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Male 22 Young shepherd aged 18 looking for shepherding/dairy/beef work in the Bristol and surrounding areas 01/01/2019 N/A 41523
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Male 23 Over the past 7 years I have been working on arable farms in the Uk, New Zealand and Australia. I... 01/01/2019 N/A 33131
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Male 22 Irish milker/tractor driver looking for work in England 01/01/2019 N/A 66464
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Male 24 Experienced herdsman, with tractor experience. Seeking a new challenge in Wiltshire.  01/01/2019 N/A 42280
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Male 30 Skilled Arable Worker looking for work in England 02/01/2019 N/A 66139
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Male 43 Dairy herdsman aged 44 originally from Northern Ireland looking for a new challenge with machinery position or similar. 01/01/2019 1/01/2030 15347
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Male 20 English Assistant Herdsman Aged 20 looking for work in the South West of England. I have... 10/12/2018 N/A 53074
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Male 31 Within my current role I am based alone on one of three farms which my boss manages. The main parts of my... 01/01/2019 N/A 47013
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Female 23 A 23 years old female living in Cheshire. Two years of herd manager experience, alongside 6 years of dairy farming, telehandler trained and looking for farm work. 01/01/2019 N/A 34337
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Male 28 Self employed farm worker looking for full time employment  always willing to learn and discover new... 18/10/2029 31/03/2025 47835
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Male 35 Irish man traveling with girlfriend looking for full time work. 01/01/2019 20/12/2019 48190
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Male 19 Tractor driver available from Jan-Apr and can stay until September 10/01/2019 20/05/2019 66297
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Male 58 I'm an experienced Arable worker from north Herts i have spent most of my life in Agriculture. I have... 15/01/2019 N/A 47986
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Male 20 20 years old. Previously worked on a 2500 acre arable farm in Northamptonshire on new Fendt machinery... 01/01/2019 N/A 37598
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Male 28 Have done a lot in my short years, including having day to day responsibility for a 140 acre Stock farm.  ... 30/12/2018 N/A 30893
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Male 26 Enthusiastic British male, 26, I am a hardworking and dependable guy, seeking employment, I... 18/10/2025 N/A 24175
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Male 20 I have worked with beef suckers and highland and lowland sheep . Our home farm consisted of 2500... 18/10/2030 N/A 48098
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Male 19 Aged nineteen looking for work for 10 weeks  driving southeast if possible as I... 25/04/2019 10/07/2019 60198
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Male 30 Enthusiastic,experienced 30 years old operator is looking for hgv class1/tractor and combine driver work. ... 15/07/2019 3/04/2029 39984
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Male 54 Experienced arable operator seeks position with responsibility as head tractor driver/ spray man /working foreman. 02/01/2019 N/A 17029
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