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Male 25 25 Male tractor driver digger operator fencer groundworker labourer looking for long hours 31/10/2019 7/02/2020 74289
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Male 36 36, experienced general farm worker, looking for an arable/mixed farm around the Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire area. 01/11/2019 N/A 71267
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Female 24 I am a 24 year old Shepherdess looking for full time work either with sheep or cattle. I... 01/12/2019 N/A 66616
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Male 56 Experienced farm worker, seeking work in west Dorset / Somerset/ East Devon Tractor livestock and very reliable 01/11/2019 N/A 60544
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Male 50 Skilled sprayer/ tractor /combine driver looking for new role  over 35 years of experience on dairy beef and arable farms in the uk .  01/11/2019 N/A 58632
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Male 30 GWF/ Tractor Operator aged 30 Looking for work in and around the Northamptonshire area.  Looking for a permanent roll in the farming sector 01/11/2019 N/A 56391
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Male 29 Experienced stockman/tractor driver 31/10/2019 N/A 41717
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Male 35 Romanian sprayer operato with PA1 and PA2, sprayer operator challenger rotator 655D tractor driver... 20/11/2019 N/A 37934
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Male 25 Conscientious, hard working tractor driver aged 25. Seeking mainly arable work. Wide range of experience and skills. Seeking a new challenges in a stable environment. 15/11/2019 N/A 27538
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Male 32 32 yr old Englishman Farmers Son. I can put my hands and mind to most things. I am not afraid to pick up... 31/10/2019 N/A 26907
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Male 20 Max, 20 years old looking to work in any area of agriculture livestock or arable. I am highly motivated... 21/10/2019 N/A 73877
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Female 20 My name is Lucy, I am an enthusiastic 21-year-old farm worker. I have two years of experience working with... 12/12/2019 N/A 63511
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Male 36 General farm worker, 36, experience in mainly arable, with suckler beef experience, looking for a mixed farm in Devon/Cornwall  01/11/2019 N/A 62684
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Female 30 I'm a 30 years old French woman with experience in animal husbandry (sheep, pigs, cattle : beef and dairy... 01/11/2019 N/A 62534
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Male 21 Branden aged 21- 4 years experience in the dairy. and 11 years experience in sheep 31/10/2019 N/A 47948
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Male 22 I am a 22 year old male farm worker from Kent, I am keen to try and develop my skills and learn to take... 10/11/2019 N/A 45373
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Male 26 I’m a keen hard working 26 years old. I’m more than capable of working on my own when required... 01/11/2019 N/A 41563
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Male 35 General farm worker/tractor driver looking for work on a farm in Norfolk 30/10/2019 30/08/2020 39827
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Male 27 27 year old herdsman/General Farm worker looking for that perfect job to progress my career and improve my skills. 01/11/2019 N/A 37470
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Male 35 Highly experienced and skilled English farm worker tractor driver both wheeled and tracked machines also... 01/11/2019 N/A 31278
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