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Male 45 Reliable, hardworking male looking for work in Hampshire and South West .love being with cattle as well as doing gfw proper job 31/08/2019 N/A 48562
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Male 41 Scottish shepherd/stockman looking for work in Scotland but done a good bit of gamekeeping and vermin control.  01/08/2019 N/A 46050
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Male 34 Dairy Farmer 34,can do most thing around the farm. 01/08/2019 16/12/2027 47694
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Male 42 Welsh livestock farmer looking for a new challenge. Aged 42,  with a lifetime of agricultural experience.... 18/07/2019 N/A 57281
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Male 48 An ambitious ,highly motivated individual seeking a new challenge where his in-depth knowledge of agriculture... 18/07/2019 N/A 46770
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Male 53 Experienced in ploughings , drilling combining, spraying, min till , hedge cutting, good record keeping ... 18/07/2019 N/A 35155
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Male 24 24 year old experienced tractor/machine operator and qualified heavy diesel mechanic from NZ seeks harvest, farm and/or mechanical work in the south of England.  26/07/2019 N/A 26957
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Male 29 Experienced shepherd, beef and dairy farmer. 26/07/2019 N/A 38739
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Male 20 I am an enthusiastic young farmer who has experience in harvests of the following - Cereals, Potatoes, Onions... 19/08/2019 N/A 59546
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Male 20 I am 20 year old Pig Farmer/ Stockman and have been working with pigs for over a year now. My roles... 04/09/2019 N/A 48776
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Male 41 15 years experience in dairy farming still very enthusiastic  about this lifestyle . Keen to always... 01/08/2019 N/A 43036
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Female 22 Scottish worker aged 22 looking for work in Stirling/Clackmannanshire are with lots of experience. 05/08/2019 N/A 73793
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Male 36 Romanian couple aged both 36 looking for jerdsperson/herd manager work in u.k. I've been working in Jersey... 01/08/2019 N/A 30191
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Male 24 General farm worker, herds assistant, relief milker 25 all experience i have is on dairy farms looking... 21/08/2019 N/A 34111
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Male 25 Qualified to work in the equine industry. Seeking employment in the Agriculture industry and to gain experience. 30/08/2019 N/A 43018
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Male 55 Skilled combine operator / tractor driver with welding and workshop experience. Self employed. 16/07/2019 24/12/2019 73636
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Male 24 Lincolnshire based male, aged 24 with full driving licence, looking for work, either driving or handy work... 18/07/2019 13/09/2019 73643
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Male 20 20 years old, hard worker and reliable,experience in poultry farming looking to grow and learn more. Very... 10/10/2019 N/A 71491
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Male 57 General Farm Worker/Tractor Driver, 37 yrs experience on dairy, beef & arable farms, looking for work in the south. 01/09/2019 N/A 56904
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Male 30 My name is Toby, I am 30 I have two children aged 11 and 8.Just got married. I am very keen to learn new... 01/08/2019 N/A 50354
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