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Experienced tractor driver available for harvest and beyond.  I have experience in grain and straw carting, cultivatiosn, rolling, spreading fertiliser, etc.  I also am very experienced with suckler cows, finishing cattle, sheep and pigs.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsNot listed
Other qualifications

BSc Agriculture with Honours from University of Edinburgh

Equipment experienceFencing, Telehandler/fork lift, Tractor
Other equipment experience

i have good General tractor experience of carting grain, bales, potatoes and fym. I have performed several harvests on farms of different sizes and duties have included carting grain, ensuring trailers clean and safe, moving round and square bales with spikes, a Ritchie trailyre and also flat trailers. I have carted potatoes both in bulk and in boxes and have also boxed 10 acres of onions when with JSR. I also carried out cultivation including primary seed chit, secondary cultivation for making seedbeds, deep cultivation after potatoes, sub-soiling and Cambridge rolling. i have also experience with continuous flow and batch grain driers and also loading lorries as required. I can perform a wide range of grassland duties which including spreading fertiliser, rolling, aerating, mowing and topping and have carted bales and also from a self-propelled forager and have experience of silage clamp work. I also consider myself to be an experienced telehandler driver, have some counterbalance experience, i can operate wheeled diggers and have experience of bobcat skidsteers.

Livestock experienceCalving, Lambing, Sheep, Pig, Beef
Other livestock experience

I was engaged as a Unit Manager of a large outdoor pig herd with Muirden, Turriff and was responsible for the daily management of five staff and the welfare of 1100 sows.  I oversaw the transition to indoor AI and individual farrowing from more group radials systems.  During this time, we overcame various problems throughout the transitional period and raised output from 21.4 to 23.5 pigs per sow per year. I also had to attend to regular vet visits, SPII inspections and also supermarket buyers. I have worked with breeding sheep throughout my life and I currently are looking after 3000 breeding ewes at home. I am responsible for all daily inspections, routine worming and vaccinations, hoofcare and have started trying rotational grazing practices from this spring which has been successful but also a steep learning curve. During my time while at university and afterwards, I have also done many lambings throughout the UK and have seen a wide range of differing setups and practices. I have also been working with beef suckler cows at home and also with large herds while with  Farming (100 pedigree charolais and 300 cross sucklers) and  Bros (400 sucklers) and have experience with calvings, care of cow and calf, feeding and bedding routines using Keenan feed mixers and straw bedders, formulating rations, regular weighing and dealing with health issues.

Type of farming wantedMainly Arable
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
Personal information
First languageEnglish
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6'4" High

Relevant health problems


Other Information

Best Student in Agriculture 4 at University of Edinburgh ( Henry Gilbert Memorial Prize)

Marital status

Wife and two boys, aged 14 and 10

Where are you currently living?Moray
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

A home on family farm just now, 700 acres mainly grassland and forage crops and seasonal grass lets. Running 110 suckler cows and 3000 sheep. I am responsible for daily stock checks, feeding and bedding, helping with calving and lambing and carting silage and straw throughout. the year. I also maintain cattle and sheep databases and are rsponsible for cattle registraions, etc.  Moycroft, Elgin From 2001 - 2014, i was an Area Manager responsible for the provision of staff for agriculture, horticultire, construction, plant hire, distilleries and their ancillary industries. I helped build this from 30 staff at seasonal times through to over 100 full time with harvest peaks in excess of 150. i also undertook other duties as time allowed such as grain and feiliser trading, moving straw and fodder and also the provison of fuels amd training.   Dufftown I worked on an upland cow unit at Dufftown, running 400 spring calving suckers. I was assisting with calvings, care of cows and calves, dealing with vet visits and daily feeding and bedding. I also undertook most of the tractor work, carting fym, rolling and fertilising grass and carting silage bales. Rigghead, Dumfries I lambed with David with his 500 indoor mules then his 500 outdoor lambing mules at Tinwald which operated on a drift lambing system.  York I was involved  for harvest which had 1500 acres combinable crops, 150 acres seed potatoes, 10 acres onions and upland grassland for suckler cows. My duties involved cleaning all stores, grain drier and machinery pre harvest and then carting grain, bales, potatoes and onions. I also undertook cultivations and subsoiling and all of the cambridge rolling. The potatoes and onions were carlted from field to store using eight box trailers. As i was from a livestock background, i also helped the cattleman with cattle when he required help, shifted feed and also helped concrete the handling system. I then moved down to givendale on the Yorkshire Wolds to join the stockteam looking after 100 pedigree charolais, 300 cross suckler cows and 1200 mule ewes. My duties included feeding and bedding, daily checks, helping with calving, care of cows and calves, regular weighing pedigrees, administerring medicines and also night lambed the January lambers.  Muirden, Turriff I was employed as a Unit Manager running 1100 outside sows and five staff. During my time, i was involved with the change from group radials to indoor AI and dry sows with outdoor individual farrowing and helped overcome some of the problems that arose.  Elllon I was employed as a harvest tractor driver at on an Estate grrowing 4000 acres combinable crops and my main duties involved working with the drilling gang doing all the cultivations and most of the rolling. This involved either power harrowing, discing, double pressing or toptilthing depending on soil type and conditions. I was also involved carting grain, topping, cutting grass verges and other duties as required.  Ratho Mains, Newbridge I was employed as harvest tractor driver with Alex and David Brewster and was involved carting grain, turning straw, rowing up bales and carting bales, cultivation and Cambridge rolling. I also carted potatoes as they grew 160 acres seed and ware which were mostly lifted bulk although some were lifted in boxes. I also undertook some grading work, bagging potatoes and some store forklift work.  Wensleydale I lambed with John for three seasons lambing 500 mules indoors in Wensleydale. These were highly prolific in excess of 200% lambing percentage as they run on the farm' s dairy grass most of the year so extra attention was required. They were also wormed and vaccinated as they went outdoors.  Essex I was employed for harvest and also for daily care of 500 dairy beef bulls on a maize based TMR ration. I was responsible for feeding, bedding, preparation of premixes, mixing minerals on farm and also soda grain. I also carted grain, straw, stacked square bales, carted dung and some cultivations as required.  Orton, Moray I undertook two harvests which was primarily for irrigation of carrots, potatoes, swedes and leeks and I was oart of a two man squad for running seven irrigators spread over approx 15 mile radius and also involved moving pipes and pumps regularly. I also was involved brush and hoe weeding, rabbit netting etc. I also done road creation and repairs using a grader (the owner had been a major in the Royal Engineers and was fanatical about roads!!)


Reading, walking, activities with kids

AvailabilityStart: 06/08/2017, Finish: 24/12/2017
Type of jobAny
Preferred regionAnywhere
Where would you like to work?Anywhere in Uk
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