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I have a great passion in farming. i was brought up on farms from a young age, and just grafted on them every since. Im happy to work anywhere but would need accommodation.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualifications

NVQ Level 1

Type of farming wanted

Mainly Arable, Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming

Other qualifications

Ai experience
Shearing experience
Machinery experience
TMR experience
Calving/lambing experience
Calf rearing
Rake,ploughing,rolling,discing,mowing,tedding,carting,slurry,pit experience...

Driving Licence

Tractor Licence, Provisional

Equipment experience

Tractor, Baler, Ploughing, Drilling, Telehandler/Fork Lift, Fencing

Livestock experience

Dairy, Beef, Pig, Sheep, Lambing, Calving, Poultry

Other equipment experience

Loading shovel, pivot steer, 360 digger

Other livestock experience

Lambing , drenching sheep , foot trimming , working collie dogs , Calving, shearing/wool rolling ( my father own shearing trailer and goes around every year doing different lots) iv just had all my experience passed on from him.

(Fathers guy old local shearer and farm sales rep)

Personal information


Other Information

No license yet, but plenty machinery experience, contracting silage,grain ect I will be able to get down for an interview anytime though.



Marital status




Where are you currently living?

Dumfries and Galloway

First language


Do you have the right to work in the UK?


Other languages



I like to go walks with the dog in my spare time and fishing and other things to pass the time. I also like to go to agricultural shows sometimes when Im able to get to them and other farming based hobbies like shearing since I have learned to shear I cant get enough of it once one lots finished Im ready for the next!

Pen picture (Height, weight etc.)

5'9 70kg

Relevant health problems


Farming background

Since I was born I have been brought up on farms and around the farming life. My father was a shepherd/herdsman most of my life till recently, now he is a farms sales rep and animals sales rep, still likes to do a lot of shearing in spare time. I gained a lot of experience from my father on the farm. Just growing up watching and helping him drenching, Lambing sheep ect. I then went on to use all my experience and work on farms from about the age of 14 where I would go away for about a month in my Easter holidays and fill pens of ewes and lambs up, with straw, hay and water. Other duties would include things like marking lambs up and taking them to the field with the bike and trailer. Walking them away in there pairs or singles.

I would just stay with the people I would be working for at the time.

When I left school at the end of my 4th year I just was keen and desperate to get straight out working on the farms. I went into the dairy industry where I have work mainly in the past 4/5 years. Working on various parlours from swing over to rotary, bots, and side byside. I have a little bit of experience in foot trimming cattle, fine with sheep but just been briefly shown with cattle.

I have an extremely strong passion in farming past on from the rest of my family/past family and will hopefully keep it going.


Start: 30/11/2021 Finish: Not Specified

Preferred region


Type of job


Where would you like to work?

Looking to relocate to where I have the chance of a great job as a farm worker with a bit of everything from sheep, cattle and a bit of machinery work aswell like feeding, bedding, carting...

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