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Male 24 Experienced and reliable tractor man, aged 24, PA1, PA2, PA4, rough terrain telescopic... 01/07/2019 N/A 35018
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Male 41 Farmer & Grounds Maintenance, Wiltshire with PA1 & PA2, mixed farming, spraying, irrigation. looking... 01/07/2019 N/A 42172
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Male 63 An experienced and skilled Tractor / Sprayer / Combine Operator, someone who is enthusiastic, self-motivated... 01/07/2019 N/A 33446
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Male 26 A vary hard working Welsh farm worker looking for a new challenge in the south west. I can be relied upon... 01/09/2019 N/A 37279
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Male 31 31 year old man. I have worked on all types of farm veg arable beef dairy. I am able to work with cattle and do most jobs involved in tractor work. 20/06/2019 15/01/2020 23546
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Male 28 My name is Thomas.  i am 28 and live in Bishop Sutton in the Chew Valley, i am a very hardworking... 01/08/2019 1/01/2021 33874
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Male 50 Experienced stockman with sheep and beef experience. extensive and intensive systems both in United Kingdom and... 15/09/2019 N/A 18112
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Male 38 I am a Experienced tractor driver and have been working for contractors over the last 15years... 01/08/2019 N/A 15458
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Male 35 Experienced assistant herdsperson on mixed farms in UK, NZ, Oz, France and Jersey. 20/06/2019 25/05/2021 53287
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Male 42  Senior Experienced Agricultural Machinery Operator aged 42 with 23 years of experiences in... 01/07/2019 N/A 50292
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Male 21 Hard working and reliable, 21 year old looking for arable work. Keen and willing to learn looking for new... 01/07/2019 N/A 57911
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Female 26 Looking for Mixed farm work, dairy work in South West England. Female aged 26 24/06/2019 N/A 71666
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Male 19 Looking for harvest work for the summer of 2019 01/07/2019 30/09/2019 66130
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Male 27 Hard working driver aged 27 looking for work in and around Northamptonshire 19/06/2019 N/A 73171
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Female 20 In July 2018 I graduated from Sparsholt college after studying agriculture for three years. I am now taking... 21/06/2019 10/09/2019 66707
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Male 23 Newly skilled tractor driver with experience in large construction machinery handling and basic animal husbandry.... 21/06/2019 N/A 64958
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Male 27 27 and looking to get back into farming.  Worked in a 150 milking dairy farm for 3 years still work at weekends of the dairy 21/06/2019 N/A 36946
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Male 53 Experienced Sprayer & Tractor Operator from Cambridgeshire looking for a permanent position. Willing to move across the UK. References available. 15/06/2019 N/A 40709
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Male 35 I’m 35 years old French man who as grown up on a dairy farm, would like to comeback to Herefordshire 01/07/2019 N/A 68515
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Male 38 My name is Martins and I am 38 old farm worker from Latvia. I have been helping on the farm all my life.... 20/06/2019 N/A 31213
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