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Male 24 australian carpenter by trade grew up on a 9000 acre sheep farm in nsw Australia. Happy hardworking 21/01/2018 N/A 59754
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Female 48 Mature female looking for night lambing work, hard working and reliable, anywhere considered for right job. 22/01/2018 27/02/2018 43172
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Male 32 English Self employed farm worker aged 32 looking for farm work in Cambridgeshire livestock/arable farm 21/01/2018 N/A 43360
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Male 18 Arable operator Cambs/Norfolk border, qualified to level 2 diploma in ag. Good experience in most arable operations with modern equipment, gps etc.  22/01/2018 N/A 49312
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Male 58 I'm an experienced Arable worker from north Herts i have spent most of my life in Agriculture. I have... 10/03/2018 N/A 47986
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Male 20 BEDFORDSHIRE farm worker.Age 20, looking for work in south east England. 22/01/2018 N/A 59747
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Female 25 Female looking for seasonal lambing work, some experience. From south lanarkshire 24 years old 13/03/2018 30/04/2018 59746
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Male 22 22 year old looking for work on large arable farm. In East or South East of UK. Have plenty of experience... 20/05/2018 17/12/2020 44413
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Male 49 English combine/sprayer operator seeking full time employment on a arable farm any area.  I've had... 29/01/2018 N/A 43515
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Male 27 Recently graduated from SRUC with a BSc in agriculture after spending three and a half years in... 28/01/2018 N/A 34985
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Male 40 I have been farming for over 25 years, assisting multiple farmers manage their farms and helping to develop their other businesses using my building expertise. 02/04/2018 N/A 35679
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Male 24 General farm worker/labourer looking to work anywhere 22/01/2018 1/09/2021 35587
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Male 59 Ex farm manager looking for farm work experienced most arable operations,including potatoes and irr 01/02/2018 N/A 38752
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Male 24 Hello, I am 24 years old Lithuanian, looking for a job in all UK. 01/02/2018 28/02/2019 28273
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Female 23 HND Agriculture graduate, I am a 23 year old female looking for general farm work. 29/01/2018 N/A 59363
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Male 22 General farm worker aged 22 looking for work. Tractor driving experience 29/01/2018 16/04/2021 59527
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Male 18 18 year old enthusiastic young man with experience in tractor driving. looking for work in kent 31/01/2018 N/A 58739
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Female 29 Female aged 29 from West Sussex some experience working with livestock, looking for work. 01/02/2018 N/A 57648
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Male 33 General farm worker, I have a dairying, beef and sheep farming background and ready to work on any type of farm... 29/01/2018 N/A 43501
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Male 22 My name is Alex Delay I’m a twenty two year old farm worker currently out working and traveling in nz.... 21/03/2018 N/A 33756
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