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Female 49 Farm worker aged 49 from South Yorkshire.  I have also lived in Lancashire and I have always been involved... 26/02/2018 N/A 50140
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Male 27 Age 27, Graduated from the Royal Agricultural University in 2015 with a degree in Agriculture, experienced... 01/03/2018 N/A 27060
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Male 42 Scottish milker age 42 looking for work in Scotland 28/02/2018 N/A 60418
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Male 39 Hard working able to lead others be part of team and work under own initiative Currently living in Emsworth, Sussex 01/03/2018 N/A 45405
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Male 54 PA1, PA2 & forklift certificate Spraying, drilling, ploughing, fertilser spreading, irrigation, harvester driving and general farm work. NRoSO registered 15/03/2018 N/A 50114
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Male 46 Hard working, fit, mentally alert & missing hard outdoor work so looking to return to where I belong 22/02/2018 N/A 60512
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Male 28 Experienced Shepherd/Stockman with Management experience, age 28 looking for Livestock related role. 01/05/2018 N/A 60308
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Male 42 I'm Spanish,i live in Glenrothes,i have experience with tractors,Forklift,Myenglish is medium. 19/02/2018 N/A 60387
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Female 43 Highly Experienced Shepherd fully confident in all aspects of sheep husbandry and welfare. Based in Northamptonshire... 18/02/2018 N/A 47366
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Male 24 Stockperson/Tractor Driver on organic dairy farm for 7 years, live in Haselbury Plucknett 28/02/2018 N/A 46633
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Male 28 I have been employed in the agricultural industry for the past 15 years. I am 28 years old, from the... 23/02/2018 N/A 39807
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Male 33 English tractor driver with some dairy experience, lots of different machinery experience, I'm not scared... 28/02/2018 6/02/2018 19479
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Male 28 28 year old male from northern Ireland looking for arible work of any kind  or silage,maize,whole... 18/02/2018 N/A 28794
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Male 46 Experienced Stockperson with 30 years in Dairying and machinery operations  19/02/2018 N/A 53185
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Male 60 Experienced Tractor Driver  living in Berkshire willing to travel . Competent at Ploughing ... 26/02/2018 N/A 25026
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Male 26 Current shift manager (Recycling) looking For poultry site manager job roles or similar in Hampshire or surrounding counties. 01/05/2018 N/A 60484
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Male 57 Experienced Single Man.  Lots of farming and property maintenance experience. Ready willing and able, will consider anything, anytime, anywhere. 28/02/2018 N/A 59072
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Male 30 I have a Passion for agriculture In general and livestock in particular im very enthusiastic and a hard working... 01/03/2018 N/A 58931
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Male 43 43 year old  Tractor Driver / General Farm worker, Looking for work in East Lothian and Scottish Borders   05/03/2018 N/A 51984
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