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Well My Names Warren Wiley I'm 22 years of age and I'm very keen to work with sheep full time. Have a keen interest in working with sheep full time alongside other work as previous jobs I've had has been part time. Very Flexible in the work of farming as I have experience in different areas of it, from dairying, beef, to sheep to arable/ machinery.   Not afraid to work long hours. I have two dogs one works and one is keen to work.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsNot listed
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Equipment experiencePloughing, Fencing, Other harvesters, Telehandler/fork lift, Baler, Tractor
Other equipment experience

I've worked with a lot of machinery as I was contracting in New Zealand, All ranges of Massey Ferguson Tractors, All John Deere tractors and quiet a few New Hollands, Claas and a McCormack. I've worked with silage wagons as I was using a Pottinger toro, mchale bailers class rakes (880) slurrying, spraying, ploughing, discing.

Livestock experiencePoultry, Calving, Lambing, Sheep, Beef, Dairy
Other livestock experience

I've work with stock since I was out on the farm at home, every season of calving and lambing, and also my experience in Northumberland lambing 3000 ewes and calving 500 cows. Rearing calving from birth to 12 weeks (weaning off stage) all year round. Current job I'm in requires me to look after 1800, sheep from December to May and then Tractor work/ Silage, Arable from June to November, but I'd rather work with the sheep all year round if possible.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence, tractor
Personal information
First languageEnglish
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Marital status

Yes I'm in a relationship.

Where are you currently living?Londonderry
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

I live on a farm at home and we stock ewes and lambs and cows and calves. we keep Suffolks and Texels ewes alongside crossbreeds of the two. I went to New Zealand and went for 5 months contracting using all types of machinery from, bailing to silage wagon, ploughing and spraying etc, I've also been out in Northumberland lambing 3000 ewes and calving 500 cows. During my time in Northumberland I've had the mix of lambing indoor and outdoor and have a dogs in training and is doing quite well as she's only a year old and has plenty to learn and showing plenty of promise, we also show cattle at all the local shows and have recently came 4/5 in the Balmoral show this year. I love to work and i am motivated to do well for myself and my family. I've also worked with massey ferguson dealers and been in the stores and have done a bit of mechanicing. Also I thing I've got is a trailer licence as its needed now to take stock around and to cart crop. I'm also a qualified welder also as I thought it could get me experience in the maintenance part of farming. All round I've been driving myself to start work on a farm in which one day I hope to achieve that.  I feel that anyone I've worked for I've always give 100% and just get on with anything that is giving to me.


Well I coach kids football just to get away from the working environment as it helps with stress, also for the enjoyment. Also play football and walk dogs/ Train Dogs

AvailabilityStart: 28/08/2017, Finish: 01/01/2030
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionAnywhere
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