bedding muck on the mowing meadows and pastures, applying fertilizer onto the land, rolling and grass harrowing, pasture topping and mowing meadow grass ready for silaging aswell as baling and rapping haylage made on farm for winter sheep feed. Boundary management included walling, wire top fencing, post and rale fencing, post and wire fencing and gate hanging. 2013 - Present Aswell as working for Brown Bank Farmers and Fred Green & Son ltd i help out my girlsfriends family who are Agricultural Contractors and dairy farmers. I do a different variety of jobs including slurry tanking, muck spreading, mowing, grass tedding, rowing up, silage trailering, bale rapping, straw leading. If im not helping them contracting in help then at milking times when I can. I don’t do the milking but I can milk if needed. I mainly help feeding and bedding up or feeding the calves and young stock. September 2013- October 2013 New Zealand In September I fly to the other side of the world with a good friend and travelled around both the north and south island. We were lucky enough to stop on a sheep farm on the south island. They show us round some big sheep stations and dairy farmers. I saw different farming stiles and techniques. 2015 I missed gamekeeping then a part-time position came up at Arncliffe to work with the Keeper there 2 days a week. I took the job and stopped working at home and kept my farm work. As I have had already been in this line of work I was able to get on the work at hand with little advise and instruction on how the way the jobs should be completed. October 2012 – April 2013 In October I left the Game farm to become self-employed. I started work back at home working for the family business Fred Green and Son ltd. We are coal merchants and haulage contractors. My work was to bag and deliver coal to customers around the area. Depending how busy the firm was I when grouse and pheasant beating around the local shoots through the shooting season. April 2012 – September 2012 I got an opportunity to work on a pheasant and partridge game farm in Easingwold near York. I lived on site on a static caravan. My line of work included hatching chicks from eggs or getting day old chicks delivered straight onto the rearing field then catching them up at 8 weeks old as poults to be delivered to shoots across the north of England. The first job that I did on the game farm was to help get ready the rearing field. This consisted of building up rearing sheds and outside runs which were netted over. I had to make shore the nets didn’t any hole in that the birds could escape out off. The sheds had to have gas heaters put into then to control the temperature inside. I had to put feeds and drinks in them and bedding for the birds. I also has to mow and strim around the grass around the rearing sheds and runs so that the field looked kepted and that we could see it any bird had escaped. It made it easier to walk the birds back into the outside runs. I used strimmer to clear the grass close to the sheds and runs then in used ride-on skid steer mower to mow around the sheds, the bigger areas of the field we used a tractor and pasture toper to make the job quicker. Once the chicks arrived on the field I had to make shore they had plenty of food and that the water drinkers were working. I had to make shore the gas heater were lit and working and the gas bottles were always full and change any that need it if they became empty. When the pheasant chick are about 2-4 week old we court them in the sheds and placed plastic bits in their beaks so that they couldn’t complete close their mouths, this stopped then feather pecking each other. The bits were removed when we caught them to be delivered off the field. As the rearing sheds emptied they had to be cleaned and disinfected out. We use a pto driven vacuum that was attached to a trailer that was run by a tractor so suck up all the lose bedding in the sheds. After that the sheds were washed out and disinfected. Then the process started again. Once all the orders were met the field and equipment was washed and putt way for the following year. October 2011 – February 2012 I was employed on a casual basis with Bolton Abbey Estate, following the completion of my apprenticeship. I assist with the beating on shoot days on the estate, with both grouse and pheasants. I still help with vermin control and regularly go out with the keepers at night lamping for foxes. I have also sat out at night to control the litters of fox clubs. I was also part of a project on the estate to lay a 1.5 mile moorland track. I have been using an 8 tonne tracked dumper and a 7.5 tonnes 360 degree excavator to load and level stone for the track. As well as working for the Bolton Abbey estate I did additional work and beating for several different shooting estates in Wharfedale and Nidderdale. I have worked for Pock Stone moor estate helping the grouse keeper put in a new track and car park to a line of shooting butts for easier access on shoot days. I also have helped to prepare the shooting butts ready for the start of the shooting season. I go and take part on shoot days and help run the beating line. As well working for these estates I have been grouse beating for Grassington & Conistone Estate and Hardcastle & Heathfield Estate. I have also worked with the keepers to release and feed partridges and pheasants. June 2009 – September 2011 Bolton Abbey Estate I worked on Bolton Abbey Estate as an apprentice moorland grouse keeper. This estate covers 13,500 acre moorland. My role was to assist the head keeper and the team of 4 grouse beat keepers. I had responsibility for predator and vermin control (trapping lines, larson traps, fox snaring and tracing in snow, night time lamping and controlling the litters of fox cubs). I assisted with the burning of the heather in order to regenerate the moor. I also helped maintain shooting butts, access road on to the moor and shooting cabins. I assisted with putting medicated and non-medicated grit out for the grouse either on a quad bike or in an argocat. On shoot days I help with running the beating lines, sorting the grouse in the game larder and preparing the game cart. I also have good experience using heavy duty machinery like a tractor with front loader and trailer for road mending and general use. Bolton Abbey Estate also has a pheasant shoot where they employ a pheasant beatkeeper. I assisted him with a variety of jobs, such as taking out wheat to the feed rides, brashing trees out for pheasant drives, building pheasant pens and preparing gun stands and access points. Certificates completed in; Fox Control by Snaring NGO – Best Practice for Loaders Workshop Agricultural Tractor Operations September 2007 – June 2009 Gledstone Hall Estate (West Marton) I worked as an assistant to the head gamekeeper on Gledstone Hall Estate on a part-time basis, whilst studying at Craven College. My role involved releasing 10,000 pheasants, building and preparing release pens and controlling vermin by snaring foxes, larson trapping for carrion crows, tunnel traps for stoats and mink. I also assisted the forestry team in planting young saplings for pheasant drives. I helped the on-site butcher, including preparing, packing and delivering different types of game products.


Game & clay shooting, training my own working gundogs, walking, football, motorsport, music.

AvailabilityStart: 05/02/2018, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionYorkshire
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