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I'm looking for a career in working with livestock. I have relevant experience due to living on a farm but I am keen to learn more.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

Not listed

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications


Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience


Livestock experience

Beef, Goat, Sheep, Lambing, Poultry

Other equipment experience

With my tractor experience I have rolled fields, mucked out a cow shed and taken hay bales from one farm to another for our heifers and goats.

Other livestock experience

Beef - At the farm we have Aberdeen Angus and Galloways. I have small bit of experience with cows, from out on the hill providing food, helping move the cows and watching them in labour. I spend a bit more time with our heifers as they are inquisitive. I hope to learn more about cattle and get involved more with the hands on jobs involved.

Goat - On our farm my mum has a herd of 11 goats (including a billy goat) that I help feed. I was taught how to milk them and still improving my skills when I can. We drink our goats milk on the farm and my mum makes her own soap with the milk.

Sheep - I have helped my step dad with sheep over the past couple of years and Ive had a lot of time this year due to being part furloughed.

I have been out on the hill gathering (minus the help of a dog) taking in hogs, tups and lambs. Various amounts of work with sheep in pens for scanning, clipping and dosing.

Lambing - On the farm Ive had the pleasure of having my own pet lambs to care for. I bottle fed 6 this year and managed to sell a few by August. This year I helped my step dad almost every day with lambing. We checked on the crosses daily with the odd occasion of having to catch a ewe. I gathered and marked lambs in 3 different locations. Starting with crosses then out to the hill to bring in 600 BF ewes and lambs. Dosing, marking and giving them pour on.

Poultry - My mum has a slight obsession with poultry. We have 40+ chickens, 20 ducks, a peacock+peahen, 2 turkeys and quails at the farm. I help my mum with her poultry when I can from, feeding them to catching them and collecting their eggs. We have incubators to hatch fertile eggs too.

Personal information


Other Information

I am currently working front of house at a seafood restaurant where I enjoy working as part of a team and providing great service to our customers. I also work in the deli next door where we serve fresh fish and prepare home deliveries to the locals.



Marital status



United Kingdom

Where are you currently living?

Argyll and Bute

First language


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Outside of work I enjoy spending time at the stables with our new horse. I am new to horses so Ive been round everyday to muck out and educate myself with his needs and also learning to ride. At home we have some great scenery around us so I enjoy being outdoors walking our labs or taking them a blast out on the quad bike. Im into my fitness and have recently qualified as a fitness instructor, I spend a lot of time running and some weight training indoors.

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

5 3 9 stone

Relevant health problems


Farming background

My experience comes from my home at the farm. I have no work experience but I hope to go forward into gaining more knowledge as I am keen to learn. My higher interests are with livestock as I enjoyed this work the most.


Start: 31/01/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

Anywhere in Scotland. Preferably in the Highlands or down in the Borders.

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