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I have been travelling and farming for several years and, more recently, have been managing a small vegetable business. I am now keen to expand my skillset and gain more experience with livestock and other areas of farming.

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Mixed Farming

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Full Car Licence, International

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Dairy, Beef, Pig, Calving, Poultry

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I have used several difference tractors and a fork lift to transport large loads using buckets and forks. I have used a tractor with a mower deck and would love the chance to learn how to operate other implements.

Other livestock experience

I have worked with a few different flocks of chickens of varying sizes, both for meat and eggs, and I have had experience with beef cattle raised on pasture. I have also spent a season working at a small dairy operation being in charge of daily milking, bottling and moving/keeping an eye on the small herd.

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United Kingdom

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I love to cook and bake and experiment with any produce or ingredients I can get my hands on. In my free time I like to hike and camp and swim, anything outside really!

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Farming background

February - March 2018

After deciding I wanted to learn more about subsistence living, I reached out to the owner of a newly inherited commercial-sized farm in Portugal through the company Workaway. Working in their 2 commmerical-size greenhouses, I spent several weeks increasing my understanding of a range of organic farming methods, including using natural fertilisers and pesticides. Alongside the owners of the farm, I learnt about grant applications, feasibility planning and the struggles of reviving abandoned farmland.

April - October 2018

I travelled to Ontario, Canada to work on a small dairy farm where I was responsible for twice-a-day milking and ensuring a hygienic bottling process. I learnt how to care for the small herd, look for signs of illness and assist with impregnating cows and delivering calves. I also helped create and maintain a half acre subsistence vegetable garden where I gained experience with managing crops throughout varying weather conditions.

January March 2019

Over the winter I volunteered on a farm, a small family farm in Long Island New York, to manage the farm while the owner was away over the winter. My main responsibility was to care for over 200 dual-purpose hens and incubating and raising 50 new chicks. I took it upon myself to market their eggs by constructing a small road side stall and organising frequent deliveries to local restaurants. I also maintained and marketed the autumn-seeded root crops in their 50 foot greenhouse and prepared beds in the field for spring plantings.

June 2019 July 2020

After securing a 1 year work visa, I travelled back to Long Island (to work on the same farm mentioned above) and I have continued to take on more responsibility. Alongside the new farm manager, I helped to transition the farm into a no-till system by building nearly 100 50ft permanent beds, and introduced organic practices to manage their fruit orchard. I was also involved with the installation of 10 bee hives and helped to care for their pigs over the summer. I have been lucky enough to watch this farm develop over several seasons and learnt how to maximise production whilst promoting the natural ecology of the area.

June 2019 July 2020

Last summer I volunteered on a vineyard, where I have assisted with everything from harvesting grapes to fermenting and selling wine. I have been involved in a full season of tending grape vines including pruning in early spring, maintenance through the summer, coordinating the harvest in autumn and storing the fermenting juice through the winter. I enjoy interacting with their loyal customer base in their tasting room, and helping to improve their online presence by updating their website and enhancing their social media presence.


Start: 07/11/2021 Finish: Not Specified

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I would be willing to work anywhere, I love to travel and see new places and meet new people

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