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Experienced Shepherdess looking for contract work or permanent position - own working dogs. 

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsNDA
Other qualifications

National Diploma in Agriculture (Hadlow College) - Distinction (2008-2010) Recieved the East Kent Ploughing Match Association Prize for being the best all round first year student. Cert III in Wool Classing (Dookie College, Victoria AUSTRALIA - 2014)

Equipment experienceTractor, Fencing
Other equipment experience

Basic Tractor skills -(Based primarily around Pasture Renovation and Sowing Fodder Crops) Pasture Renovation, Sowing (Disc Seeder), Scarifying, Hay Raking, Keenan Mixer Wagon, Feeding Out/Front End Loader, etc. Capable of basic maintenance (i.e. hooking and un-hooking most machines, greasing machines, tightening/changing loose points/discs.) I am quite competant at reversing a trailer with ease (will get trailer licence sorted). I can ride a Quad bike safely. In Australia I have A MC Licence which enables me to drive trucks/lorries with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 8 tonne. I am capable of sighting and erecting a fence using sheep netting and barb/plain wire. I am capable of using a post hole digger and driver.

Livestock experienceDairy, Sheep, Lambing
Other livestock experience

Sheep - 10 years experience working with sheep, other the last 6 years in my previous role I progressed to a managerial position. Capable of running feeding programs & grazing, AI&ET programs, preparing sheep for show, managing shearing, lambing etc. Can undertake all handling tasks (drenching/worming, vaccinating, back lining/clik, tagging, marking/docking lambs, crutching/dagging in yard/race, crutching/dagging and shearing other the board (although not fast! nor an expert shearer) Very capable at lambing in both indoor and outdoor systems with a variety of breeds. In my current role I am head shepherd for a large company near Oxford which specialises in Consultancy and Sustainability. I am looking for a new job as I feel this one is not a good fit for me - for reasons I am willing to discuss. Dairy - Mainly duties at College in a Herringbone, also did some milking in a rotary in Aus. Capable of feeding and rearing Calves.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
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I weigh around 80kg approx 5ft5 high and am fit and strong (used to heavy lifting, handling rams etc.)

Relevant health problems


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Own Working Dogs. I am a Short Wool Breed Judge in Australia and have both judging and showing experience. In my first year at Hadlow College ND Ag, I won the East Kent Ploughing Match Association Prize for the Best All-Round First Year Student. I Have experience with Record Keepimg and Electronic Tag Systems.

Marital status

No partner, I have family (Mum, Brother) in Kent/Sussex. I was married in Aus but due to my desire to come home, this relationship failed and were amicabally divorces.

Where are you currently living?East Sussex
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

I started working for someone in 2008 East Sussex, Sheep, Orchards & Cropping) during the start of my first year of my Diploma of Ag at Hadlow College. Here we ran 300 commercial ewes (mainly Suffolk and Suffolk X) and sold majority of lambs to the butcher; also a small Llyen flock. Whilst working for James (2 years) I undertook other lambing jobs (NC Mules, Suffolks, Charollais & Romney). I moved to Australia in 2010 and worked full time on a sheep property there since the end of 2010, here my main work was shepherding (although they dont call it that!) with some tractor work primarily based around pasture improvement and feeding out). Whilst in this job I have also done some contracting work casually including working in shearing sheds, sheep work etc. for neighbours. Here I was managing over 800 stud ewes, retaining most ewe lambs for the flock and rearing the rams through for sale at Tups. Also a small commercial flock (200 head) selling lambs through the saleyards/market for a 22kg lamb. I returned to the UK end of January 2017 and started in my current role as Head Shepherd in mid Feb. I am keen to get back to a commercial farming enterprise, with a strong focus on sheep. As previously said I am willing to discuss my reasons for wishing to leave this role.


Outside of work I enjoy training my dogs and walking and I hope to be able to compete in a few trials.

AvailabilityStart: 30/05/2018, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionAnywhere
Where would you like to work?Anywhere in England, Wales or Scotland considered.
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