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Currentlythe generalfarm worker on a 130 head heard milkingtwice a day all the general routines undertaken alongside maintenance. Am willing to relocate to an appropriate home, unfortunately lack of drivers licence at the minute due to dvla delays but can still be Mobile with my partner there too.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

NVQ Level 1,2,3

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications

Tele handler and pa1 certification aswell as agricultural level 3 qualification

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence, No Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, PA1, Telehandler/Fork Lift

Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Lambing, Poultry

Other equipment experience

Currently the general farm hand on a 130 milking heard with a cross over on beef and sheep. All the major farm hand jobs undertaken by myself including ad-lib fed barley bulls and beef stock fattening. Can and have milked previously but no major experience. Have used tractors on a contract basis through carting season and abit of secondary cultivation work but nothing major. Have used a flail topper for margins and to surpress public footpaths stuble. Have used a scrapper tractor for holding paths and outside areas/walkways where the stocks on straw rather then beds with scrappers. Never really used pa1 certification as the previous owners had grandfather rights and i didnt need to undertake further test to benefit the farms. Telehandler experience is a massive part i have been able to gain alot of experience on. Obviously spending 3 months on a dairy farm i got to use and master the art of feeding silage out using the grab aswell as using a triangular pusher. Have got some experience with bales stacking and unstacking by no means is it an art ive mastered but its a work in progress. Have used much grabs for loading of muck spreaders and trailers. And pallet tines for unloading a slurry mixer alongside them and a bucket for every day jobs.

Other livestock experience

Vast experience isn't something i have but willing to learn at the right farm. Cattle work have been involved in recently tb testsx2 to go clear for resale. Bulleting using a crush aswell as a turnout of around 180 beef stock. Have just done a lambing season of a mixed flock including kerrys, with the ram being a kerry so some quite heafthy lambs with major issues but 0 deaths everything was kept to a time scale and they've all seen grass. Was involved in the sheering of 200 ewes was a contract sheering team so was the case of pushing them up the trailer. Dairy stock ive had the experience of 3 months seen some feet work but again it was subject to a third party and wasn't really able to get to close as theres was the rest of the herd to deal with. Have identified some lameness have witnessed an A.I. but wasnt trained or certificated to attempt it myself. Have maintained lime beds activated scrapers scrapped passages and strawed up. Removed calves and got them on the teet was the main part of my role the young stock and had 1 lose in 60+ calves hed been an overnight stress calf and just never turned it around. Other then that it was general farm work checking fences any repairs needed feeding out the oulder youngstock and collecting straw from a second farm.

Personal information


Other Information

Am able to drive now just need to reapply for my licence which i cant afford without a permanent job.



Marital status

Partner 15 month old boy with no.2 due june 2022 and 2 dogs would be the house hold residence


United Kingdom

Where are you currently living?


First language


Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



Horse events is the majority of the time for my partner and if theres nothing on equine wise we try to go get the landrover muddy

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

6,8" slim built but determined 26 year old. Had a grey start to the climb with very few opportunities but willing to start from the bottom as a blank canvas and come through like a piece of country side art to the perfect picture.

Relevant health problems


Farming background

After leaving school i attended booth lane college for automotive engineering so i have a bascic knowledge on the running gear and mechanical linkages.

I followed this up with a two year level 3 agricultural course at moulton college where i also managed to get a telescopic handler and pa1 licence.

Whilst doing level three agriculture i undertook some part time employment on local farms. Theres wasnt anything of mass responsibility more the nitty gritty bit of pre harvest that they just didnt have time for. On one farm i spent my time organising parts in the workshop general sweep and blow down of grain storage sheds roughing for black grass or any other voluntary groths not required. Another i was a spare set of hands on a beef herd but was there to continue to build and trench out their channel for the slurry on their new slated shed obviously wasnt a licence holder so was able to crack on whilst the took on their contracts. The third and fourth positions i held was another set of hands but with a difference one was for a well known oil maker in the area so alongside the tidy up i was also helping on the production line sometimes spending the days covering holiday in the actual processing room other days would be preparing the new part of the building ready for production. And finally the fourth was a grain drier floor clearing a solid 2/3 weeks went into this from start to finish vacing each individual air run the sides of the shuttering even the roof to jet wash steam clean and finally reinstating the vermin boxs ready for grain to be placed in there to dry.

My first proper employment was with a contractor where i spent the run up to harvest clearing the pit to the bins of every bit of wasted grain. Undoing belt boxes to preclean the entire belt and getting in old concrete bolcked grain bins to clean the walls and shoot of any previous crops. I also undertook the harvest with these driving a 7710 with a 14t grain trailer on tipping in the pit then in a clients barn. I did undertake the secondary cultivation with this employer it was a minimal amount but it was something i undertook.

I then proceed to take employment at a well known egg supplier locally undertaking daily house checks twice a day. Whilst keeping a weekly routine of cleaning and mucking out there was the daily tasks off checking water feed and egg belts for any issuses.

I then did a few part time days for a few farms out Bedfordshire way on corn cart nothing of any great statue.

In the early months off 2020 i went and worked on a contract dairy that was ment to be more of a learning/trainee position then it turned out to be. Main jobs was scrapping the beds and the holding and walk ways. Turning on automatic scrapers and bedding up using a front mounted straw spreader. Calving then come and i was based in the youngstock shed once everythings sorted with the 3 main herds going through the palour. This would start around 8/8:15 am when wed get the right colostrum ready and the milk float to feed the older stock. Would then bed down and bag up feed for the older youngstock at the bottom farm. Was some tractor driving fetching straw and some cow management whilst walking them in would constantly be checking all of them for any lameness or ears back plodding which would raise a concern.

Since leaving ive lent a hand on a friends farm through two tb tests to go clear and back to market. Some magnesium bulleting and clean ups for sale. Have also undertaken a lambing season to help them out to aswell as being an extra set of hands when it comes to working the stock in the feilds


Start: 31/05/2022 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region

East Anglia

Type of job


Where would you like to work?

A dairy farm within travelling distance of Northamptonshire for family visits as have an 11 month old baby and looking to set in stone a career now for myself atleast. Hopefully he'll follow in my footsteps. Am willing to relocate for the right position am looking for a house rather then a static caravan. Will consider anything within an hour hour and a half from Northamptonshire so we can visit regularly

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