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Male 39                      Kent Dairy Herdsman 15 years... 31/03/2018 28/07/2018 57045
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Male 27 Keen, young and experienced male from Yorkshire seeking full time arable employment. Experienced in almost all aspects of arable farming and technologies. 01/03/2018 N/A 22024
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Male 25 Italian sheep and goats dairy farmer aged 25 looking for work in UK. Very motivated and with a great desire to learn. 01/05/2018 N/A 60213
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Female 22 Livestock worker looking for work in Bedfordshire and surrounding area. 19/02/2018 N/A 45981
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Male 25 Southern England  worker, aged 24,  looking to follow my ambitions in agriculture. I just need a chance to prove my self 01/03/2018 N/A 48782
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Female 19 Experienced milker aged 19 looking for farm work with livestock in East Sussex recently left college.  01/03/2018 N/A 45468
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Male 33 experienced farm worker very hard working lad looking to gain a bit more experience 02/03/2018 2/03/2030 60283
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Male 20 Hardworking individual from a beef and arable background with farming industry experience and qualifications 12/03/2018 N/A 58663
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Female 20 Suffolk girl looking for farm work! Experienced stockperson working with pedigree cattle and sheep! 19/02/2018 N/A 46624
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Male 18 Experienced General farm worker looking for milking or young stock/calf raring work. 2 years experience. 20/02/2018 N/A 48467
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Male 41 Left school and worked at a farm where I did ploughing, sowing, all potato planting jobs and dressed potatoes.... 05/03/2018 N/A 37870
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Female 33 Shepherding and also other farm work in UK. 15/06/2018 N/A 53929
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Male 21 Cornish tractor driver aged 22 looking for tractor or livestock work in England 22/02/2018 29/03/2019 39534
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Male 25 Scottish farm worker aged 25 looking for work in Scotland. 15/03/2018 N/A 58169
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Female 33 Hi I’m Sam 33yr old female:assistant herds person with 4yrs experience.Looking for permant/40hrs 05/03/2018 N/A 57039
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Male 46 I am a skilled arable operator aged 45 years old. Experienced in all arable and root crop production 25/02/2018 26/01/2040 46878
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Female 28 28 year old looking for livestock work. 01/03/2018 N/A 46434
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Male 21 21 year old Agricultural Student form Ireland looking summer work and experience in the UK. 20/05/2018 1/09/2018 60031
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Male 44 Beef stockman, currently working for Yorkshire Wagyu Company rearing upto 400   Wagyu/Belgium blue and Friesian calves.         Also calving 100 suckler cows. 01/03/2018 N/A 36647
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