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I’m 22 years old and have a passion for working with dairy cows. I am keen and enthusiastic and enjoy improving my skills and knowledge to ensure i do the job to the best of my ability 

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsBtec
Other qualifications

level 2 diploma in agriculture - dairy production

Equipment experienceFencing, Telehandler/fork lift, Tractor
Other equipment experience

I have done some tractor work like carting had some experience with loaders. Very keen to learn

Livestock experienceCalving, Lambing, Sheep, Beef, Dairy
Other livestock experience

Experience milking on herringbone parlours and rotary parlours currently milk on a 50 point rotary, mastitis detection and treatment using tubes, injections and fluid therapy if necessary, I like to milk to high standards taking care with cows and attention to detail. I can spot sick animals and able to examine cows with suspected ketosis, displaced abomasum, high temperature etc. treatments of sick animals eg. hypocalcaemia (milk fever) ketosis, injections to animals, drenching cows. I have done vaccinations for bvd, lepto, ibr also pour on vaccinations, I have assisted vets while tb testing cattle. I have bolused cattle with magnets and minerals. calf rearing a job I have a lot of passion for I am currently in charge of the calf rearing facility on a 750 cow dairy I have fed baby calves colostrum via bottle with teat or stomach tube, tagging and record keeping, spotting sick calves with common problems such as navel ill, scours pneumonia, and able to treat them successfully, also spotting less common problems such as ear infections, eye infections, bladder infections, oral sores and ulcers etc. colostrum management and correct storage, thawing and feeding methods are areas of calf rearing I pay very close attention to and throughout the whole rearing process close attention to detail. I have calved cows mainly straight forward just some assistance for the cow and backwards calving's as well, I have also assisted vets in more difficult calving's such as twisted uterus and caesarean sections. I have dried cows off. and done yard work such as fetching cows for milking cleaning cubicle beds scraping yards and alleys and bedding cubicles using machine and bedding straw yards.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
Personal information
First languageenglish
Other languages
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Relevant health problems


Other Information

I won most improved herdsman of the year 2015 at the national herdsman conference held at harper Adams university

Marital status


Where are you currently living?Derbyshire
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

Not from a farming background.  I became very interested when I started helping a friend with his small flock of sheep doing jobs like fencing and lambing so when I left school I decided to study agriculture at derby college and went to a dairy farm for work experience and after my few weeks help with the milking and feeding calves I decided that's what I wanted to do and have done ever since currently working and a 750 cow dairy unit just recently graduated college from a 2 year apprenticeship scheme with lkl services and plumpton college and gained massive amounts of experience working on a unit with a lot of cows and working with some very professional herdsman and managers


when i am not in work i like to socialise with friends and family

AvailabilityStart: 30/11/2017, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionEast Midlands
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