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I have 4 years lambing experience, I have experience worming, fly control, heptavac, injunctions and ear tagging. Ive got a full driving license, ATV&RTV and telehandler licence. Ive had a years experience working on an outdoor pig unit. I done 2 month of kidding and working in a goat dairy.

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Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

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Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Dairy, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Lambing

Other equipment experience

I also have my ATV and RTV licence and my tele-handler license. I havent worked with many tractor but I am willing to learn and get some experience.

Other livestock experience

My main experience is with sheep, I have done 4 seasons of lambing and worked with sheep through the years as I was still in college. I worked on an outdoor pig unit, this has helped me gain experience with tractor driving and transport of animals across the farm. I helped out with weaning pigs and piglets, serving pigs, vaccinations, strawing up, fencing and feeding. Ive also got experience with goats, Ive previously working on a goat dairy during there kidding season, bottle feeling the kids, ear tagging, injections and bedding up, I also help out with the dairy, getting the goats in, starting up and washing down the dairy and checking the goats as they come through.

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I help out on our familys small holding occasionally.

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Farming background

Farm 2017 present

general farm helper/ shop worker

This is our small family farm, is is a small holding mixed animal farm. My main job on the farm is working in the farm shop on the weekends. The shop has become very popular over time, all our meat and veg are from local areas and we supply are own pork and lamb from the farm. It gets very busy especially around Christmas, its very hands on work and being able to cope under pressure. I also help out around the farm, i do the feed rounds, bedding up and checking water troughs.

End of 2017 2019

General farm helper

I help out with general sheep work in my terms and days off form college. I help with moving the sheep, worming, fly control, heptavac and i also help out in the summer with the shearing and have some experience with electric fencing with a quad.

In April i helped out with lambing. They lambed 1300 ewes indoors and outdoors. I started on day shifts which included: making pens and cleaning pens, feed rounds and topping up water, making sure the orphans are fed and well and marking up any sheep that are ready to be turned out. I then went onto night shifts from 10pm till 10am. we would check all the sheep and make sure they there hay is topped up and there water is full and any that are lambed are moved in to a pen.

I have also got experience with ear tagging, tubing, injections and difficulty with lambing.

6th May 24th May

Lambing Assistant

I've done 3 weeks work experience on a small family farm in Salisbury. It has a small holding of 150 ewes and a small beef herd. We did all the lambing indoors and turned them out when the lambs and ewes are stronger and healthy enough. Before turning them out the ewes would get wormed, bolus and marked up, we would also check if shes got good milk. The lambs would get castrated and tail docked with rings, the naval would get sprayed in iodine again and we make sure they are health and strong enough before putting them in the field. I would load up the ewes and lambs into a small trailer and a quad bike and turn them out one by one into the field, whiles being out there i would deal with any problem if necessary and check round the fields. I would do evening check rounds at the barns, check for anything lambing and make sure there hay was stocked up and there water was full.

Sparsholt collegeSeptember 2018 Present


During my time at college i have done a mixed of farm activities. Including tractor work like slurry tanking and cultivating, Telehandler training and being taught how to use different models of tractors.

We also do a variety of duties, including young stock, pigs and dairy.

Dairy consisted of early morning milking, cleaning and scraping out the milking parlor, moving the cattle and feeding then. The herd is a mix of Holstein, Friesian and Holstein Friesian dairy cattle. They have also got a small beef herd that i have some experience with. The young stock task consists of morning and afternoon feeding, clean bedding, topping up water and moving them. i have also done some dis budding on calved and castration. On pig duties i mucked out sow pens and weaner pens, moving pigs and piglets, scraping out and doing the feed rounds.

Pig stockmen July 2020-March2021

I started this job in a busy time, I helped out with a pig pig moved. This helped me gain experience using tractors and trailers, I would moved huts and barns from one field to the next. I also fenced the new unit by hand. Over the months I have severed pigs, weaned pigs and piglets, bedding up barns and strawing huts for new pigs, vaccinations, eat tagging and trained on the feeder.

Kidding assistant March- June2021

Over the 2 months I gained experience with working with goats, my main responsibility was the kid, feeding them 4 times a day, ear tagging, injections, training in the automatic feeder and weaning off, over the corse of the 2 months I also got trained in the dairy, bringing in the goats, checking the goats udders and feet and starting up and cleaning down the dairy.


Start: 17/10/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region

South West

Type of job


Where would you like to work?


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