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Male 20 Royal Agricultural University student form Northamptonshire. Competent with a wide range of tractors... 13/06/2018 1/10/2018 34447
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Male 39 I am a research student waiting for the outcome of my viva. I live in Cranfield Bedfordshire. Agricultural... 01/06/2018 7/09/2018 62151
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Male 20 Experienced Irish Tractor Driver aged 20 looking work in the UK 01/05/2018 N/A 61824
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Male 29 I am hard working and farming is all I have done and grown up knowing,  I am able to start straight away. 27/04/2018 N/A 54941
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Male 29 Experienced New Zealand farmer looking for work in Scotland 07/05/2018 N/A 48732
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Female 31 Ambitious, competent herdsperson looking for full-time position on dairy farm in Southern England, preferably AYR calving  30/04/2018 N/A 45498
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Male 60 Experienced Tractor Driver living in Berkshire willing to travel. Competent at Ploughing, Pressing... 30/04/2018 N/A 25026
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Male 38 Experienced tractor and forklift driver, 38 years old, looking for a farm job starting from the beginning... 30/04/2018 30/06/2018 21345
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Male 41 AVAILABLE FOR WORK.  Looking for work with potatoes.  Have experience doing most mechanical jobs... 30/04/2018 21/12/2018 16102
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Male 30 30 years old, hard working, reliable.  Looking for farm work/contracting/Agri Engineering in... 25/05/2018 N/A 44080
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Male 25 25 year old skilled mixed farm worker. Experienced machinery operator, stock handler, sprayer... 31/05/2018 21/07/2060 38488
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Male 43 Experienced, Self motivated, Machinery operator.  Positive attitude and can work on own initiative. ... 01/05/2018 1/01/2022 25800
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Male 31 Herdsman aged 32 looking for work. 01/05/2018 12/06/2022 19574
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Male 39 Agriculture graduate with experience on arable, fresh produce, dairy and beef farms. 14/05/2018 N/A 41463
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Male 20 Can do almost anything farm related north of ireland consider myself hard working and determined, looking... 25/05/2018 1/10/2018 62153
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Male 23 Herdsman / general farm worker looking for work in Sussex/ surrey 01/05/2018 N/A 61780
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Male 26 New Zealander seeking work as any sort of machinery operator or farm worker. Experience in all tractor work... 21/05/2018 N/A 51582
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Male 49 PA1, PA2 and GPS -----  Suffolk farm worker aged 49 looking for work on an arable farm got lots... 31/05/2018 N/A 49526
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Male 26 26 year old general farm worker available for immediate start from Bristol/ North Somerset, has relevant... 20/05/2018 N/A 40734
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Male 19 Young enthusiastic hard working Scottish Cattle man/tractor driver looking for work in the UK or abroad has... 01/05/2018 N/A 36299
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