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Male 28 English pig man / tractor driver aged 28 looking for work in east anglia and looking for something new and exciting.   25/10/2019 N/A 43647
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Female 22 Agricultural Management Graduate seeking to expand on practical livestock experience. Preferably a position in Mid/ West Sussex   01/09/2019 N/A 47413
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Male 27 herdsman/machinery operator. 03/09/2019 N/A 23931
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Male 52 Northern Ireland farmworker aged 52 looking for work in England, possibly Southern England. I have a can... 30/08/2019 N/A 70184
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Male 27 Experienced Irish pedigree beef cattle breeder, have managed and ran my own farm. Experience in... 30/09/2019 N/A 59058
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Male 32 SLOVAKIAN 32 yrs old MAN LOOKING FOR WORK IN SCOTLAND... have a Lot of experience in weed Control,tractor... 01/09/2019 10/02/2070 24886
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Male 33 Herdsman aged 34 looking for work. 19/08/2019 11/06/2022 19574
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Male 51 Experience Reliable Hard working Herdsman/ Manager with 38 years dairy experience. 06/09/2019 N/A 33479
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Male 22 English sheep farmer and Aberystwyth University Graduate (BSc Agriculture) 01/09/2019 N/A 74588
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Male 23 Livestock and arable and bio-gas plant Looking to go back into farming. Have a few tickets. Have a fiancé and a 6month old boy. Very good work ethic. 01/01/2020 N/A 59978
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Male 57 General Farm Worker/Tractor Driver, 37 yrs experience on dairy, beef & arable farms, looking for work in the south. 01/10/2019 N/A 56904
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Male 42 skilled herdsman/manager, block calved grazing based 360 cows,  looking for a responsible position herdsman/manager 01/09/2019 N/A 42668
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Male 54 PA1 and PA 2  I am a tractor combine driver gfw. Have done all cultivating work, drilling... 25/08/2019 12/12/2034 23961
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Male 20 Arable Operator 28/08/2019 2/10/2021 64670
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Male 22 21 year old, living near Kings Lynn.   Looking for a permanent arable position in the area. ... 01/09/2019 N/A 49121
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Male 53 Tractor driver,sprayer operator,hgv 1,looking for position on arable farm 26/08/2019 N/A 75112
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Female 20 20 year old experienced, hard working female shepherd from hill farm in North Yorkshire. I have a lifetime... 30/08/2019 N/A 59633
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Male 29 Cumbrian farmer, 29, has experience with dairy, beef, sheep and tractor driving looking for the right farm. 01/09/2019 N/A 23303
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Male 23 Stockman, im a young enthuastic person with a good team of dogs looking for stockwork. i can drive tractors... 06/09/2019 N/A 56724
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Male 22 23 year old young farmer. Lots of arable experience and had experience with a range of cattle. Telehandler proficient - have my ticket. Love for for a new challange 30/08/2019 1/12/2030 54897
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