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My name is Alan Hughes I am 30. I am very hard working and will work any hours required im  from the Herefordshire  Shropshire  border. . I am a experienced stock man and agricultural contractor looking for lambing work anywhere in the uk.  

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsBtec, City and Guilds
Other qualifications

Subjects full fork lift/telehandler, full clean driving liecence with trailer testcompleted, Grade English GCSE  D  English Literature GCSE  C Mathematics GCSE  C Double Science   GCSE  C  C Resistant Materials GCSE  D Geography GCSE  C ICT ND’S  Two pass,  One merit Health and Safety in Workplace Level 2  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Completed Management of Health and Safety at Work Completed Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) Completed Creative Crafts Level 1 Fully Achieved Creative Crafts Level 1 in Metalwork Completed Fabrication and Joining in land based sector City& Guilds Level 2 Land Based Service Engineers City& Guilds Level 2 Key Skills City& Guilds Level 2 Fabrication and Joining (practical assignment) City& Guilds Level 2 Maintenance of Tractors and Other Land Based Machinery (practical assignment) City& Guilds Level 2  

Equipment experienceTractor, Baler, Telehandler/fork lift, Other harvesters, Fencing
Other equipment experience

Mowing, tedding, raking, chain arrowing, rolling,hedge trimming, fencing, planting oil-seed and turnips with a minimum tillage drill, sub-soiling, a little ploughing and general cultivating 

Livestock experienceDairy, Beef, Sheep, Lambing, Calving
Other livestock experience

been brought up on the family farm of 40 suckler calve plus bucket rearing calve all to fat to the local butcher plus 350 breeding ewes. the then milked 350 cows doing 10 milking shifts a week for the Gurneys for 18 month doing farm contracting and laboring in between milking's. I then lambed 500 pedigree texal and charlie ewes all in door and id'ed for two season for the Proberts with one under study for littering and feeding pens. I worked for the Walters for two years lambing 450 breeding ewes with an apprentice littering pens, calving 100 suckler cows and rearing between 250- 400 bucket calfs a year, in total with the store cattle and fattening cattle i could be responsible for between 600 - 800 head of cattle with one assistant for most the year and a calf rearer in the summer while I was contract shearing and then organizing the live stock and the harvesting and planting of 1800 acres of crops.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence, tractor
Personal information
First languageenglish
Other languages
Pen picture

5ft8, 11.5 stone fit as fiddle and a well built sheep shearer/ agricultural contractor

Relevant health problems
Other Information

I am a member of the YFC and past chairman of Ludlow YFC in won many 1st place stock judging prizes at county and area competions for beef sheep lambs dairy and pigs and have represented Shropeshire twice at the midlands area stock man of the year completion after winning in shropeshire and once for oxfordshire at the south,east area stockman of the year after getting second place at there rally for the first time i competed there. i am also an ex member of the west midlands nfu live stock board as a representative of Shropeshire before moving to oxford to work for the Walters.

Marital status
Where are you currently living?leintwardine uk
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

Throughout high school and college, I had a part time job beating during the winter. As well as this I helped out on our family farm.   After finishing college, I went self-employed, working in industrial cladding and roofing as a manual labourer with my Uncle. I did this to earn enough money to buy my own shearing equipment to go into agricultural contracting, which I have been doing for the last seven years, as well as travelling abroad.   From July 2007 until August 2009 I had a milking contract at the local dairy farm,  I did seven early morning milking shifts and three afternoon shifts a week, as well as my local contracting. This is seasonal work such as fencing, hedge-laying, sheep shearing, harvesting various crops and planting (tractor driver) for local farmers combined with my father’s contracting business and the family farm.    I also worked as the local lengthsman for a few months, until the council could find a replacement. This was because the previous lengthsman left at short notice. I did this under the supervision of the local Parish Councilor and close family friend.     In August 2009 I travelled to New Zealand with an agricultural work program. While in New Zealand I worked my way around the country, seeing the sights and meeting new people, which was something I always wanted to do. Unfortunately, I damaged my ankle whilst working in New Zealand and came home in February 2010.  Once home I continued my contracting work while having tests, I found that I had broken my ankle and I needed reconstructive surgery to reattach my lateral ligament. I continued shearing and working with the injury until October 2010 when I had surgery. After being in cast and a leg brace until February 2011, I started contracting again.    Since then I have continued my normal contracting as well as making repairs to local farmer’s machinery and making custom made livestock feeders. Ive done two seasons of lambing pedigree   I Have worked for almost 2 years for  X in control of a team of between 3 to 5 members of staff doing the lambing and calfing of 450 ewe and 100 suckler calf my self with and apprentice the farm has up between 600-800 head of cattle on site at any one time 450 ewe plus lambs, 10,000 turkeys a year reared for day a few days old tell full grown, killed processed, boxed and sold on site for Christmas with up to an extra 40 staff brought in under control of my boss for processing. and 1800 acres of arable ground my job was overall responsibility for the cattle and sheep making sure all area's of the work force worked well to together to maintain a high stander of work and efficiency and to solve or fix any problems or cock up mad including break downs and repairs of machinery or shed construction or maintenance when time aloud for it. the last two months I have been shearing I New Zealand which has been on my to do list for many years and has been a nice relaxing job compared to my last one. over the last 4 years I have been using my experience with live stock and metal work skills to designed and patented a Badger Proof Mineral Bucket Stand. This is designed to reduce the contact between cattle and badgers eating from the same mineral bucket, in turn reducing the spread of TB in both animals. I have even setup the web site and designed all my adverts and fliers myself. We are the only company to provide a tailor made biosecurity service that is customized to each individual farmer, by doing a full farm biosecurity survey and suggesting the best way to reduce the impacts of TB on your agricultural business. Be it through badger proof fencing around your farm yard, the setup of TB Isolation units or AFU (Approved Finishing Units) with or without grazing, badger proofing water tanks and feeders or using our approved badger proof mineral bucket stands. We also undertake all stewardship work such as fencing, hedge laying and hedge trimming. lambing contracts As well as all contracting work such as planting crops, harvesting, shearing and  most agricultural contracting work. So far this year I have sheared over 2000 sheep since the new year and will be coming back to the UK on the 12th of February 2016 ready for lambing. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time    


I am an active member of the NFU and past chairman of Ludlow Young Farmers. I like participating in local activities and social events. I have always enjoyed sports and socializing and like nothing more than meeting new people. I used to do a lot of martial art until my injury. It taught me self-discipline and confidence and in reaching the grade of instructor, I learned how to give effective instructions while motivating people with my well-practiced communication skills. This has made me a strong believer in being punctual, reliable and always completing all work to the highest possible standards. My favorite phrase is “if you’re going to do a job, do it right”. I am a trustworthy person and have always had the ability to adapt to any situation I may come across.  

AvailabilityStart: 10/01/2019, Finish: 01/04/2019
Type of jobTemporary
Preferred regionWest Midlands
Where would you like to work?west midlands or south of england
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