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Male 35 Tractor man /stockman, I'm 35 years old and I've worked on farm's since the age of 11 I've... 01/01/2019 N/A 67154
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Male 22 Sam 22 looking for a full time position preferably on a diary farm 05/12/2018 N/A 67173
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Male 48 Experienced outdoor lamber 01/04/2019 31/05/2019 60950
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Male 40 12 years I milking cows.Ai service.and footrimming all gfw.calving,medical record,etc. 10/01/2019 N/A 54106
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Male 61 Extensively, experienced shepherd, with a 40 year track record. I ensure implementation of a first class... 05/12/2018 30/05/2025 18428
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Female 30 Countryside and farm loving with milking and calf experience looking to relocate within England. 22/01/2019 23/07/2019 61518
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Male 31 31 yr old ,past shepherding and tractor experience looking for general farm / estate work in Scottish... 05/01/2019 N/A 48949
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Male 42 Experienced English 42 year old general farm worker currently working on a 2400 acre arable farm where me... 01/01/2019 N/A 45848
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Male 28 28 year old highly reliable herds person looking for full time work to further improve skills. 01/01/2019 N/A 67046
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Male 42 North east male, aged 42 with milking, beef herd experience, sheep and some arable - looking for work north England  25/12/2018 N/A 46345
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Male 52 Experienced tractor and machinery operator looking for work 02/01/2019 N/A 52116
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Male 46 Hi I am 46 and I live along the North Coast of N Ireland.  I am looking for a long term or temporary... 01/01/2019 1/01/2030 22557
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Male 22 22 year old looking for work on large arable farm. In East or South East of UK. Have plenty of experience... 01/04/2019 17/12/2020 44413
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Male 27 I am a 27 year old Northern Irish farmer reared on mixed dairy ,beef and sheep farm. I am looking for general... 24/01/2019 N/A 39495
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Male 31 I would describe Myself as an extremely motivated person that strives under pressure to exceed all expectations... 01/01/2019 N/A 38932
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Male 39 Experienced 39 year old Herdsman/Milker looking for work in the United Kingdom - keen on cows 11/12/2018 N/A 19707
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Male 21 English worker looking for work on Dairy, Sheep or Arable farm in any region. 01/02/2019 N/A 31034
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Male 19 Irish Milker/GFW looking for a farm placement for spring/summer 2019 01/01/2019 29/04/2019 66130
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Female 48 Seeking a Farm Worker position utilizing knowledge of farm operations along with a profound background in... 01/01/2019 N/A 61896
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Male 33 Experienced machine operater, farm worker, and team leader, caring, hard working, flexible, and committed. 21/01/2019 N/A 50077
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