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Fit young person looking for work with livestock. Has previous farming experience and a massive passion for the farming world. Keen to learn new things and willing to educate myself where needed.

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Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming, Other

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Not listed

Livestock experience

Beef, Goat, Poultry

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Other livestock experience

Helped on numerous friends farms herding and feeding cattle. Mainly Black Angus.

Some goat herding, catching and sorting ready for market.

Raised family chickens.

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United Kingdom

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Hang out with my family and spend time on friends farms. Generally try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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Work Experience

Live in AU-pair, France. - September to November 2020

I was given responsibility for 6 children within the family, although my main role involved looking after the youngest child during the working week. (keeping her entertained, changing her nappy, cleaning up after her, putting her down for a nap and so forth) My responsibilities for the older children were to make sure they were dressed and bathed, prepare them for school and after help them with their homework; and keep them out of mischief really. I was also required to perform general household work, which included the laundry, preparing lunch and dinner and to do general tidying up around the house. The children did not speak English, and I was bad at French. So an exotic form of communication was established.

Apple Orchard, Pakenham. - February to May 2020

This job was carried out on a 4 days a week roster of usually about 10 hours a day. This was quite a repetitive/strenuous job, as the majority of it was spent standing in one position for the full length of the day, efficiently sorting and packing apples into boxes from belt machines. I was placed in charge of the labelling machine, which involved lifting and moving a fair amount of boxed apples, labelling them and then placing them back onto crates for the forklift to receive. Other tasks included general maintenance such as painting and cleaning.

Fruit Tree Business, Yellingbo. - June 2019 to January 2020

Hundred acres of hills. Work in this place varied depending on the season. A typical run through of the day meant leaving the house at 6:30 am to start work at 7:30am. Once there you either walk or are driven to the particular area where you are working for the day. Most of the work throughout the day meant constant bending and walking up and down hills either planting, grafting, grading, trimming, or general tree work. We were expected to work practically and effectively and not to stop until break time; or until the work is done. Weather of course can make tasks difficult. In winter it was constant cold rain trickling down your back all day, and a million miles of mud. And in summer it was typically Australian. Thats where you really have to switch on. Other work included loading trucks, bundling and labelling trees, weeding and other general tree work. Lunch was eaten outside, (or in your own car if it was really pelting down) as there wasnt much in the way of buildings. Just some shedding, portable toilets and a small office room. Work finished at 4pm or later, which meant that I would be home in time for dinner. And ready to start the next day.

Propagation Nursery, Tynong. - December to March 2018/2019

On a 38 hour roster per week plus overtime on Saturdays; work here involved standing in a shed all day taking thousands of cuttings, planting them in trays and placing them into their appropriate places in the numerous greenhouses. Labeling of work was required here. And then there was just a general tidyup at the end of the day.

Pakenham. July to September 2017

My role was in the back of house preparing and packaging meals and washing numerous containers and utensils and so forth. A very fast paced environment. The position was a casual one of about 3 shifts a week ranging from 2 to 5 hours per shift.


A casual job done every other weekend; for cleaning newly built houses before people come to live in them.

Pony Rides.

Involved helping a friend at shows and kids festivals, to lead children around on ponies. The loading and unloading of ponies and general cleaning up after them; watering and feeding them etc. Sometimes catching them from the fields. A job for every other weekend.

General canteen work. Making chips and cups of tea and coffee. Handling cash at the till.

Educational History

2018: home-schooled.

2016 2017: Yrs. 9 10 at St Thomas Aquinas College, Tynong, Australia

2015: Yr. 8 at Lakeside College, Pakenham, Australia

2006 2014: Prep to Yr. 7 at St Thomas Aquinas College, Tynong, Australia


Start: 25/01/2021 Finish: Not Specified

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