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Farm Foreman job - South Devon
Horticulture, Other
South West

Job Summary

Working alongside and supporting the Farm Manager in the daily running of all farm activities. While physically working as part of the team, the Farm Foreman coordinates and directs the activities of the farm team to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.

Reporting, relationships and communications:

1.Reports to the Farm Manager

2.Communicates with the Farm Manager on a daily basis regarding farm works needs

3.Working to ensure cohesion between farm jobs and seasonal staff.

4.Provides feedback to Farm Manager on the farm team and daily activities

5.Leads and works alongside field teams to ensure effective communication

Duties and Responsibilities;

1.Assists Farm Manager in preparing weekly work schedule and harvest plan, ensuring timely flow and scheduling of crop harvest.

2.Performs farm work (spraying, fertilising and other tractor jobs) while acting as a pace setter and leader of the farm team.

3.In the absence of the Farm Manager, Farm Foreman will communicate the duties required for the day and the week daily with the other Employees of the Farm, mentoring and monitoring staff as needed.

4.To work alongside the head supervisor regarding casual staff and assist where necessary to ensure smooth running of farm jobs.

5.During harvest they will assist the Farm Manager to ensure a smoothly run and efficient harvest.

6.Directs and ensures that farm team tasks are completed in accordance with the work schedule.

7.Ensures that all members of the farm team are exhibiting all expected job behaviours and that they are following all required company policies and procedures. They will act as liaison between Employer and other Employees in a positive supportive manner and comes to Employer with concerns.

8.Ensures farm team members personal safety by promoting individual awareness of hazards and teaching safety skills on the job, as well as identifying new hazards.

9.Ensures basic routine equipment and facility maintenance is conducted to ensure safe operating conditions.

10.Responsible for the training of new farm team members.

11.Manages and ensures that adequate supplies are available at all times.

12.Ensures overall tidiness of farm sheds and farm yard.

13.Ensures timely repairs and maintenance to farm equipment

14.Accurately maintains detailed records relating to maintenance, planting, harvesting, spraying and other records

15.Maintains a tidy chemical store, with safe handling of pesticides and quarterly stock checks.

16.Performs other related duties as required, as well as assisting within other areas of the business.

Targets and Expectation;

There are 5 levels of progression for each area, 1 being the basic level and 5 being the deserved level to achieve.

Personal skills

Level 1 Completing what is required, working to daily farm job plans.

Level 5 Positive and helpful attitude. Work unsupervised and maintain productivity through strong use of initiative and problem solving. When required be able to work long hours (harvest, planting and spraying) to ensure jobs are completed on time. Be able to work under pressure, and to time constraints, understanding the constraints and pressures of farming. Work unsupervised but also as part of the team. Ability to build and maintain good working relationships with staff, contractors and members of the public.


Level 1 Works with staff members and achieves the daily plans required.

Level 5 Communicate and manage farm staff efficiently, ensuring a happy and productive team. Ensuring they have the information required to complete jobs. Liaising with Manager to ensure correct information is being passed down. Ability to problem solve in high pressured situations, such as harvest, and ensure productivity is maintained.

Machinery and Equipment

Level 1 Basic maintenance achieved on equipment.

Level 5 All machines are kept to a high standard of maintenance and cleanliness. Appropriate spare parts are kept in stock where practicable. All maintenance and ordering of spare parts achieved timely with minimal downtime achieved.


Level 1 Gatekeeper jobs are completed, and input onto the system.

Level 5 All gatekeeper jobs are completed on time, and accurately recorded. Management of gatekeeper is accurate, and all information on the system is correct. Sprayer is operated safely, and maintenance done/organised to ensure no downtime is required during busy periods. Sprayer is correctly calibrated and recorded.


Level 1 Damcon work is completed.

Level 5 Damcon work is carried out to a high standard and delivered on time. Maintenance and spare parts are organised and managed to ensure no down time. Movement and planning of fields (work plan) is completed accurately. Any staff trained on the machine have the relevant training to complete the job to a high standard.


Level 1 Planting for the year is completed.

Level 5 Planting is completed on time. Accurate planting densities are recorded, with a high standard of planting achieved. Planting runs smoothly with little downtime, ensuring the machine is ready to plant as and when needed. The planting team understand the plan and expectations and managed to ensure they are productive. Work together with the head supervisor to ensure all the plants are checked after planting, and to liaise over any staffing issues.


Level 1 Run field operations and complete harvest.

Level 5 Ensure a smoothly run and efficient harvest period. Ensuring the yard is kept organised, keeping an accurate stock of pallets made, and in stock. Loading of lorries with trees, ensuring all paperwork is accurately recorded and lorries are loaded correctly. Ensuring the load plan is completed and adhered to, reporting any issues to the manager. Over seeing the pallet mixing in the yard, and that it is achieved on time and accurate.

Job Length



Start: 1/10/2021,
Finish: Not Specified


Depending on skill


40 + seasonal



Accommodation Type

Mobile home

Accommodation Price

To be negotiated

Other Accommodation Information

Seasonal and office work available for partner; accommodation not permanent, just for relocating if necessary.

More Information
Distance from shops and amenities

5 minute walk

Smokers Accepted?


Driving Licence Required?

Full UK Driving Licence


Other Information

Please check the phone number of your referees and that they can confirm your experience. This is a permanent role, and we are looking for people who would consider it a career. Please do not apply unless you can speak good English and have the qualifications required.

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