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Harvest work wanted, I have been 18 yrs on previous farm for harvest work and have 7yrs of harvest work on Velcourt farms, mostly Corn Carting, Flatlifting, Sumo, Ploughing, Rolls,Disks, Hedge Cutting and general farm duties.. I was 10 weeks in 2014 different farm doing Harvest work, corn carting and cultivations 8 years as a GFW on Estates in the north east of Scotland when leaving college.  I was nearly two harvests and the planting season ( on bed tiller) on an an Arable / Potato / Onion farm near Holbeach, mostly carting and GFW. clean driving licence non smoker

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Relevant qualificationsCity and Guilds
Other qualifications

City and Guilds

Equipment experienceTractor, Ploughing
Other equipment experience

Chainsaw / Woodcutting ( but no cert) , thinnings and clearfell, extraction with County 1124 and d/d winch.The farm I was on mostly at Milton Keynes started at 500 acres with a working manager and over time was added to till it amounted to 1200 ac,the main tractor was a JD7820 with a JD6910 for Hedgecutting and smaller duties, in 2013 I was 6 weeks ploughing and cultivating on a different part of the estate along with work on my normal farm. Materials handler cert has lapsed. In 2014 I was 10 weeks near Banbury on a different farm carting grain, ploughing and cultivating with a unipress and other general duties, I then went back to my previous farm for 2 weeks as they were short staffed as the student had gone back to college 2015, I have been 5 weeks on a Velcourt farm Corn carting and other general duties. For the last two harvests I have been on a farm near Holbeach carting grain, potatos and onions and general farm work, I was also there during potato planting bed tillering last April for 5 weeks.For the last two harvests I have been back at a farm belonging to an Estates, spreading dung, topping grass fields, carting grain, rolling and general farm duties.

Livestock experienceNot listed
Other livestock experience

No experience with stock apart from moving them.

Type of farming wantedMainly Arable
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
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First languageenglish
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non smoker

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Where are you currently living?England
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
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GFW full time for 7 yrs , working as a labourer on an Oil rig Construction yard working with Platers for nearly 3 yrs, then woodcutting returning to Harvest work for the last odd 28 years. I decided to leave the long term farm I was with as a full time tractorman was going to be employed and will be doing the majority of the cultivations.For the first 10 years I was at the previous farm there was only me and the manager, I did most of the cultivating along with other tasks until the farm increased to 1000 acres. For the two summers I was carting grain, potatoes and onions and GFW work and Bed tillering for 5 weeks for a farm Holbeach. For the last two harvests I have been back to Carrington estates, topping fields, spreading dung, carting grain and general farm work.


at home during the winter I am house sitting a Holiday Home and maintaining it. Interests, Hillwalking and photography to go with the Holiday home website.

AvailabilityStart: 16/07/2019, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobSeasonal
Preferred regionAnywhere
Where would you like to work?Southern England
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