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Seeking employer for Apprenticeship. 1+ year/s experience. Apprenticeship paid and college day is Friday.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

Not listed

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications


Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Not listed

Livestock experience


Other equipment experience

I have experience using pallet tines, bucket and feed push.

I have driven John Deere tractors mostly, and rolled a paddock or two, but tractor work is something I wish to expand on more.

Experience with trailers, including reversing.

I have ridden cross-country bike and quads.

Other livestock experience

General Farmworker and Stockperson.

January 2021 to present; due to terminate June 1st, 2021. Mamex Farms Ltd: Mickerra Farm, Harthill Road, Burwardsley, Chester CH3 9NU. An all year round TMR calving farm.

•Milking in a 16:32 Herringbone Switchover parlour. Emphasis on ensuring cows are milked out and identifying signs of mastitis.

•Identify bulling cattle and feedback to the management to determine AI suitability.

•Rear young stock, as a part of a flying herd, to optimise growth, identify ailments and treat accordingly.

•Cubicle bedding (manual respreading) and scraper tractor experience.

•Calving checks to identify signs of birth giving. Extraction of colostrum and feeding newborns.

•Telehandler experience but limited.

Head Calf Rearer and Farm Assistant.

August to November, 2018. AMC Pastures: Dairy farm in New Zealand operating by contract for Ellis-Lea Farms in Canterbury, New Zealand.

•Reared Bobby calves to 5 days old and Heifers/Bulls to 100kg. Optimised health of stock by ensuring they fed adequately; teaching, health assessment and treatment.

•Herd immunity to disease elevated by evaluating, with refractometer, milk of new mums and providing newborns with the highest essential antibodies present among the herd whod birthed that day.

•Maintained healthy pasture in paddocks by regular young stock rotation; at apex we had 5 groups of calves, referred to as mobs, with 180 individuals each. This movement minimised the risk of illness transmission, enabled pasture to grow healthily and provided calves with a new environment to explore.

•Last official Calf Rearer in my first season and managed the calves needs solely.

•Equipment maintenance and repair.

•Experience milking 2200 cows in a 100 bale rotary shed with Protrack (Cow Identification Technology) and automatic cup removers. Setting the milking plant up and cleaning it after essential elements.

•Use of farm machinery: bikes, quad, truck with trailer and tractor.

•Used own initiative to identify and complete essential jobs.

Farm Assistant.

December to March, 2018. Stonehurst Estates: Dairy Farm in New Zealand in Canterbury, New Zealand.

•Efficiently milked 1100 cows in a 60 bale rotary shed, with Protrack and automatic cup removers, both am and pm. Platform speed optimisation, set-up and cleaning involved.

•Herded cows from paddocks to milking shed.

•Applied feed calculations to paddocks, establishing an area for breaks (area of grass, as feed, to give a specified number of cows). Once determined a temporary fence would be established in the paddock to contain them to the grass allocation.

•Paddock fencing repair and maintenance.

Personal information


Other Information

I am available to commence employment from the 3rd of June 2021.



Marital status

Single. I would be looking for accommodation ideally.


United Kingdom

Where are you currently living?


First language


Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



Developing my fitness, guitar, read (novels and technical books), learning a language and other things

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

5"8 and about 12 stone

Relevant health problems


Farming background

From a non-farming background.

I undertook a Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand in 2017 to 2018 and accrued a year of experience on two different farms. When I came back to the UK in 2020 I decided I wanted to pursue dairy as a career. To bolster my learning I have enrolled as an apprentice at Reaseheath Agricultural College. The tuition is paid, I just need an employer due to a change in my current employment. This can be discussed more if you make contact.

In New Zealand I worked on extensive grazing systems but the main focus of my role was rearing young stock with consistent pm milkings.

In the UK I have been working on an Intensive farm and have been developing my skillset, undertaking twice daily milking, bulling watch and undertaking calving checks.

I would ideally be looking to obtain a position on a grazing farm as grass management is something I'm very interested in learning.


Start: 07/06/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job

College Placement

Where would you like to work?

UK wide for the right farm. College is based in Cheshire and I'd be willing to commute up on Fridays for the right fit.

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