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Herdsperson. I have all round dairy experience and am looking for a permanent role to progress within the industry, ideally in calf rearing or a herdspersons or assistant herdspersons role with accommodation.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications


Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock

Other qualifications

Agriculture Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma at Plumpton College.

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Calving

Other equipment experience

I have scraper tractor, quad bike and tractor/loader experience (putting out silage and straw bales e.c.t).

Other livestock experience

General dairy experience such as; rearing calves, feeding calves powdered and fresh milk, strawing/bedding up, ear tagging and dehorning, scraping, milking, strip and paddock grazing, drying off cows, silaging, foot trimming (no qualification) treating cows for mastitis and being on hand for vet visits.

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West Sussex

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One of my main interests is showing dairy cattle and have been to many of the larger shows such as the National Jersey show at the South West Dairy show, the All Breeds All Britain calf show and the UK dairy expo. I have also attended a few Jersey youth weekends and have been part of the society for approximately 3 years.

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

5,4 65kg

Relevant health problems


Farming background


05/12/20- Present. Horsham, West Sussex.

Milking an autumn block calving herd of 450 freisan X cows through a 24/48 swingover dairymaster parlour.

Scraping yards and cubicles.

Shedding out cows for AI

Winter routine; Setting out wires (correct amount of inches) for the silage and maize clamps for self feed silage.

Use of a loader to push up muck heaps from a separator and to load a straw spreader.

Use of a straw spreader operated from a tractor.

Treating cows and keeping drugs records and lameness records for Arla on paperwork and PC. Also using "cowmanager" to look at bulling status and updating AI's onto the system.

Picking out cows for foot trimming.

Summer routine; strip grazing fields with electric fencing.

Preparing the clamp ready for silaging.

Fencing- putting posts in and running barbed and electric wire.

General maintenance, fixing cubicles, putting in new water troughs etc.

Drying off, selecting cows for treatments and separating into calving groups.

Contract Calf Rearer

01/20-12/20 - Surrey.

Responsible for daily feeding of 150-170 beef cross and holstein/friesian bull calves.

Taking calves up to the age of 8-10 weeks old and weaning them before they move off to be finished.

Bedding up and monitoring calf cake consumption.

Regular weigh-ins to make sure calves are reaching targets.

Vaccinating new calves (intranasal and injection) and also dehorning.

Responsible for administering medication for sick calves.

Occasional milking for the small herd of guernseys and friesians in an abreast parlour.

Assisting with general herd management, such as checking for bulling and picking cows out for foot trimming.

General duties such as putting silage bales out for the older heifers and dry cows and also scraping.

General Farm Worker

06/19-01/20, Kent.

Assisting the herdsperson with drying off cows.

Parlour maintenance and cleaning parlour walls and units e.c.t

Being on hand for PD scanning and routine vet visits.

Relief milking the herd of 280 holstein cows in a 24/48 swing over parlour with quick exit, automatic wash down and ADF units.

Relief for the calf rearing, feeding holstein heifer calves powdered milk and beef cross and bull calves fresh cows milk, this job also includes scraping the cow sheds.

Helping with the tagging and dehorning of calves on a regular basis.

Computer work such as; entering milk collection receipts and shedding out cows for foot trimming.

Preparing the clamp for silaging and also sheeting it up.

Building work, including; building a new clamp, concreting the floor and putting up side panels. Also general repairs; concreting holes in floors and yards.

Calf Rearer

11/18-06/19 Kent

Rearing holstein heifer calves for the future herd. Responsibilities included; feeding calves powdered milk, strawing/bedding up, ear tagging and dehorning.

The calves were housed in individual igloos for 3 weeks; so they had to be cleaned and disinfected between calves. They then moved into larger pens in larger groups to be weaned.

Rearing beef cross calves and bull calves on fresh cows milk to their best potential until 2-4 weeks old to sell at market.

Relief milking for the herd of 280 holstein cows in a 24/48 swing over parlour with quick exit, automatic wash down and ADF units.

Responsible for the shed of cows that are due to calve, making sure that if any are calving, calve well and safely, giving a helping hand where necessary. Dipping calves navels with iodine and making sure the calf gets the colostrum it needs whether it's from its mother or frozen storage and also that the mother has plenty of food and water and a form of calcium if needed.

Relief Herdsperson


Relief milking on a regular basis 5-6 days a week for a herd of 180 holsteins, in a 12/12 herringbone parlour, as unfortunately their herdsperson had to take time off due to illness.

This also included scraping the cow sheds and getting the herd in from the paddocks with the use of a quad bike through the summer months.

Moving the electric fence when necessary as the herd were strip grazed.

Being on hand for monthly routine vet checks and picking cows out for foot trimming, Also treating cows for mastitis where necessary.

Calf Rearer/General Farm Worker

09/17-11/17 Kent.

Calf rearing for the block calving herd of 150 holstein cows, my responsibilities included; feeding calves powdered milk, strawing/bedding up, ear tagging and dehorning.

Checking young stock, feeding out cake/nuts and mineral powders.

Moving the milking cows between paddocks when needed, as they were on a paddock grazing system.

Scraping the milking cows sheds in the afternoons.

General farm duties also included; feeding and mucking out 10 mixed breed pigs, feeding foster lambs and collecting the chicken eggs, washing, grading and boxing them for sale in the farm shop.

I assisted in the running and stocking of the farm shop, cheese vending machine and raw milk dispenser.

I helped in production of raw milk products including; flavoured yogurt, single, double and clotted cream, quark, creme fraiche and cottage cheese.


Start: 30/11/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

Ideally calf rearing and milking ect.

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