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British Dairy Farm Hand Looking for Work.

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Relevant qualificationsNot listed
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BSc in International Hotel Management

Equipment experienceTractor, Telehandler/fork lift, Fencing
Other equipment experience

Raking, Rolling, Feed Out Buggy,

Livestock experienceDairy, Calving
Other livestock experience

This farm milked 600 cows in the height of the season and had Spring/ Autumn calving. The dairy comprised of a modern 50 bale computerized rotary, with automatic cups off. My duties consisted of milking, detecting mastitis, lame/ sick cows and treating them with the appropriate drugs. Bringing the cows to the dairy, setting up gates and paddocks for the next day. I have the ability and skills to drive a tractor, but my experience is fairly basic level – I have also experienced tractor work such as rolling, harrowing and raking. Given the opportunity to spend a regular amount of time in a tractor, I do not think that it would take long for me to build up the confidence, to be a very efficient and competent tractor operator. I took it on my self to be the main person to feed and look after the calves, as I really enjoy this role, I am very patient and calm towards calves. I do all that I can to ensure sick calves are looked after, and believe that the earliest that a sickness is detected gives the calves a better chance to grow into strong replacement stock. I have a keen eye and pick up on things that I don’t feel are right, and will always ask someone for advice.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
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This farm has 170 cows and a 15 aside swing over dairy. I was excited to try a different way of dairy farming, this period was the quiet time of year, and so the owners more or less left me to it. This was the first time I experienced a round bale buggy, and it took a while to get my reversing skills up to scratch, but with practice I got there. The only thing I struggled with, was working on my own day in day out. I am more than happy to complete tasks on my own and work unaccompanied, but it is nice to have someone to discuss things with.

Marital status


Where are you currently living?South East
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

Initially my job was milking, 900 cows, across two herds on a 60 bale rotary. As I became more confident I was able to detect mastitis, and was taught how to treat mastitis, give injections and administer dry cow treatments. After a couple of months I was given more responsibility and would often bring the two herds in for milking, set up paddocks for the next day and set up strip grazers as and where needed. There is only one calving season on this farm, so to a newbie it hit me pretty hard, 900 cows calving in the space of three months, was one of the most exhausting and physically demanding experiences of my life, but I really enjoyed it. I was then taught about calf rearing, feeding and illnesses.



AvailabilityStart: 14/10/2018, Finish: 14/07/2020
Type of jobAny
Preferred regionAnywhere
Where would you like to work?South East/ Derbyshire/ Cheshire
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