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Male 30 30year old all rounder looking for a position anywhere in the uk. 20/10/2019 N/A 66290
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Male 52 Northern Ireland farmworker aged 52 looking for work in England, possibly Southern England. I have a can... 20/10/2019 N/A 70184
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Male 24 Experienced arable/livestock farmer looking for a new job to progress my career. I have a lot of tractor/ livestock experience. 30/11/2019 N/A 42980
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Male 24 Young hard worker, keen to learn 18/10/2019 N/A 76385
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Female 21 Scottish Croft worker and tractor driver looking for work in the highlands 17/10/2019 N/A 76371
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Male 54 Estate maintenance worker looking for work in England or Wales. 01/11/2019 N/A 16035
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Male 27 27yr old,General farm worker/assistant herdsman from wales, also have 2 years milking experience. 24/10/2019 N/A 76363
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Female 18 Previous Night Calver aged 18, looking for work in Somerset/North Somerset area. Keen to learn more. 24/10/2019 N/A 75564
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Female 20 Scottish student available for summer work with potential to take it on further. From a hill sheep farm in... 27/10/2019 N/A 73763
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Male 18 Recently qualified 18 year old with work experience in many aspects of farming, including grain and... 24/10/2019 N/A 73139
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Female 19 Level 3 college graduate looking for sheep, beef  and poultry work in the south west 24/10/2019 N/A 71992
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Male 22 Harper Adams Graduate aged 22 looking for work on Arable, Beef and Sheep Farms. 01/11/2019 N/A 68952
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Male 32 I am Tractor driver from Czech Republic aged 32 looking for work in UK...i have done 8 seasons in England ...  24/10/2019 N/A 64975
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Male 28 Spring block herd manager age 28 looking for work in Cheshire. 24/10/2019 N/A 62518
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Female 29 29 year old girl from Sweden looking for any sheep work 24/10/2019 N/A 52860
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Male 28 Enthusiastic 28 year old dairy farmers son with a very keen interest in the dairy industry. Previously... 01/11/2019 1/02/2030 25709
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Male 49 British,NDA qualified ex dairy herdsperson with, tractor and equestrian experience. Working as a Service... 24/10/2019 N/A 35634
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Male 57 General Farm Worker/Tractor Driver, 37 yrs experience on dairy, beef & arable farms, looking for work in the south. 01/11/2019 N/A 56904
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Male 31 I am a Scottish farmer aged 31 looking for work in Scotland. I currently live and work in Aberdeenshire... 11/11/2019 N/A 56215
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Male 28 South African Stockman, 28, looking for work on Beef/sheep or Mixed farms in the UK.  01/12/2019 N/A 49025
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