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Hard-working enthusiastic female looking change of shepherding job.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

Not listed

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Livestock, Other

Other qualifications


Driving Licence

Tractor Licence, International

Equipment experience

Not listed

Livestock experience

Sheep, Lambing

Other equipment experience

Full international drivers license. Easy learner. ATV experience, everything else I'm happy enough to put my head down and learn.

Other livestock experience

I have experience in all husbandry aspects of sheep work (dosing, drenching, dagging, vaccinating, tubing, hoof care and all other seasonal aspects which come to play around sheep). I do have past experience working with hill and commercial low land sheep and feel comfortable working during busy seasonal peak times, such as lambing and large numbers of flock work without exhaust.

My main lambing knowledge/experience has been in the form of outdoor lambing with good sheep dogs on my side to assist me with all duties.

I have owned my own small flock of Herdwick sheep for the past 5 years, and have looked after friends sheep in Germany before moving to the UK which also entailed sectional grazing with the use of electric netting and moving sheep around public roads, wooded areas.

I'm a forward looking person in regards to the treatment of livestock, which may entail close monitoring, punctual treatment, early detection of health concerns.

I have worked together with a former head shepherd on an estate in Northumberland working with BF and Texel crosses in a hill and low land situation,who's happy to answer any further questions you might have about my person as required.

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English and German

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Sheep dog training :) .. hiking, anything nature bound

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Farming background

I have not been brought up as many others in an actual framing background. My origins lie in the medical field as an administrator/ transcriptionist in Pathology. Luckily as this was in a military setting and required a lot of commitment to internal changes I have gathered a broad medical knowledge as it was also a teaching environment and the general interest of the Doctors to teach every staff member down to their admin staff of the actual factual work, diseases, medical condition, as it was the opinion the more you know and learn the better you are at what you do.

I actually started getting interested in flock work through my Working Sheepdogs. Ever since I always travelled back and forth at the time from Germany to UK to help out a friend as named above who has taught me the ins and out about sheep work and is happy to reference for me. I have owned my own small flock of Herdwick sheep before having moved to Cumbria and feel perfectly comfortable doing the all season work falling into place around sheep work. Although I have only mainly done sheep work so far, I'm wanting to expand my knowledge and am passionate about working with cattle as well. I have done everything from hoof care, dosing, vaccinating, lambing, etc., and eager to learn more and deepen my knowledge if someone was willing to take me on.

The most important thing is that there are no silly questions. If there's something I don't know I ask and I'm open minded about learning what is brought towards me to broaden my knowledge and put it to use to accelerate the flocks health and success.

I currently am working on a small hill farm in Cumbria and am looking for new employment with more room to expand my knowledge and progress on the job.

I'm a positive outgoing person with a good sense of humour and am happy to work in a team but also on my own initiative.

I'm good at putting my head down and ploughing on with work without losing attention to detail and the need to see things through, but also to listen.


Start: 26/02/2024 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region

North East

Type of job


Where would you like to work?

Scotland, Scottish Borders, Northumberland, Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway

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