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18-year-old male, with BTEC extended diploma in agriculture Level 3, looking for arable and/or cattle livestock work in the Eastern region. Practical experience gained on college farm throughout course and work placements involved working with dairy and beef herds as well as arable farming.

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Within my course at Shuttleworth I have undertaken practical lessons working with a variety of machinery on the farm. I have driven tractors for muck spreading, cultivating and rolling to prepare the seedbeds. I also have experience using telehandlers to move bails around the farm. At my work placement at one farm I was able to gain further experience working with farm machinery operating the tractors and telehandlers to assist with mucking out and bedding for the cattle. My most recent summer harvest job gave me the opportunity to develop my abilities driving the tractor and trailer alongside a combine and transporting the crops back to the farm yard to the grain store.

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I have been learning and working with cattle at Shuttleworth College which I was then able to apply to my work placements. Time spent at one Farm gave me an insight into dairy farming and the use of technology to assist with milking. My responsibilities were assisting with the calves, helping with feeding and maintaining their welfare by mucking out ensuring they had clean bedding. During my time at another Farm I assisted the farmer with the day to day responsibilities for their 1000 cow beef herd. This involved daily visual welfare checks, mucking out, assisting with weighing the cattle, ear tagging and vaccinations. The farm was also in the process of moving the cattle from the winter barns to fields for the spring and summer. I was able to assist with herding the cattle into the trailers and transporting them to local fields.

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I spend my spare time model making, particularly World War and military aircraft models. I have a keen interest in military history and enjoy reading autobiographies from this time. I follow a number of sports including F1 and British Touring Car racing, and football. I have always had a keen interest in tractors and arable farming.

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July/August 2023, Elsworth: Harvest Worker/Tractor Driver

My responsibilities include tractor and trailer driving alongside the combine and carting grain back to the storage shed. This would also include performing daily inspections and maintenance on vehicles, machinery, and equipment to ensure their safety for use. Other duties involved mowing the grass around the farm grounds, using a on a ride-on mower and strimmer and general maintenance tasks such as painting barn walls.

April 2023, Godmanchester

Duties involved working with the beef cattle, to help to turn them out to grass in various locations in the local area. Assisting with vaccinations and weighing cattle for market. I also helped with the daily checks, feeding the cattle and maintaining a clean environment for them. This involved mucking out the pens with the use of the tractor and trailer. Other duties involved small maintenance jobs around the farm such as cleaning in the grain store and painting of steel girders.

April/May 2022, Madingley: Work Placement for course.

Husbandry of Livestock herd of pedigree Holstein Friesian Dairy cows. I worked on maintaining the health of the new-born calves. This included feeding them, bedding them down and general daily health checks. I assisted in maintaining the cleanliness of the main shed, where the dairy herd was kept. This involved mucking out and bedding down. I also spent time working with the sheep on the farm, supporting with weighing the lamb ready for sale. Tasks also included performing inspections and maintenance on vehicles, machinery and equipment to ensure their safety for use.

March 2022, Trumpington: Work Placement for course.

Working alongside the game-keeper I undertook a range of practical activities in the upkeep of the farm. This included cleaning game-keeping equipment, sweeping sheds and mowing the verges of the driveway on a ride on mower. I also participated in the planting and maintenance of the hedgerows as part of their ongoing habitat restoration programme on the farm.

January 2022 to March 2022, Dry Drayton: Work Placement for course.

During my time spent at the large agribusiness I observed the methods of running a grain store business. Learning the processes of the weighbridge and grain testing. I also participated in fieldwork helping with the widening of a field entrance over a ditch and adding pipelines under the new entrance, to aid with the local drainage.


Start: 14/12/2023 Finish: Not Specified

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East Anglia

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Looking for work in the Eastern Region.

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