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I am a confident polite and capable person, mature and willing to learn new and old traditional skills. I like to put myself out there in the hopes that I may be able to better my chances of succeeding in life. A team player and a fast learner who will take initiative to increase my productivity.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

BTEC, City and Guilds

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Arable

Other qualifications

Mercedes-Benz Engine Training. Customer care and support training. Telehandler certificate.
level 2 agricultural engineering with John Deere

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Combine, Ploughing, Drilling, Tracked Machine, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Other harvesters

Livestock experience

Not listed

Other equipment experience

I have operated a wide range of Machinery due to being a farm worker and a agricultural engineer

Other livestock experience

Currently no stock experience.

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Yes a partner



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I help run a syndicate shoot with my father and partake in all things to with engineering and anything outdoors

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Farming background

Farm Machinery Company

-During my time here I have gained valuable sales experience not only quoting customers and invoicing orders and following the procedure from start to finish but I have completed on-site demonstrations of the machines and repairs as required, I have travelled to and from farms offering quotes to customers and explaining the range of equipment we have to offer while giving the best service I can for my reputation and the company.

-I have also been heavily involved in the parts process within the company booking out parts to customers as and when they have required, I have also been taking parts calls and talking to customers through a step by step plan to ascertain what parts they require for a certain machine/ machines.

-During busy times I have been able to help out in the workshop as and when required to fulfil orders. Due to my background knowledge in engineering I have completed this with no issues. Having this experience also reassures customers that I have the knowledge of not only how the machines work but how they can be looked after and Maintained while offering a high level of service and helping to build that relationships between customer and salesman.

-Once orders have been completed I have been able to deliver equipment to customers and explain in detail how there new machine operates efficiently and to give them the best for their money.

-A lot of my job has involved keeping in close contact with customers after they have taken delivery of machines to drive a good after sales impressions, making sure the machine fulfils there wants and desires and keeping a good relationship with the customer.

Johnson Bros

-During my time at Johnson Bros I preformed various tasks that were very similar to the tasks preformed at Manns, this was including but not limited to, repairs, servicing and PDIing new machines.

-I was again involved in setting off and demonstrating new and used machines to customers.

-While at work I was expected to think on my feet and complete all jobs in a timely but detailed manner. Working on my own I had to use common sense and my own initiative to fix and or repair machines quickly and efficiently while aiming to provide excellent service.

-As being both a farm worker and agricultural engineer Welding and manufacturing has always been a big part of all my roles as I have often had to fabricate and or repair parts to get the job done.

-A lot of this role was independent working and generally on-site, the work is very similar to that of the two farm machinery companies, both companys gave me having good knowledge of the industry to complete all work to a high standard.


-During my time here I preformed various tasks that were very similar to the tasks preformed, this was including but not limited to, repairs, servicing and PDIing new machine, while I was there I spent a large portion of my time working alongside the combine specialist repairing, serving and maintaining a large fleet of John Deere combines.

-I was also involved in setting off and demonstrating new and used machines to customers, in harvest I was involved in demonstrating combines and performing a hand over to customers. All throughout the year I was involved in machine delivery and hand over which required me to deliver a machine and show the customer how to operate and maintain their machine to a high standard.

-While also being a service engineer we all were involved in up-selling machines as usually engineers are the forefront of any agricultural servicing company and set a good example of service and reliability.

-While being able to service machines I was also taught the different aspects of the guidance system (Green Star) and shown how to correctly operate and set it up.

-Also while attending training courses I attending an in house John Deere course for customer care and customer service and various tractor and combine training courses mainly S,W, T, and CTS series combines with addition to 6R and 7R fundamentals.

Estates & Farms. 2017-2018

-A  large scale arable and livestock farm consisting of 10,000 acres of farm land, with the entire estate being roughly 22,000 acres. I was part of a team of 41 tractor drivers, undertaking multiple aspects of the arable farm.

-During my time here, I was involved in different aspects of root crop farming, such as; de-stoning with a Reekie Reliance 500, harvesting with a T2 Standen Pearson potato harvester, Fertiliser spraying with a Sands Horison 24m sprayer, spreading fertiliser with a tractor mounted Kuhn fertiliser spreader, Topping potatoes using a Grimme Haulm topper, Irrigation using conventional pull out gun irrigators as well as large scale linear irrigators, Rolling crop with a Cousins 9m roller.

-Not only was I responsible for operating the machinery but also for the daily maintenance and basic repair whilst in use. For example, greasing up machinery not only before use but throughout operation as required, checking the rollers, sprockets, webs and bearings on the de-stoners for damage and wear, replacing/ repairing parts as needed.

-Farm - This is an organic farm growing a range of combinable crops such as, Wheat, Barley, Oat, Beans and Quinoa, the farm was of fair acreage spanning over 950ha, I was involved in all aspects of the Arable farm. this included but was not limited to; running a butterfly mower to mulch up clover plants for the ground nutrients, ploughing the ground ready for the next crop rotations using a Dowdeswell 110 6 furrow plough, getting involved in secondary cultivations using a Dalbo cultimax multi-tine cultivator, setting up and operating the complex system Cameleon drill which could perform multiple operations such as; sowing, liquid/granulate fertilizing and row hoeing all with the aid of Trimble, setting up and operating the Claas Lexion 750 as a stand in or relief driver for the main machine operator, loading lorries using the teleporter and other tasks that were required of me to keep the farm running smoothly and cost effectively.

Agricultural Machinery Company (East Anglia Harvesting Specialists) 2015-2017

-I started working here in September 2015 as an Apprentice agricultural engineer, at the time I was working alongside a mentor learning how to carry out services and repairs to a high standard.

-I worked on a range of machines and implements ranging from small rakes all the way up to Lexions and Zerions, the work involved winter services and overhauls for the combines in the workshop and out on site as well as any repairs required out in the field at harvest time. Tractors were an all year rounder and required servicing as and when their service schedule was due, this involved changing oils and filters and inspecting the machine for wear and damage, if anything needed doing the customer was notified and the work was carried out.

-During my time I was expected to be able to think on my feet and carry out all work to a high standard, this sometimes involved designing and fabricating special tools and parts to complete a job, so I was taught to weld and fabricate to an acceptable high standard.

-As time went on I was trusted to take on a more independent role and started preforming tasks on my own, I was given a shared van and started to repair and service machines on my own, this involved a lot of responsibility and concentration to complete jobs to high standard and in good time, working alone allowed me to gain valued skills and the ability to not just think for myself but also adjust rapidly, effectively, and intelligently to new developments or changing circumstances within the job I was doing as new faults could become apparent the further down the line you got with a repair.

-Having the ability to assess and initiate things independently or using ones intuitive was a major part of this job as working solo you never know when and what you may come up against.

-Also while working here I was attending the Mercedes Benz training centre in Milton Keynes for engine training and customer service training.

Farm (Summer/ out of school hours)

-Tractor and trailer work, taking corn from the field to the grain store - Cutting grass using the tractor and topper.

-Working in the workshop, blowing down, cleaning and greasing up tractors and trailers ready for the days use.

-Working in two of the Wickens driers, I was left on my own for multiple hours taking control of the whole process which requires a great amount of responsibility and concentration.

-Helping perform maintenance on the combine during the harvest period.

-Helping perform irrigation.


Start: 23/01/2022 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region

East Anglia

Type of job


Where would you like to work?


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