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My name is    Matees Costel / Costel Matees Age                                : 27 years Studies                         : Primary School, Middle School, High School + Education Voluntary in the UK Experience in Farms  :  14 years          Phone Number  UK    : +44    07518695092 / +447518695092 Email Address             :        I am a European citizen with legal rights to work, travel and live in England. I am 27 years old and I know this country well and know very well the system in which people and farmers live. I have a very developed experience in animal farms and I know very well how to work and how to calculate the work on the farm according to: Qualities, quantity, time and money. I worked and saw about 30 farms in Europe and visited some farms in Scotland and England. I think the most important thing is to provide animals with cleanliness, food and health. In most farms it is very important to respect time according to the importance of work. Most farmers trust their own experience and trust their farm. Analyzing more farms in Europe, I think it is very important and the freedom of animals even if they are dairy animals (I refer to cows). Many farmers think that cows consume all energy in milk production. Caws also need freedom and a weekly grooming in which energy and health develop. Each farmer follows a pattern and has a lot of stability. Tractor Driver I worked with the tractor in a few farms in England and Scotland.I present below what I'm doing with the tractor. Prepare food for dairy cows.We use Tractor, JCB and a wagon for mixing animal feed.I was putting the feed in the wagon with Jcb.Use the controls in the tractor and orders the wagon to prepare the food.I was putting food to the animals and I was cleaning the farm.In my spare time I was doing slurry sprayer hose and use the Trailer to bring fodder and wheat. This is my work on a farm in Scotland.   Now I will introduce my work on the tractor at a farm in England. I've worked with a tractor on a farm that was divided in 3 smaller size farms which were in different villages. In these three farms live dairy cows and calves.(in 2 farms are milk cows , in the last farm are the calves). We use the straw cutter and the tractor to put the bedding to the cows and the calves. On Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays I was putting the bedding with straw on these 3 farms.The animals were very clean and tidy. Tuesday ,Thursday,Saturday we move the feeed and slurry spreading. I had a telehandler Tractor and a Trailer. I went and loaded up the trailer with wheat,corn,grass. Loading I was doing with the tractor and use telehandler. For slurry spreading, we use a tank and a tractor . Sunday, clean up and wash the tractors and the machines. I worked at a horse farm here was a Sports Club. Here I worked with the tractor and lots of machinery. I was working with the mower and the tractor every day and I was mowing the land of polo. I've worked with: rake, water pump with hose, trailer, gang mowing, roller leveled the playing field. I was in charge of the land of polo. Making cleaning fast and good and was taking care of my lands . There are many hours on the tractor and working 14 hours a day when it was necessary. I have driving License and I drove a lot the tractor on the street in England.I'm a man of care work and  very well prepared. I Accept tests with tractors and I have lots of experience. I don't need help. I need machines and materials for the maintenance of the machines. I've worked in many farms. Are farmers that I know them very well and I appreciate very much because they were honest. I met 20 Farmers in England. Only 5 farmers fair and polite I have met and I have contact with them. Feeding Cow or E.T.C It's simple or complicated depending on the space. On some farms, neither professional can not drove the  tractor or containers in very narrow and unknown spaces. But after a few days of practice, it's easier to know the orientation in space depending on the one. To prepare the food we need a Feeder wagon-Mixer a Tractor and a JCB, MERLO. The mixer shows how many kg of food is in it. Put all food/grass with Merlou/JCB in the mixer. Depending on how many animals they are. Cherries are: wheat, oats, dry grass, wet grass, silo, straw, powdered energy, mineral powders, malasses, water, sodium.etc. Example: 200 kg of straw, 500 kg of grass, dry grass 400 kg, ground corn 200, wheat 200 kg, minerals 14, sodium 4.etc. Put the order in the mixer. In all farms it is different and is calculated very well depending on how many animals are. Mix at 1000 rpm or 500 rpm. Clean old food and when the mixer finishes in 30 min or more put the new food. The door opens from the mixer and drives slowly or faster depending on the length of the stack and the surface. (B2 or A4 speed on high performance tractors) Great attention to the head of cows that there are accidents that kill the animals. Light and space is the key to the Tractor. I know how to use and do f maneuvers with Tractor + feeder wagon and JCB - Accept tests Other tractor work. Transporting wreaths, straw, grass and moving animals.       Below will introduce to other work in the farms Farms with Robots.   Robots are expensive and difficult to maintain even if the robots are made by humans. My experience in these farms is a good one in which you run and go very far through the farm. Robot cleaning and care is very important in these farms. If the robots are dirty they break down much faster. I think it is necessary to wash these robots twice a day. Cleaning the lasers and changing the milk filters every day. Checking the chemicals inside the robots (the chemicals in the cans used to wash the robot milking). And most importantly, milk is directed by quality and animal. Checking the Milk Tank and washing it every week. Checking the cows that do not go alone to milking.       