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Male 45 Neil 45 from Macclesfield in Cheshire is looking for a full time employment in general farm work.  20/09/2019 N/A 68958
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Female 19 Shropshire Harper Adams student (REALM) Looking for some agriculture experience over the summer. Experienced with Horses and have previously done some milking. 20/06/2019 22/09/2019 71423
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Male 20 Experienced Seasonal Harvest worker. Full drivers license for car and rigid truck 05/07/2019 19/08/2001 62639
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Male 37 Dairy manager. Experienced in large herds. Managed intensive herds upto 1300 cows on 3x and currently 650 spring block grazed cows. People and profit focused. 01/08/2019 N/A 69018
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Male 54 Estate maintenance worker looking for work in England or Wales. 02/07/2019 N/A 16035
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Male 24 Hard worker, experience driving tractor, mowing, windrowing, slurry spraying, bale wrapping, baling, worked... 16/06/2019 N/A 46598
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Male 30 Reliable, hard working. Grew up on a mixed farm. Currently working as an agricultural engineer, based in South Lincolnshire. Looking for arable / mixed farm work 19/09/2019 N/A 65926
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Male 18 Farm Worker/ shepherd aged 18 looking for work in North Yorkshire. 23/06/2019 N/A 62710
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Male 51 Herdsman in Wiltshire looking for work in South.  Can foot trim, AI.  Good time keeper, honest... 16/06/2019 N/A 43646
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Male 22 22 year old Irish Agricultural Science student looking for tillage work/placement 01/07/2019 30/08/2019 72386
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Male 17 Part time general farm worker age 17 looking for summer work in UK currently studying at moulton college.  23/06/2019 9/09/2019 71729
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Male 24 British Estate focused worker 24 looking for work farming/estate work anywhere in the UK 01/09/2019 27/05/2022 67930
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Male 30 Scottish born living in Worcestershire. Looking to move back to Aberdeen. PA1 & PA2 01/07/2019 N/A 72264
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Male 43 Arable Farm, Forestry and Woodland Conservation Worker looking for work in East Anglia. 23/06/2019 N/A 63237
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Male 21 Irish 21 year old, looking for tractor driving work in the UK for harvest 2019. I’m... 01/08/2019 1/10/2019 54162
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Male 24 Experienced arable operator looking for a skilled position in Southern England. 01/07/2019 N/A 48781
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Male 44 Multi Skilled Dedicated Farming Enthusiast Single with no dependents -  Self Starter - Early Riser - Dedicated - Meticulous   01/07/2019 18/11/2027 52081
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Female 22 Harper Adams BSc (Hons) Animal Science student graduating in June 2019,looking for general farm work with... 01/08/2019 N/A 69159
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Male 17 English Student, aged 17, looking for work around Northamptonshire. However i am willing to live in available accommodation.  20/06/2019 N/A 68452
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Male 44 25+ Years experienced Arable Operator, Attention to detail to do the best I can. Always happy to help. Looking for a working managers role or simliar. 30/06/2019 N/A 44532
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