CV Ref No. CV Reference No. - 73546

Experienced New Zealand farmer and partner

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

Not listed

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Arable, Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications

National Certificate in sheep and beef, Level 1 butchery, Level 1 atv and 2 wheelers, Level 1 tractor and maintenance, Level 1 Ag Chem, Level 1 fencing

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence, Tractor Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Combine, Ploughing, Drilling, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Lambing, Calving

Other equipment experience

Topping, Feed out wagons, Mixer wagons, 30 tonne Chaser bins, Deep ripping, Discing, Cat 950H Loader, Fert spreading, Ploughing

Other livestock experience

Worked on Dairy farms where recently i have been 2ic on a 800 cow 260Ha property with a 50 bail internal rotary shed.I have grown up on a angus & hereford stud bull farm that my father is still running. I am competent with trimming hooves, treating lames, identifying sick/mastitis cows and treating them accordingly.I have a national certificate in sheep and beef. Im not shy to do a bit of crutching, or drenching. Pretty much I have an all round experience with most common farm animals.

My partner has some basic experience doing some milking and calf rearing. She is willing to learn any jobs on farm and is a hard worker.

Personal information


Other Information

Accommodation needed. Starting date is flexable but we will need to give 4 weeks notice at our current job



Marital status

I will be traveling with my partner Kerrie who is 28. She is a qualified nanny but has recently found a love for farm work after tagging along with me on the farm. Kerrie now knows the very basics of farming and is eager to learn more. Recently she has learned how to rear calves, cup and cup removal and how the general milking procedure runs. She is a quick learner and very optimistic person who has passion for animal welfare.



Where are you currently living?


First language


Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



Hunting, fishing, camping, diving, tramping, and sight seeing as we still have lots to explore in the UK. We also dont mind a cold one after a good days work

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

Caucasian, 5 ft 11" 82kgs

Relevant health problems


Farming background

Lived on a Angus & Hereford stud bull farm through childhood with my parents, worked as a farm handy man for the local farmers, ranging from stock work i.e., drenching weighing treatment of lame and mastitis cows, seeding, fencing, crouching, milking, finding and fixing water leaks. In 2013 I went to West Australia for the harvest and seeding, and also spent time in the Kimberleys bull catching and riding in the rodeos. Since then i have settled on Dairy farms where recently i have been 2ic on a 800 cow 260Ha property with a 50 bail internal rotary shed, I had 4 staff under me that I organized work for and had to complete their work rosters weekly. And most recently I was 3ic on a 500 cow 180Ha property with a 34 a side herringbone shed.


Start: 10/02/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

Both Kerrie & I are after a postion where we both are empolyed. I'm after full time work and Kerrie is happy with either part or full time work.

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