About Care Caws   Very important is cleanliness and space. I think it is important to clean the beds twice a day and space enough to sleep the animals. Most farmers use sawdust. Some farms use sand. He works a lot with sawdust and sand. When you put the sawdust you have to sweep and put the sawdust with bucket. With the tractor but with the  tractor 3 times a week and it is not very economical. It is sweeping a lot of sawdust and throwing. When you sand it is rambling and it is not very easy. Very important the powder that is put to the tattooing of the cows and the killing of the microbes . Put this red  powder or white on the beds after cleaning.   About straw stands  Clean the stalks every week or put straw every day and when the garbage level rises, clean with Merlo or JCB. Depends on the farmer. For cleaning the nails. The feet are cleaned by passing the animals through the disinfectant water a very green water) Kills the bacteria and cleanses the nails. It also makes the cleaning with the NAILS knife for who has the experience. Very important is the cleaning of the drinking water. Change drinking water every week one or two times. Many bacteria live in water pools.   About the calves and the care of the cattle   Cleaning and warmth is very important for small calves a few days after birth. Beds should be clean all the time. Each calf has 2 buckets. It is water in buckets and food (Food for calves) It breastfeeds twice a day by changing water with milk. When the calf finished drinking all the milk, put the water and leave the water in the bucket. Very important . These buckets are cleaned once a week and are disinfected when the calf is changed. Cleaning is done once a week to change all the straw in the beds. Add straw every day to be clean. The amount of milk is very important. Every day, the same amount of milk is added: 2 or 3 liters of milk, depending on your preference. Injections and putting the earrings and burning the horns fall into the category of calves in time of growth.   Other work on the farm. Repairs.  I am a man who likes to repair and create new things. I know how to use the elctrode welding machine and other tools. They repair and spoil things through the farm. All the time is on the farm and I think it is very important to keep the farm in good condition. Cleaning and installation. And very important attention. About milking animals (Cows) They mulch depending on the farm in different systems. Some farms have a wheel. Some farms have a line or double milking line. The mullet on the wheel is made by 3 people. The first person cleans tits in cows and controls tits one by one. (Very important) The second person connects the appliances: Cow with red juice in buckets or down. The yellow cows have 3 tits or 2 tits that produce milk or atentioe (bacteria). And cows with green need milking speed (long or more time). Press ACR or star. And the third person disconnects the appliances and disinfects the tits. The cows return straight in their stables and steer in direction. Milking on the line is made up of at least 2 people. The cows sit 15 or 20 etc.. Wash the tits. And it starts to connect the appliances. At the end, it disinfects the tits with IOD. Follow the same procedure. Cleaning and much attention. * I have a lot of experience and I know how to calculate everything on the farm. I like to work on the farm and with animals I appreciate the hard work when it is rewarded correctly. I accept all the tests and I accept to work weekend and the night when necessary. (I like to work different things every day. I do not like to stay all day in the tractor and I do not like to stay the whole day at milking. I like to work mixed and different jobs.) I do not smoke and do not take drugs I accept all the tests. I have  UK driving license and I have the experience to drive in the streets of the UK (Car,Tractor,Jcb) I have all UK paper-work and and I accept to work with a contract or self-employment   I ACCEPT ALL TESTS IN FARM (Dairy farm -Tractor Driver+ machinery Respect animals and nature.       MC Phone Number  UK   +44    07518695092 / +447518695092 Email Address       This fact sheet is Copyright © UK Copyright and protected under UK and international law.          

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England- farms with cows horse farms pig farms tractor driver care of the Arab lands grass and lawn care Polo land care Scotland farm cows tractor driver use of many machines in the Dairy farm use Jcb with telescopic arm

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England- farms with cows horse farms pig farms tractor driver care of the Arab lands grass and lawn care Polo land care Scotland farm cows tractor driver use of many machines in the Dairy farm use Jcb with telescopic arm

Livestock experienceDairy, Beef, Pig, Sheep, Lambing, Calving
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England- farms with cows horse farms pig farms tractor driver care of the Arab lands grass and lawn care Polo land care Scotland farm cows tractor driver use of many machines in the Dairy farm use Jcb with telescopic arm

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England- farms with cows horse farms pig farms tractor driver care of the Arab lands grass and lawn care Polo land care Scotland farm cows tractor driver use of many machines in the Dairy farm use Jcb with telescopic arm


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