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I'm an experienced Dairy herdsperson, been in the UK for over 10 years - grew up on a farm in Brazil and have worked across all types of parlours and herds.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications


Type of farming wanted

Mixed Farming

Other qualifications

Sit Astride ATVs inc Loads and Trailed Equipment, Forklift Industrial Masted Refresher,Emergency First Aid at Work.

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Tracked Machine, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Pig, Poultry

Other equipment experience

I have gained experience throughout my life on those equipment working on farms, warehouses, and fields.

Other livestock experience

I grew up on a farm but as a small family business we had cows/cattle, pigs, and chickens. I learned a lot from my dad and grandparents so carry all the experience from back then. And also, working on farms in the UK since 2016 up to date.

Personal information


Other Information




Marital status

i have my wife and 3 boys- one is 16 years old who is going to university soon and twins boys 4 year old.



Where are you currently living?


First language


Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



I enjoy spending my free time with family , we are christians so going to church for example. I do not drink alcohol or smoke .

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

6'3 and 105kg

Relevant health problems


Farming background

I would consider myself quite experienced. I started working at my parents farm at age of 14, learning from my dad and grandparents as I work on the farm part-time and most of my summer holidays spent working with them. As a small family business back then we wouldn't have any employees but just have to look after the farm and animals day and night which was wholesome for all the things I learnt that has been essential before I started my farming journey here. I went to university and graduated in Logistics moved to Spain after where I worked in smaller businesses and restaurants before I started my first job in a warehouse as a supervisor, which It was a great experience as I learnt a lot logistic wise and hands-on experience too like driving forklifts and telehandlers and even cutting beefs. By the time I resigned I was a Senior Coordinator but left back to Brazil with my now wife for her to have our son there back in 2007. Worked in a few companies in Brazil but decided to move to the UK as the life in Brazil was not great in terms of safety and well-being. I Moved to the Uk in 2012 but due to have a language barrier only done more hands-on work like delivery, worked in restaurants etc. I worked as a forklifter driver in a fish factory for about 2 years before started my farming journey; My first job was as a dairy milker/stockperson in lesmahagow which used a herringbone parlour - it was a brief experience they had sheep/pigs which I had to feed and take care of and other tasks like the milking, bedding, scraping, giving birth to cows etc. I had to leave the farm as they only had a small caravan and found this position on a farm in stirlingshire offering a better salary and a slightly better accommodation so had to take it on. It was a rotary parlour, which main tasks were milking the cows , washing, bedding , watering , feeding the calves, night checks for breeding, pushing in with a tractor the straw/grass food in the sheds to make sure it's close enough for them to eat over night. and occasionally working with other tractors/forklifts. After few years there and my wife having twin boys had to resign as the house we were living in, we had to pay rent and the job opportunity found was rent-free and better salary aswell. So I moved to this new position in Newcastle working as a dairy herdsperson doing the milking, bedding with chemicals, forklift jobs, tractors, feeding calves and cows, checking for breeding etc quite similar to the farm in falkirk, worked there for about 4 years but decided to leave as was offered a job in the north of Scotland ( Inverness-shire) which I used to be passionate about after spending holidays in aviemore with family, the job itself was offering a way better salary, house was much bigger, beautiful mountains and lochs surround it and what it looked like I would've moved to stay permanently. However, been working here for about a year now and been thinking about moving closer to glasgow as even though it is a nice place to live at, I'm 4 hours from Glasgow/Edinburgh and also, the working hours here now have been reduced for inside issues on the farm, so working now 3 days a week which is not viable for me anymore.


Start: 28/05/2024 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

I'm not fussed about where to work. I just want to be able to work full hours and want somewhere permanent. I have kids who are in school and hopefully my next place it will be somewhere to settle and work for many many years.

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