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Assistant Herdsman/Herdsman experienced with Dairy Cattle, Milking, Sheep, Lambing.

Qualifications and Experience
Relevant qualificationsNot listed
Other qualifications

On the job trained... Looking to study NVQ, Diploma and other certificates. Happy to self fund certificates as required as well as Diploma and NVQ, all work based so this will not cut into working hours.

Equipment experienceTractor, Fencing
Other equipment experience


Livestock experienceDairy, Beef, Sheep, Lambing, Calving
Other livestock experience

Mainly milking, calving and rearing, Sheep, lambing, night lambing, sheering, Beef suckler herd experience.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving Licenseprovisional
Personal information
First languageEnglish
Other languagesNone
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I am 5ft 9, normal build, happy working on my own or in a team, happy to work within small farms or larger enterprises, Prefer to work self employed within Dairy Sector, Lambing or similar as this is what my experience in my past allows me to do best. Clean and tidy work ethic along with a hard working attitude, happy to speak to people on or off the farm, happy to speak with vets and other outside people. Have worked in a couple of different parlour setups and have found it easy to adjust to the workings of the other. I am a normal down to earth person and easy to get along with. I have worked within the sheep and lambing industry and enjoyed this, I have grown up on a mixed farm with Dairy, Sheep and Beef Suckler Herd all on my door step and have had to adjust to what there needs are very quickly. I am a flexible person who wants to gain more knowledge, although I would prefer a long term or permanent contract on farm, even though this is self employed.

Relevant health problems


Other Information

I am looking for a permanent job I learn fast and am computer literate.

Marital status

I have a partner.

Where are you currently living?Somerset
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

Grew up on mixed livestock farm mainly beef, dairy and sheep. I was responsible for moving fences, putting cattle out and bringing them in for milking, Milking the cows on a twice daily basis. cleaning of the parlour and equipment, ensuring the bulk container was the right temperature to be collected, maintaining of the milking machinery, feeding of calves, keeping records of medications, first aid, mastitis care, service records, administering medications for mastitis and antibiotics, dealing with down cows, milk fever, and anything else that arose, dealing with freshly calved cows, assisting in calving deliveries. Cleaning out the pens and dealing with calves on a daily basis. Cleaning out the cubicle housing and strawing down barns, feeding cattle when they are in throughout the winter, identifying cows that are at bulling stage ready for AI, drying off cows before next lactation, updating records and calendar ready for the next day, working on an AYR calving cycle, scraping out the sheds and cubicle housing and re-bedding down, Assisting in de-budding of calves. In the neighbouring farm I would be responsible for moving fences for the cows and putting them back out in the summer months after milking, Bringing the herd in for milking, identifying cows that were bulling and write this down on the board in-parlour. Changing filters and milking equipment to update worn out equipment and to assist farmer and farmhands as required. Assist to De-Bud Calves, calving if there was an issue and they needed extra assistance or I was already on site. Milking the cows on a relief basis although this was very much on more than a relief basis, cleaning out pens and cubicles and re-bed these, re - straw the cow barns, feed the calves and make sure that they are ok, Assist to keep records for the cows that needed treatments, and bulling cows were updated. Administering first aid, cleaning out the calf pens on a daily basis, and re-straw down. Feeding cows on a daily basis. Drying off cows. Scraping down the yards, feeder barns and cubicle housing, cleaning out the milking parlour after use and changing the filters/cleaning them out. Assisting during TB testing, Assisting when foot trimmers come to site. Identify cows with problems and tell owner or other farm hands as required, assisting with vets visits.


I am family and friends orientated I like to cook and entertain people, go to the pub, socialise and watch TV... I am quite an outdoor person and like modern technology.

AvailabilityStart: 24/02/2018, Finish: Not Specified
Type of jobPermanent
Preferred regionSouth West
Where would you like to work?Somerset
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