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Experienced GFW on mixed farms in UK, NZ, Oz and Jersey

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Relevant qualificationsNot listed
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Equipment experienceFencing, Telehandler/fork lift, Tractor
Other equipment experience

Spraying by quad and vehicle. Strimming. Mowing. Hedge trimming. Planting by tractor. Towing trailer by tractor. Scraping up.

Livestock experiencePoultry, Calving, Dairy
Other livestock experience

My first fulltime livestock job was for 2.5 months on an Alpaca & llama ranch in Australia, during breeding season. There were over 2000 animals. I did quad bike herding, bringing sick newborns to yard, bottle feeding, aiding farm vet, removing dead, ear tagging & record keeping. My first dairy experience was on an intensive calf rearing farm for 2 months in NZ. There was no milking parlour and all calves were purchased at the market and had a combination of powered milk and lowgrade milk tanked in from other farms. There were over 700 animals. My tasks included feeding milk, nuts @ silage, training on teet feeders, hosing down, moving calves from pen to pen, changing teets, checking navals, removing dead, quad bike herding, administering electrolites and tube feeding. The next dairy experience was working in a rotary parlour for one month, elsewhere in NZ. Again, there were over 700 animals. I simply milked twice a day, in a team of 2. In the UK I have worked for a fortnight in Shropshire in a swingover herringbone parlour, milking 280 cows twice daily, with odd farmjobs between. I next worked on a farm in Cheshire for 2.5 months calfrearing, herding on quad and milking 350 cows in another swingover, with odd jobs between. Then I worked for 2 weeks in Worcester milking over 500 cows twice daily, herding on quad, calf rearing and scraping up. Most recently I have been working for 2 months milking 190 jerseys in Jersey, where I was milking alone in a herringbone parlour, calf rearing, managing grassland and scraping up. I can spot mastitis, lameness, pnumonia and milk fever. I can treat mastitis and pnumonia. I can mix up some electrolites and give calves injections of metacam etc. Can spot bulling behaviour. Can manage cows in and out the strawyard. Set up parlour. Good at scraping up. Accustomed to setting up fences with reels and stakes. There are some aspects to farmwork for which I require no training at all and can get on with such tasks from the first day.

Type of farming wantedMainly Livestock
Driving LicenseFull Car Licence
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Where are you currently living?NW
Do you have the right to work in the UK?Yes
Farming background

I like to work outdoors and travel. I most like to work autonomously. Also 4 years mixed horticultural experience in UK, Aus, NZ. Have picked, pruned and planted fruits/vegetables. Have worked in commercial gardening so familiar with all related tools.


Travel, exercise, martial arts, archery, fishing, kayaking.

AvailabilityStart: 01/07/2018, Finish: 19/01/2019
Type of jobAny
Preferred regionNorth West
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