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Male 18 Young, well-rounded farm worker, looking for a full time role. 01/02/2019 N/A 68239
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Female 22 4 years lambing and some calming experience. Worked on pig and poultry farms. Great references. 12/01/2019 10/01/2020 68317
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Male 19  I am a hardworking and reliable individual. I enjoy helping others and enjoy working in a team.  30/01/2019 N/A 62113
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Male 35 Experienced assistant herdsperson on mixed farms in UK, NZ, Oz and Jersey 20/01/2019 26/10/2019 53287
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Male 58 Shepherd looking for work in Scotland, hard working and reliable, good timekeeper. 01/03/2019 N/A 50845
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Male 52 Experienced herdsman living in Lancashire looking for senior dairy position in UK or Scotland. ... 11/01/2019 N/A 49537
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Male 18 Young, forward thinking and hardworking Harper Adams student seeking Easter employment. 29/03/2019 N/A 67566
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Male 40 Skilled Tractor / machinery operator with good maintenance skills and own tools, pa1 & 2, forklift cert, over 20 years experience.   15/01/2019 N/A 41608
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Male 37 I'm 37 I've got more than 30yrs experience of farmering an I'm looking for in the south west of uk 20/01/2019 N/A 67172
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Male 20 Looking for part time work friday - monday 20 year old from isle of man 12/01/2019 31/05/2019 68318
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Female 18 Catrin from Wales Work on our family farm with 900 breeding ewes. Looking for a lambing to increase my experience and knowledge on lambing on a different farm.  01/02/2019 N/A 64860
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Male 20 Cumbrian gfw, 20, experience milking, tractor work and range of stock experience. 01/05/2019 N/A 63315
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Male 45 Beef sheep 45 years old looking for work with accomodation anywhere uk 02/02/2019 N/A 59994
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Male 19 I believe I am a good team worker as I have always worked with people in a work place. We are dairy farmers... 17/05/2019 23/08/2019 59679
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Male 30 Scottish farmer aged 30 looking for work in Scotland. prefer mixed or stock farm. 25/02/2019 N/A 56215
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Male 33 I am an experienced tractor driver / driver on large and medium-sized dairy farms in the south and south... 01/03/2019 N/A 49469
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Female 19 Full time worker, looking for work on mainly sheep farms. Completed 2 years at Agriculture college. Presently... 01/03/2019 N/A 49174
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Male 22 I am a dairy farmer and I have currently have 6 years experience. 11/01/2019 N/A 46380
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Male 24 Northern Irish ages 23, I am an experienced herdsman and tractor driver. I have been working in the... 23/02/2019 24/10/2020 42591
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Male 28 Enthusiastic hard working 28 yr old looking for a progressive job within the industry to become... 20/01/2019 N/A 39224
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