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Male 44 Hard working, experienced tractor and 360 op with 10 ton above and below with lifting opps 31/12/2018 N/A 52415
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Male 28 28 year old looking for job with sheep and beef,skill in reproductive management systems of cattle.Wanting to progress and learn. 01/01/2019 N/A 43882
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Male 26 Experienced Irish pedigree farm manager/stockman.  Passionate and experienced cattle breeder... 19/02/2019 N/A 59058
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Male 28 Experienced farm worker from Poland 30/12/2018 N/A 29351
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Male 46 46 year old Tractor/combine/sprayer operator looking for a challenging and rewarding full time position ideally within An hour of London.  01/01/2019 8/10/2036 46024
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Female 22 DIY AI trained looking for dairy or beef work, milking experience, tractor driving experience 01/01/2019 N/A 66760
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Female 18 Student looking for 8 months placement in sheep and beef industry but also interested in contracting. Have... 15/12/2018 15/08/2019 62287
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Male 23 Harvester - 23 year old from Leicestershire, hard working, used to big and medium paddocks, looking... 10/12/2018 30/12/2019 50716
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Male 25 I am a 25 year old experienced tractor driver, Worked with livestock for 9 years 6 of them being dairy, ... 26/12/2018 N/A 66845
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Male 29 I have been employed in the agricultural industry for the past 20 years. I am 29 years old, from the... 10/01/2019 N/A 39807
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Female 27 Hardworking enthusiastic farm worker/stock person aged 27, looking for work in South West England 20/12/2018 1/01/1970 63620
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Male 6O Experienced livestock man. Looking for work on dairy, sheep or livestock farm.  Able to milk alone. ... 16/12/2018 N/A 20038
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Male 40 Good Day, I am a very hard working individual with much experience and a lot to offer.  I... 15/12/2018 N/A 66848
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Male 27 27 year old Graduate from Wales with a 2:2  BSc in Agriculture and animal science. well experienced... 01/01/2019 N/A 26095
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Male 36 Hi, I am From Pakistan, living I Saudi Arabia. I have 12year sales and marketing experience. 31/12/2018 31/01/2020 66843
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Male 42 Able to drive 300hp plus tractors, reverse trailers, hedge cutting and pick up a brush a work manually. ... 02/01/2019 N/A 39915
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Male 22 Yorkshire man, aged 22, looking for any type of work. Hard working and reliable. Have got  farming experience... 30/11/2019 20/10/2040 35134
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Female 34 Shepherding and general farmwork in UK. Have my own sheepdogs. Really keen to learn more and hard working with responsible attitude. 05/12/2018 N/A 53929
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Male 35 35 year old. Good experience and also looking to learn new skills and develop existing ones.      15/12/2018 N/A 44961
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Male 21 I am a hardworking and reliable young man and keen to commit to a role in farming where I can learn and develop... 16/12/2018 N/A 35327
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