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First generation 18 years old, big interest in sheep and calf rearing, hard working and from East Sussex.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsBtec
Other qualifications

Blue shield shearing qualification & Telehandler Qualification

Equipment experiencePloughing, Fencing, Telehandler/fork lift, Tractor
Other equipment experience

Tractor driving at college, Ploughing, rolling and harrowing. On the dairy farm I have previously worked on I used the scraper tractor. I have also been muck spreading, trailering, chain harrowing and rolling. I'd like to gain more experience with tractor and trailers, and cultivation work.

Livestock experiencePoultry, Calving, Lambing, Sheep, Pig, Beef, Dairy
Other livestock experience

Been a calf rearer for 3 years, took over this year for the summer and reared over 650 in a short 8 week block. I also did all of the jabbing and medicine book recording. When I was lambing I'd be involved as much as I could, doing most of the assisting, skinning, adoptions etc. I have been shearing and wool wrapping. I have lots of experience with cattle and would like to gain more with sheep.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
Personal information
First languageEnglish
Other languagesN/A
Pen picture

5.11" // 7.2 st

Relevant health problems


Other Information


Marital status

Boyfriend and currently living on my own.

Where are you currently living?East Sussex
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

No farming back ground, first generation. I have worked on a dairy farm for the past three years, starting for just experience for college and then being offered a job as a calf rearer. Assisted many difficult calvings, assisted an LDA with the farms vet. This year for our main calving block of 8 weeks I was the main calf rearer, overlooking everything was fed, teaching the youngest to drink, keeping an eye on basic health, and planning ahead as this block of calves were mainly replacement heifers. I have also taken time off to go lambing at local farms to me, spending 2 and a half weeks there being a lambing assistant. Completed skinning,wet setting, fostering. Confident on a quad with trailer. I have references and my own CV.I have also worked on an outside system of store cattle, main duties including feeding and bedding up.


Horse riding and socialsing with friends.

AvailabilityStart: 01/12/2017, Finish: 01/05/2018
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionAnywhere
Where would you like to work?
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