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Female 19 Student, aged 19, looking for harvest work on an arable farm from beginning of July to mid September 01/07/2019 14/09/2019 68450
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Male 22 Experienced tractor driver, student of the Czech agriculture university – Mendel University in Brno. I am looking for seasonal job. 01/07/2019 20/08/2019 46362
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Male 25 Agriculture graduate with experience in Arable, Fruit Production, Livestock and Irrigation. 30/04/2019 N/A 42069
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Female 22 Completed L4 in Agriculture searching for a permanent job in Agriculture  01/05/2019 N/A 33978
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Female 19 e.g Scottish Milker aged 19 looking for either full time summer work or part time. 20/06/2019 17/08/2019 70679
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Male 25 English,Agricultural operator,25 looking For Work June-October/November 05/06/2019 30/11/2019 46869
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Male 42 Honest, reliable family man, 3+ yrs exp calving, Heifer rearing, self feed. 14/05/2019 25/10/2019 59793
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Male 27 Hard working 27 year old male looking for the next step up in a career in shepherding 01/06/2019 N/A 36712
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Female 22 Final year Harper Adams Agric with Crop Management  looking for harvest work 24/06/2019 30/09/2019 50415
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Male 25 Stockman in Scotland looking for Beef, Sheep, tractor work in Scotland 10/06/2019 N/A 44201
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Male 25 25 year old Agriculture, Land-based and Conservation management graduate from Cornwall looking for temporary/seasonal work, anywhere considered. 05/07/2019 N/A 26426
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Female 25 Outstanding pig stockperson looking for an exciting new venture anywhere in the UK 22/04/2019 N/A 70683
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Male 49 A general operative with a range of knowledge and experience gained within the private sector, within team... 30/04/2019 N/A 53232
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Male 18 18 and Irish looking for Harvest job this Summer in the UK. Spent last summer in Scotland working for a contractor... 18/06/2019 16/08/2019 70628
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Male 20 General operative looking to operate machinery anywhere throughout the UK.  27/05/2019 8/09/2019 69781
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Male 38 ENGLISH, Hardworking, honest and reliable male, looking for a job with livestock and tractor work. Over twenty... 01/06/2019 N/A 9637
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Male 21 I am a 21 year old seeking permanent employment in the farming industry in the South from Wiltshire to Oxfordshire.... 18/05/2019 N/A 39923
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Male 42 Hard-working, reliable shepherd/manager with extensive work experience looking to further career 01/06/2019 N/A 70545
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Male 32 Experienced shepherd aged 32 looking for a new challenge. 01/06/2019 N/A 65624
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Male 31 30 year old experienced Milker and farm hand/ cowman/ shepherd  10/05/2019 N/A 49294
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