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Enthusiastic hard working, all-round farm worker.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsBtec
Other qualifications

First diploma in Agriculture, NVQ in pigs.

Equipment experienceTractor, Combine, Baler, PA1, Tracked machine, Telehandler/fork lift, Fencing, Ploughing, Drilling
Other equipment experience

Big bale chasers, Oil seed rape Broadcasting, Combining, Cultivating, Ploughing, Muck/Slurry, 360 Track Digger, Large Dump Trucks, Fendt, Johndeere, Quadtrac, Fw stiger, Feeder wagon, Straw bedder, Rolls,Slug pellets,Big balers, Round balers, Straw Carting, Corn carting. Plus many others.

Livestock experienceBeef, Pig, Calving, Poultry
Other livestock experience

Outdoor and indoor pigs, home reared Aberdeen Angus family farm shop. 275 Angus herd autumn & spring calvers. Free range chickens.

Type of farming wantedMainly Arable
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence, tractor
Personal information
First languageEnglish
Other languages
Pen picture

187cm 85kg

Relevant health problems
Other Information

PA. 6 qualification

Marital status

Yes I have a wife, And a daughter (3 years)

Where are you currently living?Lincolnshire
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

Worked in Yorkshire, Norfolk, Aberdeenshire, Berkshire. Starting helping on my dads farm when I was 10-16 When I finished School I went to Eastern College (Norfolk) for a year where I passed my First Diploma in Agriculture. My first job was working for a 750 sow outdoor pig Unit when I was 17 It started off part time during time off collage, I impressed so the position became full time when I left collage. We had a young herd it was very challenging working with young guilt's, we had a guy leave & the manager had to reduce his time at work for home/health reasons so I had the responsibility of looking after the herd on a daily basis, it was very rewarding and I rose too the challenge. [1999-2001] I've also worked seasonally for a straw merchant who offered me a role on a JCB tele-handler stacking straw in the field and loading lorry's/tractors + carting straw It was a simple job but on a large scale, we had 3 balers and was spread across Norfolk and suffolk. Second season I was taken back as the JCB 3185 fastrac driver where I mainly carted straw over long distances. Third season I was fastrac driver again on a new machine with a heath super chaser, I also carted straw and stacked bales in the barn's. [2001-2004]Seasonal When the summer ended I needed a winter job, so was advised by my current employer to try a sugar-beet contractor, I found one very local to me and was accepted at a trailer driver. I was also towing a work vehicle behind my trailer and in charge of transporting people, parts, and basic maintenance tasks. First season we harvested 1300 acres, second season 1800 acres, 3rd season 2500 acres with a 6 row harvester. We did many weeks of 80-100 hours to get over the work. I also did autumn cultivation's, with a 7930 and 6m KRN power harrow. [2001-2009]Seasonal & Fulltime My Dad took a Pig Job in Scotland, and I fancied a new challenge as I never went abroad to new Zealand or US, And didn't want to miss the chance, I was told there would be work if I come, So I went and had a meeting with a manager of a large estate in Aberdeenshire who offered me a job driving a fw-60 with 6m cultivator train, I cultivated about 3500 acres maybe more and was responsible for machine maintenance. They was impressed with my work and enthusiasm and decided to keep me on over winter, where I washed all the machines and did workshop maintenance, In the spring we did farm tracks and gateway widening, and I dug out ditches with a 360 digger. The next harvest I was broadcasting oil-seed rape with front tank fertilizer setup on a Fendt 818, we did 800 acres of rape I did 600 of them, then went onto cultivating with my fw-60. [2009-2011] Farm shop/Butchery, I did many new things which I never had the opportunity to do before. We did farmers markets, BBQ's for local shows, and I did promotions and sales in oil company's in Aberdeen. During the summer months I drove the New-Holland 860 combine which was 1 year old at the time, and I Ploughed about 1200 acres with a 5 furrow KV plough and Johndeere 6920. [2011-2013] I took a seasonal job in Berkshire, where I was carting grain with a 828 Fendt, I also did some sub soiling, and worked a Vaderstad carrier 8m ripping up rape stubble's and general weed infested land. I also was relief Quad-trac driver which was a 480stx with sumo 4.5 meter cultivator. [Harvest 2013] When I come back from Berkshire I helped out on my mums friends farm while he had a hip operation. He had 80 Simmental cows on spring calving, 400 acres of land. My roles was help calving and GFW with cattle, Ploughing, carting grain, straw carting. [October 2013-2014 April] The current farm im working on is a 300 cow Aberdeen Angus herd Spring/Autumn block calver's with grass land for silage, There is also 3 other farms owned by this company with the sameish setup where we help out each other in peek seasons. There is also 400 acres of spring barley, on this farm. Its a very old style of farm, we still use bagged feed bruised and mixed on farm by our self's fed by hand on a daily basis(about 4.5 ton a day), silage is forked up by myself to 200 store cattle in narrow passage ways where a machine can not get down. I do all the washing yearly for the farm, GFW, grass turning, flat rolling, topping, carting silage & grain, cultivating in spring. Fencing, cover for calving, straw blower for bedding. vaccinations. moving cattle. all the needs to run a cattle farm really. [April 2015-2016]


Gardening, Dining, Cooking, Movies, Walking, D.I.Y, Traveling, Computers. All the usual things in life.

AvailabilityStart: 30/06/2018, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionAnywhere
Where would you like to work?England
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