CV Ref No. CV Reference No. - 45572

*NPORS •Agricultural Tractor Trailer- Plant &Oversized Haulier,
**NPORS 360 Operator 10t above/below
Hill/Croft Domestic/Civil/Agricultural/Deer/NATO -
****4x4 & Trailer 3ton Plant/Machinery haulier

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

Not listed

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Arable, Other

Other qualifications

NPORS Tractor Driving License
NPORS 360 10t +/-
*N202 360 Operator
*N601 Agricultural Tractor/trailer/Implement
*SO12a CITB Operatives HS+E tested

*Full UK Driving Licence (2003)
*Full UK Motorcycle Licence (2006)
*Category B&E Trailer licence (2008)

Driving Licence

Full Car Licence, Tractor Licence

Equipment experience

Tractor, Tracked Machine, Telehandler/Fork Lift, 360 Ticket, Fencing

Livestock experience

Beef, Sheep

Other equipment experience

Trailer license (B+E) as of 2008. Near Daily i tow a variety of trailers behind a 4x4. I have background with a few Tractors/plant and their Hydraulic Machinery used on Fencing/Farm hand job too Greens Keeping & Civils Ive used 2x Zetors, 2x Massey Fergusons, 1x Case, 1x Duetz Fahr Agrotron, John Deere.. (6190,6930,7920,8330/8530) I Load, Secure and tow large trailers of Sileage and Straw Bails, Have driven convoy through the nights for large haulier contractors delivering and weighing in upto 30tonnes of Maize from fields to depot. I also was lucky enough to assist in the Forth Road Bridge as a Tractor Haulier, 50foot Flatbed and Quad Axle plant trailers. I have experience of 1.8/ 2.8/ 3/ 5/ 13/14 Ton JCB/Volvo/Hitachi 360's, a good few JCB tellehandlers Civil & Agricultural Specs, on road Site & Farm use.

As a Fencer (Self Employed) i also use a 2.8ton & 4.2ton tracked post driver machinery. I have been lucky enough involved in a fair few contracts over the years as a Fencer (as Staff & the last few years my own small business) *NATO Security Fencing, *National Trust Of Scotland (Deer/Forest & Hill Fencing)

*Croft Farm Field & Hill livestock fencing both Line wire & Rylock.

* Estate Deer/Domestic & timber

*Domestic Timber or Wire Fencing.

**I would Enjoy more work as a Tractor Driver Haulier if at all possible.

Other livestock experience

Assist in gathering, dosing and tagging 500+ sheep, feeding both sheep and cattle, sileage, nuts, hay, straw

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A workaholic, i often reach 99hrs a week, my free time is spent on domesticated essentials, If i am not Fencing for my own business i am supplying Firewood (small scale operation) However i also wrk for other self employed Friends in their Groundswork company as labourer. I also assist in other friends Fencing Contractor businesses, Up North West Coast. I am Not into drinking bar/club culture. i AM a workaholic.....

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

6foot tall 13 stone healthy outdoor worker

Relevant health problems


Farming background

I worked mainly for the Fencing contractor side of the business, my boss has a small Sheep and Cattle farm also I have a background with a few diggers/Tractors and their hydraulic machinery used both on Fencing/Farm hand, to Greens Keeping/Landscaping on busy campsites. A few machines i have used over the years include, Mini Road Rollers, 5 ton dump trucks, 4 ton Hitachi Excavators, 13 ton 360, JCB telehandlers, 2x Zetors, 2x Massey Fergusons, 1x Duetz Fahr Agrotron, 1x Case, John Deere.. (6930/6190/7920/8330/8530) 24Ton unladen weight Hiab Plant transporter, 50foot lorry trailer flatbed, Predator Tri Axle plant trailer, 15ton Dump trailers, Bail trailers, Bailey Grain Trailers, I Load, Secure and tow large trailers of Sileage/Straw Bails, Long distances from outlying farm land to farms. I have towed loads tens of miles of Soil, boulders, Gravel, timber, and even Boats on a few sizes of trailers including hydraulic tippers to different job sites we landscaped or as haulage to different errands of Boss requirements over the years. I am hired out as a driver with the farms Tractor to assist in the Christmas Tree Harvest for product Export. I Love driving with a passion and would love to learn More!


Start: 03/07/2022 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


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