Placing an Advertisement Online


The system works best by placing a job advertisement online.  To do this you need to register, if you have not already done so. “Farmer Register” Farmer Registration.

Having registered you can now put in the details of your job requirements. Fill in as many boxes as possible. The more details you give about the type of work, hours, accommodation and local facilities – the better.

Once you are happy with the job detail you can "Submit Job" and move on to the payment page where you can pay by card. If you are a member of a buying group or have any questions, take this option and we will contact you.

Paid, advertisements are checked and added to the Job List. Employers names, addresses or phone numbers are not visible or given to job applicants.
Applications for your job will arrive by email and should include their name, CV information, referee’s name and contact details. 

Your Job Advert is current for a month and in that time you can request up to 10 free CVs.
If you go to the CV List. You can browse through the list of people looking for work. Open up the CV by clicking the blue “View” button on the right of the CV Page.

If any CVs look suitable for your job, then simply "Retrieve CV". This is free if you have a current job advert online.

Buying a CV

You can buy a CV directly off the CV list and receive his/her contact detail immediately.  To do this you need to register: “Farmer Register” Farmer Registration.

Go to the CV page.

Open up the CV by clicking the red “More Information” link on the right of the CV Page. If you wish to purchase the CV, click the Add to Basket link at the bottom of the CV.

You do not have to pay if you have a current job advert online. Simply "Retrieve CV" while logged in.


Payment Method - Credit / Debit Card Only
Advertisement 1st month £125.00 + VAT = £150.00
CVs - Credit / Debit Card Only
£45.00 + VAT = £54.00
Prices for Australia, New Zealand and Mainland Europe. Please note the currency conversion will be processed automatically on your banker's card at current rates.

How to Place an Advertisement

  • Register (log in if previously registered)
  • Complete the job advertisement form.
  • Click on the 'submit a job' button at the top of the page
  • Click you payment preference.
  • Enter your details if paying by card and submit.

PO Box 423
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 2XB

VAT Number: 787 1056 08

  • Advertisements paid for by banker's card will be posted online within 24 hours of receipt. Cheque payment advertisements will appear when the Cheque is paid in.
  • You will be emailed a VAT invoice for your records.

Browsing and Buying CVs

  • To purchase applicants details you will need to register.
  • Browse the CVs. Click on as many as you wish to purchase.
  • Complete card payment details.
  • On receipt of payment the email address of the applicant will be dispatched by e-mail.
  • It's then up to you to contact individuals.

Please note: The vast majority of our clients place a job advertisement.
We cannot guarantee that the owner of the CV will want to work for you.
Remember: The cost of a job advert with free CVs is less than the cost of purchasing three individual CVs!

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