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Male 17 Tractor driver looking work in Scotland/England, keen to work long hours, good with machinery 20/02/2018 N/A 44912
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Male 20 Farm Worker Looking for work in Arable, Mixed, Dairy or Beef Farming. Experienced in all aspects. 21/02/2018 N/A 45077
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Male 24 I am a 24 year old machinery operator looking for a permanent position on a arable farm, I have recently... 12/03/2018 N/A 37243
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Male 22 I am 22 years old I do a lot tractor work every year and do a lot of general farming, I do a lot of... 22/03/2018 N/A 27420
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Male 31 Experienced Scottish general farm worker 20/02/2018 N/A 57948
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Male 20 Enthusiastic, hard working and experienced machinery operator/agricultural student seeking harvest/silage work. 25/06/2018 10/09/2018 46314
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Male 28 Assistant farm Manager, 28 Looking for work in East Anglia. Keen to progress in my career 30/04/2018 N/A 42718
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Male 51 Based in Mid Devon EX16. Experienced reliable General Farm worker worked  in dairy, beef, sheep and... 19/03/2018 N/A 58098
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Male 18 I'm 18, in my final year of shuttleworth collage. looking for summer job arable/livestock. 01/07/2018 1/10/2018 60576
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Male 17 17yr old college leaver looking for work on dairy/beef/sheep farms. Got tele-handler licence ‚Äč 26/02/2018 N/A 54511
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Male 30 Experienced livestock farm Manager and machinery operator. Would suit a private estate role.  30/04/2018 N/A 53665
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Male 20 Irish farm worker, dairy, beef and tractor experience age 20  looking for work anywhere . Have... 24/02/2018 20/12/2018 46167
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Male 42 Experienced married 42 year old shepherd seeking full time position.  Was Shepherd at the RVC in... 01/05/2018 N/A 35071
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Male 40 40 old man highly experienced arable operative seeks position in and around Cambridgeshire area and outwith. 26/03/2018 N/A 14638
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Male 23 I am 23 years old with a passion for farming and have a desire to learn new skills. I live in Burnley and... 01/03/2018 1/03/2018 60645
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Male 50  I am a 50 year old male from near Framlingham Suffolk. With over 30 years Tractor driving... 04/03/2018 22/12/2018 25961
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Male 24 Passionate hardworking person who loves to be outdoors aged 24 looking to get back into agriculture.... 28/02/2018 N/A 60432
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Male 39 Hardworking, enthusiastic & reliable worker looking to transition to the Dairy industry in England (flexible on location).  25/03/2018 N/A 59722
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Male 38 Dairy farmer. Wealth of experience tractor driving, live stock rearing and milking. 28/02/2018 N/A 47352
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Female 31 Ambitious herdsperson looking for position on dairy farm in South West England, preferably AYR calving  26/02/2018 N/A 45498
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